Atarian 20#: Pitfall! 1 & 2

Atarian 20#: Pitfall! 1 & 2

Yeah, “My Béla”s, I have done it! A review about a video game! Oh my, we have reached this point! Let’s praise this holy land with not one, But two nostalgic game review! It all began in 1972 with a bunch of Silicon Valley rebels Who quit their boring 9-to-5 engineering jobs To pursue a computer game’s dream! Teazsúr presents: “The one fallen into the pit can’t choose it’s rescuer”
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SemTex: 1337 If we search for Atari 2600 classics, It’s hard to find better examples than Pac Man and E.T…. Let’s get serious, Space Invaders, Adventure, Missile Command, River Raid and Pitfall. David Crane’s game was released in 1982 and it made the Platformer genre very popular, it was released first for the Atari 2600 And it reached to 4 000 000 millions sold copies. It has lost the first place to Pac-Man with 7 million sales But the biggest difference is that Pitfall Deserved the second place well. Let’s see the game! Pitfall was not a complicated game, Harry, the adventurer goes through Crocodiles, scorpions, logs, lakes and vines, Because he want to collect a lot of gold and other treasures. The game is very hard because you have 2 lives for 255 stages, There’s no continue, no extra lives but the sad and unbearable restart. I don’t want to talk about the horrible assembly programming of the Atari 2600 In this episode, but the game of Activision made Dave replace The 256 byte of simple storage with 50 bytes of Sequence generator. Of course you don’t see any problems within the game Crane did a very great job with the running animation, The vines are also created with replacing the one pixel “ball” sprite To different locations. One of the most known restrictions of the Atari 2600, the mirroring is seen on the background Because as you are programming the beam cannon… Okay, okay, I won’t get sidetracked! The goal is to collect all the 32 treasures in 20 minutes, And everything that touches you kills you. The campfire is instant death, but the rolling logs just decrease your score… You have two lives, so three deaths, no continue… There is no goofing around, you shouldn’t f*ck up and that’s all. And it’s not that easy, you can easily sink with the crocodiles, As I experienced the easiest way is to count to four patiently. One… Two… Three… Four! Interesting fact, that the very detailed game Has no flickering, the picture is clear and well animated, We cannot complain! If you are familiar with the later games, it’s strange That this one had a horizontal layout, You just rarely go under the ground. After the success of the first game, that was liked because of the Raiders of the Lost Arc Indiana Jones movie as well, after two Years they released a sequel. And there was a clone called Dschungelboy, Only with the sprites changed, now the snakes won’t kill you instantly, And you can find lily pads in the lake instead of the crocs, So the game is a bit easier. Mostly sequels make us bite the walls, but as rare the cartridge of Pitfall 2 is, It’s very-very über brutally awesome! We should speak about the sound after the graphics, shortly, Because I told you about it already in the previous episode, the Atari 2600 has two Channel for sound and they are programmed in a dope way, but In Pitfall 2 the music is pretty awesome. How could this be? Yeah, even the Atari 7800 has sound via the TIA chip, But console has more games that has Music without ear-irritating effects. And for this, they put the POKEY chip into the carts.
(Only into two of them!) And for this, they put the POKEY chip into the carts.
(4 channels sound, 2x 16 bit, 4x 8bit or 1x 16 + 2x 8
Only square waveform, but variable length, 64 or 15 khz frequency divider
2 channels are always on the clock frequency of the CPU
Paddle + Keyboard accessory
Mole and cat warner) But Pitfall 2 had the self-made chip, the Display Processor Chip into the carts, On one side it made the graphics better,
(8 kb ROM, 2 kb VRAM, faster processing mode,
3 channels of square wave and one for the drums) You can see in the foreground there is no mirroring, and the waves of water are beautiful,
(8 kb ROM, 2 kb VRAM, faster processing mode,
3 channels of square wave and one for the drums) The screen is not fixed anymore but has vertical scrolling.
(8 kb ROM, 2 kb VRAM, faster processing mode,
3 channels of square wave and one for the drums) Seeing this in 1984 I would had shit my pants, No, I would say I even shit my pants today! But the most fearsome is that it had 3 channels of sound and one for the drums, That is a smaller miracle on the Atari 2600, and the music changes if you get a treasure, It will be faster and happier, but if you get hurt, it becomes slower and more depressed. There were other funny trials, One of them was Coleco’s Sound 1 Module, The was connected to the second controller port and it had Real speech and music off an audio casette. MEMBER
DISTRACTION ALERT!! Okay, okay! It had only two games,
(Parts from the 142th episode of AVGN) One with the Smurfs and one with the Barenstein Bears that is not known in Europe. The game had a lot more mercy, it has a checkpoint system. Have no hope, they are on the hardest to reach places! If the enemy touches you you only lose score. The game is very different to the prequel, it gives and takes in some way. The first game takes place on the surface and in some caves, The second one has a vertical layout, There are parts with only a long ladder, Or the possibility of traveling with balloons. But who the hell releases balloons in a cave? I think they are doing the remake of the new movie About the Stephen King novel with that stupid clown. Sadly there are no sand traps, pits, crocodiles in the lakes or vines, I even had read on the AtariAge forum, someone found in Crane’s chip A new way of creating lines, maybe that could be used for the vines, Instead of them we got scorpions, bats, birds, frogs And electric eels as hazards. The birds made me think of things, as far as I know There are only swiftlets having nests in caves. But these are vultures for sure! New idea for a the 4th The Cave! Mutant Cave Vultures Tears appart the protagonists! KennyTheOne would lick all of his fingers! The enemies have different strategies, bats and eels go across the screen, Vultures turn back, scorpions follow you and frogs jumps on the sides of the ladders. After snakes and ladders there are is the frogs and logs! Treasures became more simple as well, there are only gold bars and one ring To collect. The treasures make the music more tempting, so it’s motivating the keep the pace, If you catch a balloon, you can here the acrobat cliché music, Sobre las Olas. Harry learnt how to swim by the time, the screen scrolls vertically, That was not very common with Atari 2600 games, the waving of the water Is as I sad, beautiful. You cannot die, they say you can finish it in 10 minutes, For me it took more, the treasures are not that important, You have only find the friends around, like his niece and lion, And some creature that is just running on the ground, after that Harry Harry gets very happy, hops and the game ends with mostly nothing. Of course the adventures of Harry did not stop here, on NES they released Super Pitfall, That had a lot of hidden items and passages, making the game impossible And increases the pulse of the player. The Sega Genesis Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure was more like a typical platforming game, It even had boss fights, but it had a big joke At the end of the game the hero finds his dad, the pixelated hero of the original Pitfall. The Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle is really far from the original, It was released on Android as mobile game, it has reference for the original games at the beginning, But it’s mostly a one-button game. But don’t go too far, There were even homebrew things as well. There was a fan-made version called Wildlife! For the Philips Videopac G7000 console, after seeing the gameplay I would give it CaveLake Life! as a more suitable title. As you can see, Mario was the king of NES as Sonic was on the Genesis, The Golden Age of Pitfall Harry was on the Atari 2600. This simplicity and challenge based on our endurance and abilities Make this game so magical. Interestingly, after the first classic game The second one takes away in some point and became more like a demo of Of presenting the best abilities of the console than a complex adventure game. We should not forget that the Atari 2600 had such games as Combat, Air Sea Battle or Indy 500, and even these won’t change the fact That Pitfall is among the five best game for the console. The only big problem with these game is that they are easy to figure out. In Pitfall 1 the traps, enemies are always in the same place, many times The vines makes them unchallenging, but there is too much time between two treasures, That makes things boring, and the lack of extra lives is just not fair. You have to reward gamers with extra lives, a minigun or pixeltits! The problem with Pitfall 2 is that lack of variety, you have to go under, near Or over the enemies and you have to do the same thing over and over. And people are made that if you have to do the same thing You will make mistakes. Mostly before the next checkpoint. But get out of the endless catacombs, I won’t make it a secret That for me Secret Quest is the best on the Atari 2600 That is better than Pitfall 2 in many ways, So let’s examine it in the next episode!

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  1. Egy jatékot nem említettél. A szellemi folytatásokat, amik a Pitfall alapjaira teljesen új témával kecsegtette. (és ugyanúgy egy ütés, egy halálra mentek):
    – Dangerous Dave
    – Spelunky
    Ezek és későbbi folytatásai és remake-jei a mai napig zseniálisak, és ajánlom is neked ha hasonló kihívásokkal teli kincskeresős dzsungel, barlangos játékok.

  2. Erről a játékról nagyon kevés haza videós csinált bemutatót. Csak így tovább. Bőven van mit bemutatni.

  3. Nekem ennek a Tom Boy-os változata volt meg egy olyan Atari-s gépen, amelybe előre beleépítettek egy csomó játékot, és meg kell mondjam, nagyon szerettem vele játszani. Aztán később kipróbálhattam az eredeti Pitfallt is, és nem akarok szentségtörő lenni, de az valahogy nem jött be túlságosan nekem. Talán csak azért, mert a Tom Boy-t előbb ismertem meg, és azzal játszottam annyit, és nem az eredetivel. Nem mondom, hogy az rossz lenne, de a krokodilos részekkel sehogy sem boldogultam, és a zenéje sem jött be igazán nekem, valahogy túl horrorisztikusnak találtam a Tom Boy-é után, ami valahogy sokkal jobban tetszik nekem.

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