AppTV: Chess-Wise Gaming

AppTV: Chess-Wise Gaming

– Hi, everyone, welcome back
to another episode of App TV, I’m Richard Harlow. Today we’re going
over a new gaming app. This one’s sure to impress,
fancy a little chess? – Join me, Tasia Custode. – And me, Richard Harlow. – [Tasia] For another
episode of APP TV. – Chess-wise, spelled with a
hyphen inbetween chess and wise is an IOS app containing a
large database of chess games. The app has voice-over
integration, making it the first chess app
that is fully accessible for those that are blind
and visibly impaired. Games can be played with one or
two players and you can choose to play against another
person or a machine. You can even choose the chess
pieces that you would like to use. To do this from the Home
screen, click on Settings, then scroll down to Pieces. To enable the Clock
feature during a game, click on the clock icon found at
the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and then toggle
on the Use Clock option, from there you can also choose
your desired amount of time per move. When you select a chess piece
voice-over will let you know what you have selected and
where you can move it too. It will then tell you the
move of your opponent. – [Voiceover] White Knight, G1. Black Knight, F6. – [Richard] You can also
get help with your moves. To do this click on the Analyze
option found on the Home screen. The app then takes you
to your current game, then click on the gear icon
found at the bottom right-hand of the screen. Double tap and Voiceover will
tell you your next move. – [Voiceover] Analyze:
Knight GA to F6, move. – If you’re a fan of
Chess, this app is for you. For more shows from App
TV, visit AMI.CA/SHOWS. See you guys later.

One thought on “AppTV: Chess-Wise Gaming

  1. i found a bug for version 3.4.1 free. you pick black, and machine picks white; if you play below

    1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. Ng1-f3 Bf8-d6 3. Nb1-c3 Ng8-f6 4. Bf1-b5 O-O 5. O-O c7-c6 6.

    Bb5-e2 Nf6-g4 7. Nf3-e1 Ng4xh2 8. Kg1xh2 Qd8-h4 9. Kh2-g1 f7-f5 10. Ne1-f3

    Qh4-h6 11. Be2-c4 Kg8-h8 12. d2-d4 Qh6-f6 13. e4xf5 Qf6xf5 14. Bc4-d3 Qf5-f7 15.

    Nf3xe5 Bd6xe5 16. d4xe5 Qf7-e6 17. Qd1-h5 g7-g6 18. Qh5-h6 Qe6-e7 19. Bc1-g5

    Qe7-f7 20. Qh6xf8 Qf7xf8 21. Bg5-f6 Kh8-g8 22. Bd3-c4 d7-d5 23. e5xd6 $0 *

    last move where white eats black pawn is the bug. so i dont know how blind people play it if they cannot verify the machine's move… i just dont want people lose on the chess board for no reason… thanks

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