Annoying Orange Plays – SLITHER.IO: #1 BIGGEST SNAKE!!!

Annoying Orange Plays – SLITHER.IO: #1 BIGGEST SNAKE!!!

– [Annoying Orange] Ay
yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video! We’re gonna play some That all rhymed, I love it! (laughing) What’d you ask, you asking me my name? You know my name. It is the one, it is the only, TootieFruity! (farting) (laughs) Never gets old. Alright, it looks like
I’m a litty bitty worm, and I’m slithering around and
I’m eatin’ some, some light, some lens flares or somethin’, (laughs) I love lens flares, they’re tasty and delicious! I really like to eat ’em
’cause they’re a light snack. (laughs) Whoa! What happened? Aw, I fro– whoa. Ha ha, stretched. Wait, no no no, I’m not
a worm, I’m a snake, that, it even says up there. I didn’t even see that. (laughs) Sorry, I haven’t played this game before. I’m just assuming you go
around, you eat lens flares, and, you try not to run into each other. ‘Cause if this is anything like, you don’t wanna run
into each other, right? I hope that’s correct. Bananananananana
nananananananana, snake man! (laughs) I love snake man, he’s my favorite. More lens flares. Whoa, check out all those, oh nope, no, nevermind, nevermind! Nevermind, that guy’s ea– Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, get away from me, bro! That’s the biggest snake I’ve
ever seen in my entire life, stay away from it, don’t touch it! How’d he get that big? I want to be that big! Awgh! I gotta eat more lens flares. That’s my goal. My goal is to hit the number
one, on the top 10 list. A big, holy moly! Settle down with the bigness, man! Whoa, that is definitely
a place you don’t wanna go stay away from that, whoa,
I went right through that. (laughing) Yeah, got ya, buddy! Sorry, sorry not sorry! (laughing) Hey! Hey, what do you get when you cross a snake and a plane? A Boeing constrictor! (laughing) Get it? It’s a joke! ♫ Gonna eat me some lens flares Ooh yeah! I crossed over to 200, yeah! Over to 200, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, get ’em! I got this, I got it, gimme them len– Aw, why’s it keep freezin’? Don’t do that, don’t do that, I don’t need that happening, ’cause then I’m gonna
end up getting killed, and then I’ll be angry. Gonna eat one, omnomnom Oh no, no no no! Hey! Hey, I didn’t know you could go fast! How’d you go fast? I wanna go fast! I wanna know how to do that! How’d he do that? Okay, 345 length, I definitely need to get much better than that. I, but I have no idea how to go fast, can you guys tell me
in the comments below? I’m pressing things on the
screen and nothing’s happening. So, I wanna know how I glow and go fast. Oh, and also, why was the
snake mad at the jewel thief? Because he wanted his diamond back! (laughs) Get it? Diamond back?
Its a type of snake– (laughs)
oh, whoa, Whoa, Speedy Gonzales! Slow down! Got a speed limit here. Oh, that’s how you do it, you
press the screen really fast! (laughs)
Oh. But then you get shorter. Okay, I see, I see. You collect the lens flares,
and then once you get longer, you can touch the screen
a bunch of times and you go super fast, and
then, but you get shorter. And then you go down in ranks,
which I didn’t wanna do! Ahhh, gotta get number one! Whoa, that’s way too many, there’s too many snakes in this area. Aw, snake! This is a snake party! I didn’t know it was
gonna be a snake party. I’d love to stay and-oh yeah! Gimme tha– gimme some, Oh, no no, okay, maybe
I won’t go for that. Maybe I won’t go for that. I was gonna go for that, but
then I felt a little rattled. (laughs)
Get it? It’s another snake pun! I’ll just stick to
myself over here and just eat these lens flares, ’cause, you guys, apparently wanted to fight over those other lens flares, the bigger ones, and I want the bigger one– Whoa! (laughs)
We kissed! We kissed! Gross, bro! I didn’t wanna kiss you! I don’t like snake kisses. Okay, we crossed over, whoa, get away! Oh Yeah! Who’s the winner, winner,
chicken dinner on this one, man? (laughs) You thought you could
get me, but you couldn’t! (giggles) Ooh! Get away! Okay, okay, okay, okay,
we’re doin’ alright, we’re doin’ alright! Our rank is 151. Out of almost 400 people! Oh yeah, climbin’ them ranks,
look at this, look at this! Oh, whoa, whoa, what
the heck happened there? Aw man, I want some of
that tasty deliciousness. Can I have some? Aw, there’s too many snakes at this party. Hey, you know why snakes don’t
have energy drinks or coffee? ‘Cause it makes them viper-active! (laughs) (giggles) I could do this all day long. You wanna know why? ‘Cause I’m hiss-terical! (laughs) Snake puns are my favorite! Wooh, look at that guy, he’s glowin’, I don’t think he realizes
that he’s getting shorter as he’s doing that, he
probably shouldn’t do that! Oh yeah, look at that, I’ve crossed over, I’m 48 out of 444 rank! Feelin’ good in the neighborhood! Oh, look at this guy, he left a whole path of
good stuff behind him! (laughs) I feel like I’m finally starting
to get the hang of this. Ah, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna go
get some of these good ones! Oh yeah, aw man, come on, stop. Oh yeah, crossed over into 40! 40, 40, 40, can’t catch me,
okay, I’m gonna score, oh yeah (laughs) Circlin’ ya bro! (chuckles)
You are trapped! You ain’t gettin’ outta there! I’m gonna squeeze the life outta ya! (chuckles) I’m gonna squeeze them lens flares, yeah! (laughs) Alright, now lets go
get those lens flares, they’re tasty good, they’re
tasty deliciousness! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Look at that! Rank 38! Rank 38! Rank 38! Oh, we’re growin’! We’re growin’, we’re gettin’ there! I aim to be the biggest
snake in the playground, on the playground, I’m
gonna bite your ankles! Yeah, yeah! Hey there,
little buddy! How you doin’? (laughs) The goal of the game is to not run into the other snakes, buddy! (laughs) It must’ve been his first time. (laughs) That’s okay. It happens to everyone! At this point, I’m a seasoned veteran! Lookit, I’m up to rank 29 now!
I was at 30, now I’m at 29! Out of 445 people. That’s a good rank! Oh no, no, now I went down to 31. (laughs) How you guys doin’ today?
Hope you’re doin’ super duper awesome and you grow in snake
size! Super duper snake size! Yeah, gimme them lens flares!
Have you played this game yet? It’s awesome fun, I really like it. Gimme them lens flares. Yeah! Now how big is your snake?
How big is the biggest snake that you’ve made in Get away from me bro, stop
tryin’ to slither up on me! Don’t slither up on me,
that’s weird and gross, and totally inappropriate! Red
flag touch, red flag touch! (laughs) So yeah, what’s you guys’
biggest snake in Slither-i-o! (laughs)! Oh yeah, look at that, I’m in the top 20! Top 20, I gotta gets to that
top 10 list man, I gotta do it! Oh! Ooh, that’s a little
close for comfort, that’s a lot of snakes in
one area, again, snake party! Ooh, look at all these lens
flares, oh they’re all mine! Mmm, delicious! Back up there again, buddy,
into the top 20 Orange goes! You can’t stop me! Nope, don’t like this.
Don’t like it at all! Oh, okay, gonna double
back here, double back, don’t run into anybody!
Don’t run into-Oooh, ooh! There’s a lot of people over here! There’s a lot of snakes up in this party! I don’t wanna ge-just get away from me, just don’t touch me, get away! You’re like that annoying little brother that won’t leave you alone,
stop it, go away! Thank you. I gotta get over that hump, I keep going from over 20 to under 20. (frustrated vocalizing) Mmm, okay, never mind. (laughs) Mindin’ my own business, oh, you got him! You got him bro, you got him! Now leave those lens flares
for me, those are mine! I deserve them! I deserve them! I called it, like shotgun,
when you call shotgun, that means it’s yours!
I called lens flares. Leave ’em be! Hey, you
left ’em be! Huh. Okay! Looks like I’ll just take over, then. Why’d you leave ’em? He
must have been threatened by my insane size! Rank 17. Movin’ on up in the world! Ooh hoo hoo, just skinny on by that guy. Ooh look at all them lens
flares, tastes so good! Oh we are so close I can taste it. Rank 11, come on gimme some more, yes! Yes! I’m in the top 10. Look it! There’s my name, there’s my name! Tootie fruity. Don’t you forget it, ’cause its a good name. It’s a really good name. Oh yeah, rank nine now. Woohoohoohoohoo! Yeah I don’t know why it took
me so long to realize this, that when one of the snakes dies, it releases all of their
life essence lens flares and then you eat those
and you get even bigger. So the bigger the snake that gets killed, the more lens flares it
releases and then that’s big. That’s big time. That’s real big time. I didn’t realize that at first. Ooh! you went right in there didn’t ya?! Now I’m gon’ eat ya. No, no, no, these are mine. Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m feelin’ it. Ooh hoohoo who left this here? Oh man, tastes so good. Mmm. Nom nom nom nom so good. Tastes like peanut
butter bowlin’ ball sandwiches! (laughs) Whoa, holy moly. There’s no one else here. I am the only one eating
all of these lens flares. This is amazing. Look at that. Oh! I’m up to number three. Oh I accidentally pressed
over a little bit. I didn’t mean to do that. Back on track. Back o– oh rank two. Rank two, we’re almost there, come on. Can we do it? Come on! Come on! We need– yes! Yes! I did it! Rank of number one. Out of almost 400 people. Oh yeah, today’s a celebration. Yeah. I’d like to thank everybody watchin. Everybody in the kitchen. I’d like to thank your
mom, and your grandma, and your dog, and your grandpa’s dog, and your grandpa’s dog’s
cousin’s uncle’s father. And then– oh I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna thank everybody, man. It’s so good! It’s so good! Aw, I want those. Aw, he’s gonna eat those. Oh well. (laughs) I’m number one! I’m number o– Oh, wait,
no, I’m number two. Son of a gun! But you know what? I was number one, and I can get back up to number one again, so. (laughs) You can never take that away from me. Get away from me you little shrimpy! Shrimpy frimp. (growling) ♫ I’m gon’ eat ya ♫ I’m gon’ eat ya oh, that’s mine, that’s mine,
that’s mine, that’s mi– aw. He got it. He got it. He went too fast. I couldn’t stop it. Ooh there’s so much lens fl– so many lens flares,
but I can’t get to ’em, ’cause everyone keeps blockin’ me, bro. Stop brockin’ me. Oh no! I made a mistake. I made a mistake. Aw. Almost 15,000 for my final length. That was pretty awesome. Plus, I hit number one,
out of almost 400 people. Oh it’s a good day for the orange! Yeah! Celebrate good times, there’s gonna be a party up in here. I am gonna burp the alphabet, for like, at least 40
hours straight, okay. All while, using an air horn. Yeah its gonna be awesome! It’s a party up in here! Yeah! Yeahyeahyeah! (laughs) Alright, thank you guys of watching. Make sure to hit that like
and subscribe buttons. Do everything you can to make this the most popular video on the internet ’cause I totally deserve it because it’s so good and I was the
biggest snake up in here. Yay! Until next time, later hot potaters (upbeat techno)

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