ANNOUNCEMENT – The Partisans: An Extra Politics Board Game

ANNOUNCEMENT – The Partisans: An Extra Politics Board Game

100 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT – The Partisans: An Extra Politics Board Game

  1. That 4-6 player count is more than a little concerning.. Hard enough to get a second person interested in playing something like this to begin with, but at least 3 others is a hard sell.

  2. The game seems similar to Article 27 ( but with more randomness. I'd like to see some reviews by the boardgame community (Dice Tower, Rahdo, SUSD, etc).

  3. I am obsessed with politics and it all started in college when I took a course where we LARPed factions from historical democracies. During our two games, I was a Socrates supporter and Lafayette. I failed to keep order in the second game as the King invited his German relative to reinstate himself by force and the masses stormed the building, killing us all.

  4. Yay! I'm glad to see that you guys actually did make this into a game and am totally gonna buy it. Also if Walpole isn't in there somewhere I may have to complain…

  5. If I have the game I would play as the East Coast liberal, or the environmental activist. My main goals would be reducing CO2 emissions, create an efficient universal healthcare system, create job opportunities and create Overwatch.

  6. This is really interesting and I kinda want to get it to inform my Niece/Nephew about politics
    …Not to put too fine a point on things, but rather to get them to understand that it's complicated.

  7. My family is already sick of me talking about politics as it is, I don't think they'll be so inclined to play a board game like this with me…

  8. Did you just release an educational game that can actually make the players think about the mechanics of politics? Well played EC. Well played.

  9. I think it is sick to offer a tier: "get an internship" for 900$ ! You should pay to go to work? That is really disappointing to see such buisness practicies connected to EC …

  10. this is really interesting! I own and really enjoy Democracy: Majority Rules, and it's cool to see other games in the same vein.

  11. Any plans to make a digital version or maybe a tabletop version? it looks like a very cool game for streamers

  12. i wish i had money to throw at this. maybe he faw and i will all save a bit, this is magnificent
    EDIT: Just talked with my sisters, we're purchasing one to spice up next years family get togethers

  13. Now I want to get this game for the sole purpose of overthrowing the system and starting a communist dictatorship for no reason

  14. already putting together the money. we've been looking for an excuse to justify to our finances to throw money at you. and this is it

  15. 0:54

    When you have a plan; you always have a plan.

    Also we finally find out the truth about the quote comparing laws to sausages. We finally get to see how laws are made. When can I expect the sausage making expansion pack?

  16. Have you guys played Mark Rein-Hagen's "Democracy: Majority Rules?" It's another political board game that I rather enjoyed.

  17. Update: The Partisans has been funded! Backers can expect to get more information about the game's schedule and reward fulfillment directly through email updates by the Fun to 11 folks (not EC–we won't really be able to answer any questions/emails we get about this campaign!).
    Any announcements about The Partisans that are relevant to the public, and not just backers, will come later in 2019 from Extra Credits on its social channels.

  18. Sounds like a fun game to play on Thanksgiving XD Sadly I have no friends in real life, so I can't play board games.

  19. Yeah, any political game designed by Extra Credits will just involve demonizing the right.
    "You don't agree that 5 year-olds should take gender transition hormones after being pressured by their LGBT adoptive parents….go back 5 spaces?"

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