25 thoughts on “Anatoly Karpov and Tigran Petrosian Chess Blitz

  1. Somebody PLEASE translate this. I'd love to know what "Iron Tigran" is saying to Vaganian while they're playing blitz; it's easy to tell Petrosian's having fun, alright.

  2. 4:55: Petrosian says that Vaganian intends to go for perpertual and laughs at the idea (5:01) like a ''young man" was too naive to even think of that; then he says something like "why to give a patzer any chance, right, Semyon Abramych?" (5:07) and plays one of his famous defensive moves eliminating threats.

    5:29: he says "now young players tend to calculate everything before sacrificing material, but in the good old times they would sacrifice first and think later", obviously implying that chess had been more romantic before.

  3. Damn….how could Karpov fail to be a great player – he attended Botvinnik's Chess School and here he's hanging out blitzing with Petrosian…..JEALOUS!

  4. Ein Beweis dafür, daß Karpov der Protege der sowjetischen Parteilinie war! Absurderweise sieht man die generischen Züge nicht – Ziemlich lächerlich

  5. Priceless footage. Karpov seemed to have been annoyed with Furman. 😊

    Nice to see a film of Petrosian. The man looked like a character.

  6. 😔 This video not show all subtitles, ¡only Russian!, even though english language is available. 😔 Thanks for your help!

  7. "Petrosian was a phenomenal blitz player. He would eagerly enter into complications he wouldn't dare to enter in serious games. He would find way out of forests of tactical confusions displaying great virtuosity. When you see him play blitz like this, you realize how phenomenal a talent he was" – Jan Timman (best of the west in the 80s :))

  8. Interesting black and white video. It's historic. Greetings from the Chess Lab. Laboratorio de Ajedrez

  9. Love those old school Soviet chessmen. So distinctive with the contrasting finial caps. Adore playing with my own knockoff, incomparable to the original one sees here.

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