Analyzing Crazy Chess Puzzle While Riding My Longboard

Analyzing Crazy Chess Puzzle While Riding My Longboard

Hello chess lovers. While riding my longboard I decided to show you a very short puzzle composed by a French chess composer Henri Rink. The 2D board please, there it is. White to move and win the game, you can
pause the video and try to find the solution. Ready? Well, though white has only a rook and a bishop against the queen but
because of the fact that black pieces are misplaced white is managing to win
the game. First white is playing 1. Ra8, offering a whole rook. Black can’t accept the sacrifice because
of 2. Bf3+ and white will win the queen. Black plays 1… Qa2, it turns out that this is the safest square on a2-g8 diagonal and here comes 2. Ra4, white rook is simply chasing black queen. The queen retreats back to g8 square and now comes again 3. Ra8 Qh7, and 4.Bg6. Black is just forced to accept the sacrifice
and captures on g6 and here comes 5. Ra6+ and white is winning the queen. Just a fantastic chess puzzle by Henri Rink. Your comments and questions please. I hope that you enjoyed this crazy video. Good Luck

100 thoughts on “Analyzing Crazy Chess Puzzle While Riding My Longboard

  1. Haha so crazy 🙂
    Great puzzle and a very inventive and original video, well done!
    Very funny and the background is very pretty too

  2. The donkey pulling him is running pretty fast. Dubious!

    Accoring to the speed it might also be a slow roller coaster, the worlds first steam railway engine or a Fiat.

    Triggered racists incoming, but i dont care.

  3. Man this was amazing, I cant stop laughing but you're so fucking amazing, thanks for the chess puzzle and the inovation on the explanation! haha

  4. That was so unique that i loved you even more with this video!
    By the way, i was distracted ; didn't even think the puzzle, i was blinded by your awesomeness there

  5. To be fair it's a pretty easy puzzle but still impressive you did it while riding a longboard, although probably the best continuation for black is to play Qh7 first to avoid loss of the a4 pawn and then after Bg6 to play Kb7, getting a rook for the queen at least instead of a bishop. Maybe even just Qxa8 in the starting position is best, if you put the king on b4 and start to push the a-pawn, maybe you can hope for a draw even though it seems very unlikely.

  6. thanks for letting me know your identity. I've been seeing your videos for quite some time. keep it up man. I've become a better chess player because of your vids.

  7. 1.Ra8, attacking the queen. If Qxa8, Bf3+ a skewer.
    1…Qh7 is being answered with 2.Bg6 Qxg6 3.Ra6+ and Rxg6. Other queen moves except for Qa2 also lose to skewers.
    1…Qa2 2.Rxa4 Qg8 3.Ra8 forces the previous line.

  8. Offhand I do not think the line given is black's longest defense.
    Losing the pawn on a4 and leaving white with a rook is quickly lost for black.
    The game might go on longer if white has only the bishop and black still has the a4 pawn.
    Taking the rook straightaway will force white to play more moves before winning.

    Similar to the Savedra position.
    The given solution ends the game quickly,
    but black can escape into a (still lost) queen vs rook
    ending that will take white more moves to win.

    Very nice study of misplaced pieces.

  9. At first, I misread the title as 'Easy Chess Puzzle' because it's almost impossible to solve a tough puzzle while keeping the balance on a longboard… Well, the puzzle was easy enough indeed, or maybe I was very lucky to find the 1st move fast. I couldn't think of any other candidate move that would have the potential to change the position dramatically, though.

  10. Wow, this man LOVES chess, you can tell by the look in his face and the joy in his voice when he makes a video. I don't think I've ever seen this type of content in any other channel.
    (Explaining a chess puzzle/ composition on top of a mountain, riding a longboard, just wow :') )

    (Maybe it is just me but I think you've showed this one before, I'm not quite sure but that's not the point, your channel is the best ! )

  11. I love siren so much he is so fun to listen to, especially on a long board analyzing chess puzzles, so DUBIOUS of him ha ha…

  12. I thought you were holding a selfie stick for a moment until I realised you were being dragged along by a car with someone filming you. Great puzzle!

  13. Vladimir Kramnik likes to swim as a means of staying fit. So he will memorize the starting position of the endgame study, then solve it in his head while he's swimming.

  14. Wow that took me a while btw in the end the best move for black was to accept the rook sacrifice (Ra8, Qxa8, Bf3+, Kc5, Bxa8) so in that way black keeps a4 pawn and white will have a bishop instead of an annoying rook

  15. Dubious puzzle, composed by dubious man, presented on dubious longboard, holding dubious rope and suren you know you aren’t dubious you are super dubious bcoz this word is pondering in our minds because of you, we love your dubious style, keep up great work.

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