Analyzing Chess Games of Bobby Fischer – (Fischer – Lapiken 1956)

Analyzing Chess Games of Bobby Fischer  –  (Fischer – Lapiken 1956)

This is the game of the young Bobby Fischer against Lapiken in 1956 The Zukertort Opening Fischer chose the bishop fianchetto White castles for safety Opening a diagonal for his bishop Developing his queenside knight Controlling the b4 square Fischer opens the c file. If Black takes his pawn, his knight will take his opponent’s pawn in reply with an advantageous position This knight leap threatens to capture both the bishop and the c6 pawn His knight captured the bishop to disorient the opponent’s pawn structure This knight move provokes the opponent’s knight for exchange which can be taken by Fischer’s Queen in reply with a strategic position The knight move also opens the diagonal of his dark bishop Provoking again knight exchanges in order to move forward for a better position of the dark bishop Bringing his Queen to the desired square while targetting the enemy’s b5 pawn. Black’s d5 pawn taking White’s c4 pawn will be countered by White’s d3 pawn captures Black’s d4 pawn. White’s threat is Bishop takes Black’s c6 pawn as Black’s Queen leaves it unprotected A knight sacrifice by Fischer. His opponent’s b-pawn cannot take his c-pawn as it opens the b file where the rook can be captured by his Queen. A pawn exchange forking both the enemy’s Queen and knight Now, Fischer’s Queen is pinning Black’s c4 knight and also targetting Black’s f6 knight. At the same time, aiming to push his pawn to b5. If Black Queen to b6, then White pushes his b-pawn to b4 Taking Black’s c5 knight where Blacks reply of capturing White’s bishop will result in White’s Queen taking Black’s f6 knight White’s Queen takes Black’s knight threatening to capture Black’s Rook at h8. and at the same time threatening to double-check Black’s King and Rook at b8 via Queen to e5 check.

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