An Englishman Plays Risk – Foil Arms and Hog

An Englishman Plays Risk – Foil Arms and Hog

Alright, game of Risk, who goes first? I believe it’s my turn. Alright I think I will invade… India! What? Again? You really wanna go through this again? Oh… Seriously? Not… Not there… You never change! He never changes! Eh…I’ll invade Ireland. Really. Again..yep. Good point Always the same with this guy I will invade Hong K… Sri Laaaa New Zeal.. Austraaa Egyp.. I will probably, Skip my turn. Alright, who’s next? Boys, I’m goin in the Middle East Typical! No, that’s not how the game works, you need to be beside the country your attacking. Well you just try and stop me son. Wait a second… Who’s troops are these in the Ukraine? What troops? I don’t see any troops Dimitri are these yours? I don’t know what you’re talking about We know they’re yours. I know nothing. Alright boys, I’m pullin my troops out of the Middle East. Hey! You can’t just take your troops out whenever you want! I’m not aware of that. Jesus… Okay Germany, you’re go Oh nein danke, I’m not playing, I get way too competitive, it brings out the worst in me. Okay, it’s my turn. I want to invade España. You want to invade Spain? Sí I thought you were Spain I am not Spanish! I am Catalan! Sorry. *Sharp intake of breath& Hey hold on Britain, why do you have troops in the middle of the Ocean? Oh they’re not.. No, that’s Gibraltar, And they’re the Falklands. Oh. I just assumed.. They were mine… Sorry was that weird? Scandinavia, your go Okay, I’m thinking I’m going to raid Ireland You mean invade? No I mean pillage and plunder. China, What’s going on you’re only meant to start with 30 pieces. 有一个可以说汉语的人看着我们的录像吗 And Switzerland, where’s your army? I do not have one How the hell are you meant to play the game! I thought we were playing Monopoly Ahh…. Are we not playing monopoly? I am going to invade India That’s America! India’s the other way you bloody moron Everybody bloody time with this guy Who’s turn is it now? Yesh, I will invaade Africa Count me in Ich auch. Me too Mmm Africa Africa. Africa! And while you are in Africa, I will invade Europe. Right that’s it, finish up! Time for bed! Mum we’re nearly finished! Will you come off it, you’ve been at that for Centuries! AHHH!! Hi we’re Foil Arms and Hog, thanks for watching We’ve a new video every Thursday We are on tour in Ireland in 2018, in the following places Cork, Wexford (2017) Galway, Dublin (7 Shows) Letterkenny, Belfast Cork.. oh you said Cork Bel.. Belfast, Ennis, Waterford, Mullingar! Mullingar’s my one, and Limerick. I murdered that ruined it DoomDah!

100 thoughts on “An Englishman Plays Risk – Foil Arms and Hog

  1. Yeah but I never did it and don't feel responsible for the actions of people who came before me don't matter how many times I get told how terrible my country is, I love my country, I just don't like the people who are running it. (into the ground) BTW

  2. Irishman plays history and doesn't know the difference between England and Britain. Ironic, given the close proximity.

  3. Honestly could have just watched this video instead of taking my advanced Eueropeon history class

  4. I reckon it would have been better if there was a person playing as france and every turn it would be a new player due to the revolutions.

  5. Here is another one:
    Spain: "I'll invade the Netherlands."
    The Netherlands: "Alright, then I'll put everything underwater."

  6. Switzerland literally plays monopoly since the Middle Ages and managed to fight in as little war as possible. Switzerland is the only one winning in Risk because it can make money off of wars and peace.

  7. Switzerland has an army actually. An expensive one, even. In terms of cost/population it is second to the US only

  8. i love how the comments basically quote every sentence in this video 😀 and every comment gets so much likes

  9. Boys I’m going in the Middle East!

    Alright boys I’m pulling my troops out of the Middle East…..

  10. 0:01 Has anyone noticed that the game of Risk has "Ukraine" the size of all western Russia+real Ukraine+Belarus+the Baltic States? The russian fanboys are probably butthurt about this.

  11. As a catalan that doesn't want the independence, I have to say that Catalonia has never tried to invade Spain rather the opposite but… man, the joke was sooo good. It's true that Spain has mostly been a country on and off in "war/conflict" with itself since the XIX century. So you nailed it in that sense! Great gag!

  12. After 1921. Suddenly something Red and Communist ☭ happens in the Northern part of the world East of and the Eastern part of Europe.

  13. Where is the Turks
    Oh sorry we doesnt exploit any country at same time we re never give up our independent 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🐺

  14. I just wants to clear that. Switzerland has an army, even though i dont really know for what reason. We have a Militia system.

    Of course this vid is fun and i interprete it as fun.

  15. Switzerland has an army. quite a big actually in case of emergency 😊 we just barely use it. it's easier to let the others fight and take care of their finances in the mean time

  16. PORKFOOT is the leader in musical innovation, here is why

  17. I know it's a comedy but the Falkland Islands have never belonged to Argentina and both they and the citizens of Gibraltar voted overwhelming to remain apart of the UK. Not exactly controversial if you respect the wishes and values of the inhabitants.

  18. 1:47 is that supossed to be the netherlands…honestly can't tell. But i see orange and were talking about africa so…

  19. What you try say about Russia? This is inaccurate anti-Russian propaganda and I demand you to take it down.

    If you do not take it down we and our Uzbek friends will fix the boxing matches at the next Olympics just like we did at Rio and take medals from all of you.

  20. Us English along with our American and German brothers built the modern world and introduced liberty and individual rights worldwide, our Empire gave millions of people clean water, sanitation, schools, and stopped poverty and famine. I'm actually quite proud of my nations achievements.

  21. India comes out unscathed typical I suppose they were too busy with ethnic cleansing to invade anywhere else

  22. Everyone that says that states that switzerland has an army. Actually it is kind of true. The Swiss Armed Forces is mostly made up from conscripted people. So every male has to serve in the army at some point in life.
    In other words: Switzerland HAS no army, Switzerland IS an army!

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