‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Deals Up an Amazing Trick for Ellen, Wanda Sykes, and Beth Behrs

‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Deals Up an Amazing Trick for Ellen, Wanda Sykes, and Beth Behrs

Hi. Congratulations. You looked genuinely shocked. I was. You really didn’t think
you were going to win? No idea. Well, we all
thought Courtney was going to win from the get-go. Yeah. She was pretty good. She was amazing. There was a lot of
good talent this year. Yeah. So what are you going to
do with a million dollars? Well, I have a crummy car. So I need to get a
new car with that. You could buy a bunch of cars. Yeah. And probably save a couple
of dollars here and there. And actually, I had a couple
of friends recently struggling with brain cancer,
so I think I want to try to contribute a
little bit into research and development and
try to figure it out so we can fight that. Wow. Good for you. All right. I love magic, and
you’re amazing. So show us stuff. All right. I have a deck of
cards over here. All right. Do you want to shuffle it? Can you just give it a mix? Yeah, sure. You can examine the cards. Oh, you trust me. I mean, yeah, because you
know, what’s it going to be? I mean, you can mess it
up some more if you want. It makes my job harder, so– All right. Then I’ll just– You want to look
at all the cards? Or are you happy? Mm, that’s good. All right, cool. All right, cool. I’ll take the cards. All right. You done? She’s not done. She’s going to make
this really hard. All right. All right, now you’re done. I’m going to ripple
down the deck. You just say stop
anytime you want, OK? Stop. Right there? Yep. Remember the card. Yep. Don’t forget it. Got it. You forget it, the
whole trick is over, OK? All right. Can I have your hand? All right, cool. Shuffle the cards. All right. All right, good? Yep. All right, cool. Now we’re all going to
try to find her card. But we’re going to
try to do it together. And it’s not going to
really be a magic trick. So don’t try to figure this out. It’s going to be
more of a game, OK? We’re going to try to– I love games. –find her cards together. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s like a poker game, almost. Oh, I love poker. Is there money involved? No. Absolutely no money, OK? I’m going to try
my best to make– Is there alcohol involved? Yeah, if you want. Is there alcohol? No? Right after this, OK? OK. All right, so you
picked the card, so you get to point to a pile. This one. All right. You can go grab it. OK. Point to one. That one. This one? All right. I won’t do anything
funny, all right? [INAUDIBLE]? Well, I only have two choices. I guess this one. All right. Here you go. All right, so everyone
grabbed a pack. This is what we call a gambler’s
grip, or a dealer’s grip. At a casino, this is
actually a dealer’s table. You can try dealing
the cards like that. Go ahead, give it a shot. All right, so we can
shuffle the cards like this. And then you can
deal and shuffle, deal whenever you want. But make sure you’re dealing
in a nice little pile. You can even deal multiple
cards like four or five cards, or even all your cards
if you’re lazy like me. And then, done. Oh, wow. Very good. Oh, we just shuffle? Yeah. And then deal. You can take your time. It’s OK. All right, grab your– yeah. OK, grab your cards. Grab your cards. Like it matters. All right. Now, you guys play poker, right? Yes. Sure. Yeah. In poker we burn the top card. Go ahead and burn the
top card right there. Oops. It’s all right. But in this game, you can burn
as many top cards as you want. Go ahead. Don’t throw all your
cards, obviously, but I’m going to stop here. You’re going to keep
going if you want. It’s your choice, your life. OK. Oh! Woops! You did it to. That’s fine. All right. I have some left. Count how many you have. One, two– One, two– Deal. Deal down. –three, four, five. Yeah, go ahead and deal. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven. All right, cool. We all have a different
amount of cards. I would say we threw about
half your cards here. Would you say that, Ellen? Oh, yes. About 50%. Mm-hm. So for the first time, because
they don’t know your card, what was your card? Six of diamonds. Six of diamonds? You shuffled the packet. I have no idea what your
card is or where it was. The chances of the six
of diamonds being in here is about 50%. But what if I told you– and by the way, you
picked your pile. I didn’t force you in any way. No, not at all. You did not. What if I told you that six of
diamonds landed in your pile somehow? Would you be impressed? I sure would. Yeah. That’s like a 20% chance, right? That’s why we booked you. Thank you. What if I told you it was
at the top of your pile? Right now? Right now, after
you shuffled it. Yeah, and especially
because you told me to stop when I wanted
to stop throwing things in, it’d be pretty impressive. Lift up the top card. No. Oh my god. [INAUDIBLE] We’re playing poker, right? Poker is the best hand’s a
four-of-a-kind, that’s what– Right. I have a six. Nuh-uh. And you’re going to
have a six as well. Yep. Wanda, lift up your top card. OK, see? See, this is why
I don’t like you. This is why I don’t like you. Wow! Wow!

100 thoughts on “‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Deals Up an Amazing Trick for Ellen, Wanda Sykes, and Beth Behrs

  1. What he did was put all 6 cards at the bottom so even if they throw how many card to the pile at the end they will still have the number 6 because they need to keep some. Then he asked them to count the cards by doing that it insures that the bottom will be put to the top because when you count your cards you count it by putting one after the other so at the end the bottom will be on top. How he knows what card though is the question.

  2. The trick is simple. Just the card force had to be done right and then, arrange it so that 6 is at the top of each deck. He dealt it down first so it becomes the bottom card, and then when you count it at the end, it ends at the top

  3. The last throwing of cards doesnt make any sense.. At last during counting the bottom card becomes the top card of the pile..😗

  4. Lol. At 2:28 when the girl next to Shin picked up the entire deck vertically and showed a 6 at the bottom towards Ellen's direction, it nearly gave Shin Lim a heart attack. He was like "Yeah yeah yeah yeah" to distract everyone to look at the black girl instead. At 2:39 that same girl again unintentionally reveals the 6 of hearts at the bottom of her deck to the camera.

  5. Okay.. Just came across this like 30mins ago, watched it three times already (so far) and I must say It kinda f*^%ed up my brain.
    Imma sue ShinLim for doing that! 🤪 idc

  6. Omg folks, this trick is really very simple but looks amazing due to his showmanship. If you change your play back settings to 1 frame a second you can clearly see that none of us have a clue how he did this.

  7. So I don’t know what method he used to find what her card was at the beginning, or if he forced it in some way, but at 1:26, he is making the piles and making sure that 6’s are at the top of each pile. Then they put all put it on the bottom. Then they all put half their card in the middle, then “count” the rest, putting all the 6’s back on top.

    But still don’t know how he knew her card from the very beginning. I guess there’s multiple techniques, just don’t know which he used.

  8. I know this takes a lot of practice, but the top card in the end was actually on the bottom of each pile after Shin split them into 4 piles. Then he asked Ellen to POINT to a pile then he handed that pile to her. He didn't just ask Ellen to just pick up a pile herself … All that "throwing cards in the middle and stopping whereever" stuff didn't really matter.

  9. The 6s have always been at the bottom of each deck. In the end when you counted the rest of your cards, the bottom came to the top. Ellen picked the one deck of 6 diamond at the beginning, so she can keep her deck. If she would picked a wrong one, then the magician would ask her to give that deck to someone else other than herself, until she picked the deck with 6 diamond in it.

  10. Actually I figured out how he did it after Ellen picked the card. But how did he know which card she picked? When he made the four piles he put all four sixes at the bottom of each pile.

  11. at 1:38 you can see he puts the six at the top of the last pile (so he did it for all of the piles, easy as he made the piles while seeing all the cards), and then the rest of it is just messing up the order of each pile with the exception of that initial top card, which is always either at the top or the bottom of each person's deck. So as long as you're able to peek what card a person's picked, then voila trick!

  12. I get it he places the 6 at the bottom of each partition he makes and then when he makes them count the cards no matter how many cards, the bottom card goes to the top.

  13. This is one I could actually follow. His are so hard to do. All you have to do is master that quick spin flip at 1:18 of the deck back to Ellen where he gets a peek, then he literally sorts the cards to have one of each in each pile….then you can follow along from there how he forces that card to the table first, and that card never moves until the end….the rest is just distraction.

  14. Hahhahhaa i know this trick 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 back when i was 16.. but shin make it much2 better version 🥰🥰🥰

  15. The six of Dimond is always at the bottom of Ellens deck of cards, all the moves Shin is trying let them make is to make sure of that, also the other two are just the distraction.

  16. Here's how it works
    1:18 he looks at the card ellen chose, when he gives the deck to her, so he knows that it's the 6 of diamonds
    1:49 he makes sure that all the sixes are at the top of each pile he makes
    2:12 he makes everyone deal the first card. remember, for everyone, this first card is the 6. so now it is on the bottom of each pile
    2:44 he makes everyone burn some top cards, but it doesn't matter because all the 6s are at the bottom of each pile
    3:01 he makes everyone count their cards, so the order gets reversed, and everyone ends up putting the last card on the top of the pile. so all the 6s are now at the top of each pile!
    3:59 profit

  17. It's very simple, I can do it as well. All the card "6" are in the bottom of the pile, and the square doesn't need to be picked by Allen

  18. The trick is pretty impressive but
    If u see carefully he put the card 6 at the bottom and when he finally tell them to count at last it comes on the top

  19. Some people are saying he put the 6 of diomands on the bottom. Makes since but, what about the other 3 6s. How ever he did it. It was incredible. By for my favorite magician.

  20. I think this card trick was an act of brilliance rather than of quick hands.
    1:19 –> Quick look at the card so that he knows which card Ellen chose
    1:28 –> Arranges all the 6s as the last cards of those 4 decks
    1:52 –> All 6s are on top
    2:11 –> He asks to put one card down from the deck(all 6s)
    2:14 –> Asks to shuffle other cards
    2:32 –> All the 6s are the first cards
    2:43 –> Asks to throw cards randomly
    3:00 –> Asks to count cards by putting one by one so that all the 6s come one top

  21. you can see the 6 cards doesnt change from the start.. first you put the card at the top and told them to put the card below.. than count it from up to down so the card will at the top

  22. I like this version cause I know the moves and can perform it, but Paul Wilson’s C3 is a struggle to understand lol

  23. Its when they ”deal down” the cards the bottom card looks like it was the top card and that Ellen ”randomly” chose that

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