9 thoughts on “Amazon reportedly developing video game streaming service

  1. Having massive cloud storage does not equate to running a virtual world like WOW. But maybe they will do it like Steam and be a storefront like they are for everything else.

  2. amzn now knows how to monetize the millions of unemployed, unskilled, millenials living in their parent's basments.
    a new farmville, why didn't we think of that earlier?

  3. Paid digital distribution already killed gaming yet people accepted that. The same cucks that pay for digital distribution are now bitching about gaming going to streaming which is very hypocritical, streaming is the next logical step and you voted with your wallet for it by paying for digital distribution. Luckily piracy is easy on PC.

  4. Yeah, everyone wants streaming games, except for the people that actually play them. Companies only want to be able to charge people for just to be able to play the games they own, on top of having to buy them, with poor latency and lower video quality from compression. No thank you.

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