Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!! (Closed) /February\

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!! (Closed) /February

what is up everybody SavageLordBarlow
here and I am back to tell you all about the Amazon giftcard giveaway today I
will be doing on this channel now right before we actually get into the details
I need you all so hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel if
you’re new so that you can stay up-to-date with the future giveaways now
the website that I will be using is called and you can log in
using your email your Facebook account your Instagram or your Twitter there are
seven ways to answer to which are daily bonus entries worth 5 and 7 points you
can enter using your Instagram which is 1 point you can follow me on Twitch
which is 10 points and you can retweet my tweet on Twitter which is 40 points
and you can follow me on Twitter for 20 points
you can subscribe to my 3rd gaming channel which is 50 points to enter this
giveaway the link will be down below in the description and it will also be a
tab that pops up here in this corner should be this corner that will say
something about a giveaway so click that or the link down below in the
description and you can enter the giveaway the giveaway will end on the
28th of February so this month and I will announce the winner and March for
like in the video I will announce the winner and I will contact you and I hope
that you contact me back because it’s not how to draw another winner for that
giveaway that that’s basically it I hope you all enter I hope you all enjoy this
I’m not sure how well this is gonna do so enter let me know if it does really
well I’ll keep going it for like the rest of the year hopefully hopefully I’m
not sure if I’ll be able to but hopefully I will with that being said I
hope you all just continue to support me on this channel and that’s basically it
savage little bundle is out and don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button and
subscribe to the channel if you’re new because I’ve already said it but it
doesn’t matter sand it again peace out you

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