Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, I want to present
an amazing battle between the two 1st grade kids in Japan: Iwaida (red) and
Watanabe (blue). Intense match until the end! This is the final match during the Summer
Tournament in 2016. The winner of this match has said in the interview “I want to be the Olympic Champion” 🙂

100 thoughts on “AMAZING TABLE TENNIS MATCH: 1st Grade Kids Champion


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  2. It's not just the Chinese parents , in Europe you can see parents make their 5 year olds start go kart training and racing . Am pretty sure not everyone is rich enough to send their kids to go kart racing just for some fun and let's not forget the life threatening risks involved in taking that as a career . In reality they want their children to become something or someone that they themselves couldn't become or even if the parents were themselves involved in that profession , they just want their children to be the best .At such a young age it's almost impossible for a kid to make judgements on their own , so they just follow what their parents tell them to . Such people can be seen all across the globe .

  3. The genius Future robots!!!. What a super kids, the table tennis doesn't even reach their chest level. Still the fantastic kids accurate shots and perfect placings are eye popping. They are the future world champions.

  4. If i play with any of this kid now……….. I wud end up……………………… I dont know what..!! All i know is these kids will beat the shit out of me..!!!
    Dang…… These talents…..😘😍

  5. Look at the respect level also for each other and the adults around them, USA kids are a bunch loud mouthed, back talking, whiney little twits, 1st grade or not BUST THEM LITTLE AZZ'S …. SPARE THE ROD SPOIL THE OFFSPRING….

  6. Can't believe they were first grade after seeing the match😅
    They must've knew how to play Ping pong the moment they were born😂

  7. I just wonder if it is healthy for the development of bones and spine to practice this sport so excessively at that young age… the movements are not symmetrical but monotonous for one arm/ hand.

  8. Да они младше меня в четыре раза,а играют лучше в 10 раз
    Русские есть?)

  9. I loved it. These kids are awesome but I feel bad they have to go through this much stress of winning a game in this small age.

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