amazing street performers or busker |  cobra flute music played by snake charmer

amazing street performers or busker | cobra flute music played by snake charmer

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  1. حلاتو شنو هاي جمال لهنود من العراق

  2. These silly guys remove snake's teeth to do their show and these snakes die in 20_30 days after their teeth are removed

  3. 2:44

    man charmer / Come on
    .. obey my orders

    Cobra snake / Do not try to move my nerves … Take my bite >>> hisss

  4. Cobras like all snakes do not have ears. They cannot hear the music. That posturing is their default defensive position when they feel threatened. It is not charming and has fuck all to do with the shite music. You utter cock wombles.

  5. Madarchod kuch mehnat ka kaam kar ke aage badhana chahiye, lekin nahin ye bhosdi wale bakasur janwaro Ko Apne swarth ke liye use karte hain ek baar bhi nahi sochte ki Aisa karne se unhe kitni takleef hoti hogi

  6. Poor cobras, they remove their fangs so they won't bite or defend themselves. This is a joke, they just fool the tourist that they can make cobras dance and shit, but they are just annoying them lol

  7. আপনি ১টা কোথা ভালো বলছেন যে সাপ কাটলে হসপিটাল যাইতে হবে

  8. The last cobra is not acting like a normal snake would… it looks like it's dying. Perhaps its mouth have been mutilated to render it harmless… and now it is also slowly starving to death?

  9. Snake can't hear because it has no ears; it responds to the charmer's movements while holding the flute. Pretty sure the snake has been defanged so it's harmless.

  10. Kayo po ang napapanood daw na huwag gagayahin na makagat ng ulupong o cobra ay delikado ito sa nakalasong makamandag na pwedeng mamatay na walang buhay at ingat lang sa kagat ng ulupong doon at pati sa Pilipinas.

  11. Nicki Minaj is the snake who controls this disgusting wolrd and she is going to kill us quickly, we need to increase our belief and love to Jesus!!! please people listen me the end is near and we are all gonna die.

  12. Jebane śmiecie, zaszywają im pyski i udają że są kurwa magikami…
    Translate this from polish if you want know what i say

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