Amazing Game: Kasparov’s Immortal Game – Garry Kasparov vs. Veselin Topalov (

Amazing Game: Kasparov’s Immortal Game – Garry Kasparov vs. Veselin Topalov (

Okay … This is a classic encounter – Kasparov versus Topalov Wikanzee 1999 A brilliant game by Kasparov e4 was played Topalov replied d6 so we have a kind of Pirc defence emerging after Nc3 here g6 .. Bishop e3 Bishop g7 Kasparov plays rather crudely now trying to exchange off this fianchettoed bishop and Perhaps to just crudely attack Black’s king after that He plays Queen d2 so it is all very straightforward chess by both sides here Topalov doesn’t castle here he delays with c6. Now f3 is played b5 so again Topalov is delaying castling kingside Perhaps already he is thinking of castling on the other side to avoid this primitive attacking potential of Bishop h6 and h4 Knight g-e2 Knight d7 Now Bishop h6 is played anyway so Topalov takes the opportunity to lure the queen away to h6 and just plays Bishop b7 saying to Kasparov I don’t care your queen is there.. I am going to castle queenside a3 e5 Black starts to put pressure on these dark squares which might be felt more because White has given up the dark squared bishop he has played f3 so these dark squares are weaker than usual castles queenside Queen e7 King b1 a6 so a change of plan is needed now – none of this h4 stuff instead a different plan .. Kasparov plays Nc1 Perhaps with the immediate ideas of Nb3 and Na5 castles queenside .. Nb3 now Topalov releases the tension in the center with exd4 Rook takes d4 .. c5 Black is gaining some space seems to be an interesting position for black and doesn’t seem to have too much to worry about at this moment rook retreats Knight b6 perhaps with he potential aim of d5 trying to equalise or gain space g3 gives scope for Bh3 now Kb8 prophylactic move just in case Bh3 check is going to be annoying … Also perhaps the rook can come to c8 and the other one to d8 Knight a5 was played Bishop a8 Black doesn’t want to give up that bishop in a hurry which would expose some weaknesses potentially on the light squares Bishop h3 at least this stops this Rc8 But Black now plays d5 which kind of liberates the pieces if he can get away with it Queen f4 … King a7 Rook h-e1 So Kasparov is tempting black to play d4 to gain more space which is exactly what he did Knight d5 so some suprise as potentially the pawn is going to be weak on d5 after the knight capture so what is Kasparov up to ?! exd5 Queen d6 However… it is here Kasparov shows some brilliance Instead of just say Qxd6 followed by Re7 which might be tempting He plays the absolutely shocking move.. can you find it ?! I will give you five seconds (or pause the video!) i’ll show you know brilliancy move – Rook takes d4 after cxd4 Rook e7 check here Now the first point If Queen takes e7 new variation there is a mate in four with Queen takes d4 check Kb8 Queen b6 check this bishop is stopping the escape square c8 Bb7 and now Nc6 check King a8 Queen a7 so thats pretty convincing so now we have the king being forced to do something else the King comes to b6 Kasparov plays Queen takes d4 check and another piece bites the dust but the king is getting sucked up the board in dramatic style b4 check King a4 and now Kasparov leaves a whole roon enprise with queen c3 of course Queen takes e7 is not a very good idea because of Qb3 mate but there is also another brilliant resource here that is if Bishop takes d5 to stop this Qb3 White still has a mate in four believe it or not with Kb2 with the threat of Qb3 check Bishop takes b3 cxb3 mate so that would be pretty dire for black so here after Queen c3 Topalov played Queen takes d5 Kasparov continued with Rook a7 and then there is bishop bb7 Rook takes b7 Queen c4 Now Queen takes f6 Kasparov is getting back some material.. he is only the exchange down now he doesn’t mind of Topalov plays Rd1 because Kb2 will be protecting a3 pawn and still be threatening this menacing Queen takes a6 so Topalov boldly brings the King further down King takes a3 Queen takes a6 King takes b4 c3 check very precisely calculated how to take this c3 pawn ?! Topalov took with his king but lets quickly examine Queen takes c3 population frequency There would be mate in 3 with Q takes b5 King a3 and now either Ra7 check or Queen a6 is mating so you have to be careful how you take this pawn so he took with the King and after Queen a1 check King d2 – we have the spectacular suction of the black king down the board after Qb2 check King d1 Kasparov now plays yet another brilliant move He plays Bishop f1 – fantastic decoy! if Topalov replied Queen takes f1 there would follow a mate in 3 this time with Queen c2 check King e1 and Rook e7 mating so this horrible decoy.. the queen is forced to do something there is no useful check no Qd3 check or anything But Topalov decides not to move the queen but instead to play Rook d2 and here Kasparov plays yet another brilliant move He plays Rook d7 so now there is the threat of Qxd2 mate and if Rook takes d7 then Bishop takes c4 which is how the game continued so Kasparov is … equalising on material especially after taking the Rook on h8 he is now up on material … Queen against rook difficult for Black now to be such material difference he plays now Rook d3 Kasparov is now bringing the queen back in the game with Queen a8 Queen a4 check now he makes time for f4 f5 King c1 Rook d2 Kasparov just plays Queen a7 with Queen g1 check or Queen e3 check Topalov has had enough here material down .. superbly played game by Kasparov

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  1. Great video. Rxd4!!! is an amazing move and starts off what is widely considered as the most brilliant combination in the history of chess. The sound on this video could use some work, but otherwise a great video.

  2. I saw the rook sac right away. Taking out the 2 the c and d pawns opens the position up and allows a check for a gain in tempo as well. Would I have played it knowing I could gain more material on mate threats? Probably not. However knowing there was the big move there and when there are extended pawns on the side of the castled position it is sometimes worth going down material to open the position up. What a great game and some good resistance from Tapolov to make it interesting.

  3. How do you get the chessboard on the screen like this? I want to do the same thing,I just dont know how to go about it.

  4. at 9:53 if black checks, K-b7, the black checks at d4 and the Queens come off, QxQ, RxQ and the white once again threatens mate with Ra7, can't white hold off the mate w/Rd6 and have two rooks against Garry's R & B. with fighting chances still for white?

  5. It really shows how bad humans are at chess that white won.

    Black has a completely won game sitting right in front of him. Run all the good computer chess programs on this set-up, and so far I've seen winner Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black.

    Kasparov just got lucky that Topalov screwed up.

  6. Are you deliberately being thick or what? It was an absolute masterclass by Kasparov and a joy to watch. Wise youself up.

  7. amazing tactics in this game. Good commentary as well. The quality was fairly poor but I was still glued to the screen.

  8. oh my god!


    oh my god!!!

    What do you do against a player of this strength? Jesus, it's unbelievable. A human brain did this, under standard time controls. Im stunned. Kasparov ftw!

  9. This game was a contendor of being called "The Game of the Century", but the title was given to Fischer (13 yr) vs. Byrne.

    It's kind of difficult to hear what you say, kingcrusher. 😉

  10. Not being able to see what the Grandmasters see, and then claiming to find a meaningful defense for Grandmasters is self refuting.

    I understand your being humble, but it undermines your ideas. Never walk into a room apologizing for your work before its received!

    After all, if we apologize for our work, then it shouldn't be shown, it should be fixed.

  11. My comment was in response to "NewOne1985" not to kingscrusher. My comment did not reference respect in anyway, as being humble for humilitie's sake does not warrant respect. I agree with your opinions of KC character, he is an inspiration in many ways, but is not the subject of this discussion.

    I can't help but conclude that you didn't read my full comment. Being humble is one thing (and a good thing), but apologizing in advance is a poor way of presenting ideas.

  12. How does the idea of a double rook sacrifice come about? Seriously, why would anyone even think of doing that? It's not like I find the combination overly complicated, but I think its deep enough in the sacrifice that even someone of Gary's caliber has to consciously consider the move. Nobody can just see something like that without looking for it. I apologize if it sounds like I'm taking off from Gary's godly chess powers, but I actually find it all the more astounding that he considered Rxd4.

  13. But in 5.05 variation, if black would block the check with queen. Then black queen is gone, but has compensation with 2 rooks and after white queen takes f6. But yea, its still a lost game for black, i can see now. lol 😀

  14. @andthatsforthewin
    He probably found it by reverse engineering the combination…like for example looking at different mating combinations and seeing that the pawns on c5 and d4 were getting in the way…then thinking of some possible way he could break up that pawn structure….aha!

  15. after 6..b5 isnt black threatening to play b4??and if he isnt what changed in the position so that kasparov played 10.a3?? is b4 stronnger in that position and if so.. why??

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  17. Hi Kingcrusher: thanks for the coverage of this classic game, and your other great videos on the net. You are my favorite producer of chess videos on youtube.

    A request: Can you redo this video? There is no other decent free video of this game out there. It would be nice to see it anew, and have the definitive coverage of this game.

  18. Please note that there is a much newer version of this video (2015 version) available here:

  19. Replayable game link:
    Join me or other Youtubers for a game: – Cheers, K

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