Amazing Chess Game: How the Kings Gambit defeated World Champion Bobby Fischer (Boris Spassky White)

Amazing Chess Game: How the Kings Gambit defeated World Champion Bobby Fischer (Boris Spassky White)

Morning all let’s continue on look at how
the King’s Gambit has defeated world champions in the past. Now this is a classic game which Fischer was
so outraged when playing Spassky and losing to the Kings game that he wrote later a refutation
in inverted commas to The Kings gambit. So it was Mar del Plata tournament of 1960. Spassky kicked off with e4 and Fischer played
e5. So now have f4 and Spassky actually had been
quite an exponents of the game at one of the few grandmasters to consistently play on a
regular basis. So officially accepts it. Exf4 by the way checking on chess games com,
there seems to be a blitz game where Dan Myers who’s I think a very successful businessman
into mining and he apparently beat Fischer in a blitz game in the Kings gambit. That’s quite fascinating. Dan Myers actually played in quite a few you
know blitz torments in the UK actually. I had seen him in real life and he seemed
fit and well when he is about 81. He is quite a long lasting chess player. But anyway that’s the only other King’s Gambit
game that I found on record. So Nf3 and now Fisher played g5. Now since in his refutation inverted commas
he actually recommends d6 as a high class waiting move. Now d6 takes away the e5 square from the night. Now in this game it is a little bit curious
to me that the e5 is used like this in this manner to first undermine this g5 and then
sort of spring back to the right uses e5 now indirectly after h4 move. So blank obviously can’t take, can’t play
h6 hg and the pin on h8. But he can’t kick the knight. Which is what Fischer played. So Knight brings to e5. So it’s immediately threatening actually nxg4
as well. And if d6 still Nxg4 there’s two pieces on
g4. So Fischer actually defends his g pawn. But we have the potential fragmentation issues
you know if whites ever going to get back this pawn now this pawn now being pushed you
know look how sliced Black’s pawn structure will be and also look at the potential dark
square weaknesses as well, this diagonal in particular. So d4 now, d6 and now Nd3. So Spassky is ok with losing the e pawn here
but regaining at least that f pawn. That diagonal is kind of strong potentially. I think there have been some Fischer games
with white in the Kings gambit where he made use of this diagonal. So blacks really kind of you know a bit shattered
the pawn structure already. Face Bg7 and now on the move Nc3 which Fischer
doesn’t really like he prefers c3. But I think nc3 has got some interesting points
immediately challenging that strong Knight. Although it does lead to also got another
gambit in the sense now of the d pawn. After c5 although technically this move might
be great. Look at the implied fragmentation after when
this pawn is also a bit weaker. So it puts I think black on a bit of a knife
edge in my personal opinion. After cxd4 castles although black is ahead
in material. Let’s see now, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, one, two, three, four, five, White is temporarily two pawn down. But he’s going to win g4 and when he does
win g4 you know look at the number of isolated pawns in Black’s position and even the beat
the beat this peoples on the b file white’s got very active pieces. So this is the kind of knife edge effect that
sometimes you know you do get a lot of strong compensation and if the opponents on a knife
edge, a razor edge then it’s more likely for them to slip up. It’s kind of logical. So Bxg4 was played now and after castles Fischer
just took on c8. So potentially you know he’s weakening also
the light squares. After Rxc8, Qg4 was played pinning that Bishop
on g7. Fischer kicks Queen now f5 was played and the Qg3. The Queen’s nicely kind of parked. So there are lot of rex pawns here and d6
is immediately threatened by this battering any case. So Fischer snaps up that c3 pawn and here
actually instead of Bxd6, Rae1 was played. Now you may wonder what’s wrong with Bxd6? I’m thinking maybe Rf6 to g6 might be annoying. Let’s have a quick engine check of this position. Bxd6 was not played immediately. Yeah Rf6 has [05:59 inaudible] Bf4, then Rg6
and Black’s going to get quite a attacking position. If say Qh3, then nd4 this is starting to look
quite kind of unpleasant for white. Okay Rae1 was played here instead of Bxd6. Now Fischer actually played Kh8, so he’s vacating
that g8 square potentially for the rook. After Kh1 he uses that. And now finally that pawn snaps up that d6
pawn. Fischer perhaps didn’t want to weaken e5 anymore
playing defense to try and hold onto material like computer. Instead he wants to get his pieces to be more
dynamic and stronger. So Bf8 , Be5++ now and now we have another
imbalanced Knight for Bishop exchange. Nxc5, Qxc5. Again you know these shattered pawns, these
isolated pawns mean that and the White Queen in the center and White’s possession of the
e file gives him a lot of positional compensation. Also the knight sitting kind of nicely on
d3 ready to spring perhaps to f4 on the opportune moment gives white compensation. So now after Rg7, Rxf5 offering the h4 pawn. So Qxh4 was played. After Kg1 Fischer said this exactly he went
wrong here, he should’ve played Qg3 instead he played Qg4G. Let’s have a quick look at Qg3 under the,
under [07:43 inaudible]. So this does indeed look technically better
for black. Running Rxg2, now if say Qe4 and then if say
Qe4 and I think thats Bd6 in some lines or even here there’s a nice deflection either
Re8, so Queen take then Qxg2. If Ne5 then check. This is starting to look bad for whites King
Re6. Qf2, its starting to look kind of very bad
for white. Okay. Let’s go back so Qg4 was played, Rf2 and look
how centralized whites pieces are. And it’s difficult for Fischer’s sort of
coordinate pieces and get them out of the box here. When he does tries Be7 which inner notes has
the idea obscuring the Rooks. Fine but some not an amazing positional move. Maybe positional ideas like Rg8. Sure that wasn’t the only idea Fischer had
in mind. After Re4 it’s apparent that this Bishop is
now a tactical liability. Qg5, now Qd4 keeping that horrible pin on
g7 and black is getting very uncomfortable. Fischer said so in his notes that he was very
uncomfortable. Because Rxe7 introduces a threat using that
pin Queen’s really just very powerful in the center. After Rf8, Re5 and white is forcibly winning
material now after Rd8, Qe4 the queen and bishop are attacked. Queen goes to h4, but now Rf4 just winning
the Bishop. Fischer resigned. He was the quite and kind of outraged and
upset I think as a result of this game. Which led to him later creating the reputation
again kind of.. Let’s have a look an overview and summary
of what happened. So there was some major pawn fragmentation
and Spassky encourage more fragmentation since like these pawns that temporarily slice. But Fischer is a pawn ahead. This parking of the Queen eyes d6 and keeps
an eye on that pin Bishop on g7. Which makes becomes a theme again with this
Bishop is now a problem and there’s a pin now on g7 again. And here is where Spassky is like winning
a piece. So it’s an incredibly powerful centralization. These three major pieces in the center qualitatively
a lot better than black pieces here. A classic game, please leave it in the comments
or questions on the issue. Thanks very much.

44 thoughts on “Amazing Chess Game: How the Kings Gambit defeated World Champion Bobby Fischer (Boris Spassky White)

  1. Loving this kings gambit series. I need to start playing this as white. I often opt to defend with the Falkbeer Counter Gambit (1. e4 e5 2. f4 d5) as black—trying to throw my opponent out of his repertoire but without much success so far.

  2. I'm liking this series on the King's Gambit, but you have to pretty confident to play it as it seems to result in open games.

    As an aside, how come you aren't playing at the British Championships this year KC? If not in the main tournament then just in the second category tournament.

  3. @skinnyjohnsen carlsen used it recently vs some chinese dude i think, or some japan , and that chinese person had 2700+ and carlsen won with kingsgambit 🙂 it was actually a possitional game and the chinese people really tried to draw carlsen but he still lost.

  4. Just wanted to thank you Kingscrusher for your videos. There are way above every others chess videos I have watched on youtube!

  5. Thanks again for the wonderful game illustration. Could you give your comments on why not Bg7 when the Qe5+?

  6. im just a 1400 player but i get great results from the kg. the games are always exciting if nothing else. this is a great way to practice your tactics. i find the falkbeer counter gambit the best way to play against the kg.

  7. {LOL] Typical Bobby Fischer play. He taught me how to play when I was young. He was a great player. He often beat me in 3 moves….

  8. No one can have a monopoly of brilliancy in chess. A champion can be beaten sooner or later. But some are like Fischer who think very highly of themselves than other champions. He may be called the greatest chess player of all time now along with kasparov because of the period they hold their title. If such is the case I think Botvinnik is the greatest of all time considering how many times he won the championship. One of the greatest, to me is the best, chess player is Tal. Despite reigning only for one year as a champion yet he was up to now is regarded as the greatest attacking Grandmaster of all time. his kind of chess is thrilling because of his daring attack and sacrifices of his pieces. Fischer said that although he lost to Tal many times, he considered Tal's game as risky. But this makes Tal extra ordinary par excellence in chess. Someday another specie of chess player will arise obscuring Fischer, Kasparov and the rest of the greatest chess players. If only we can assemble all the chess luminaries of all time from Morphy, Capablanca, Botvinnik, Tarrasc etc. and all of them are of the same age and then let them play against each other to see who is the best… the champion of the champion. I am not amenable to consider one by comparing their past performances and of what they have accomplish because of generation gap.

  9. I will play Bc4 after g5. then if black plays g4 then i will play 0-0, if black kills knight i will attack kingside and checkmate king. it would be very easy

  10. What a contrast to the Maroczy-Chigorin 1903 Immortal King's gambit double knight sac I just watched before this video!! Now I'm interested in Fischer's "refutation" of this opening: is the King's gambit really that unsound, or is there perhaps more to the open e and f files? Thanks KC for your amazing analysis!

  11. Honestly I still think the Kings gambit is playable even in the article Fischer wrote he says "In my opinion"

  12. Fischer mistakes came well after the opening which he played rather recklessly, but well. Yet he went to town on this opening, when he actually lost in the middle-end game…… He was a bizarre individual! 🙂

    Amazing players, characters, story and friends at the end.

    (Fisher is the only player he can play king gambit at the finals..)

  14. Bobby Fischer was not a chess player – He was a chess magician….able to do the impossible tricks which even grand masters' brains could not comprehend.
    Had he continued his play, he would have whipped many more asses in the world of chess championship play. He was a messenger of god specially sent to the chess world.
    His lack of defending his title rematch with Anatoly Karpov is still regretted by all his fans throughout the world.

  15. Ofcourse, winning and losing are part of chess. You can't expect Bobby to win 10,000 out of 10,000 games.
    He is also a human being. C'mon!!!!!!!!!

  16. Replayable game link:
    Join me or other Youtubers for a game: – Cheers, K

  17. If the king's gambit interests you, try to hunt up old issues of the German specialist chess magazine Kaissiber, which concerned itself with intense study or reexamination of rare openings, or openings that are no longer played at the highest levels because they have fallen out of fashion as they are considered refuted by modern players. Not surprisingly, they did get around to looking at the king's gambit as well, and those Kaissiber issues on the topic are easily the best and most interesting modern material you will find on it, brimming with ideas for both sides.

  18. Really a great video in every way except for that god awful swallowing. Please just edit those gulps or move away from the mic. They're unbearable and cringey. Otherwise amazing

  19. sorry, but at the 9:55 what if bishop takes G2?
    King must take it as if Queen does, the other bishop goes to G8 and is forking the Queen, this thread is worse for white.
    If king takes G2, other bishop goes to G8. King goes to F1, Queen to H3 to give check and this thread can lead to somewhere.

  20. When you get beat so hard you write a fucking book on why a chess opening is bad. How many hours did this man spend researching to refute the King's Gambit, just cause he got beat lol.

  21. "How the Kings Gambit defeated World Champion Bobby Fischer "

    He wasn't a World champion at the time, misleading…he was 16 or 17 in 1960! Stop making such a fuss out of this.

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