Amazing Chess Game: Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky 1972 Game 6 – Queens Gambit – Brilliancy!

Amazing Chess Game: Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky 1972 Game 6 – Queens Gambit – Brilliancy!

Hi all, This is Fischer vs Spassky game six from the
1972 World championship match held in Reykjavík Iceland Fischer playing White shocked everyone in the World by playing c4 He had only on .. one or two occasions before played this move. One was a game against Polguavsky which ended up in a draw So … After c4 Spassky must have been quite shocked and a lot of the russian preparation avoided but anyway spassky played an opening he knew very well In the Queens Gambit declined variation he played his pet Tartakower variation which is this b6 move here Tartakower is very famous in chess for having a number of very witty and funny quotations this system named after him is very
solid and black often prepares to fianchetto the
queen’s bishop Fischer played cxd5 here and after Knight takes d5 Fischer exchanged bishops off and played Knight takes d5 So we see some simplification here and one of the points is that the black pawn on d5 is fixed and it is going to be joined with another pawn very soon black will have hanging pawns now out of this opening and this is all quite theoretical at the time Fischer had kept up with the theory by reading Russian magazines and Bishop B5 now was played by Fischer and after a6 the hanging pawns and in particular this pin on the diagonal was exploited now by first Fischer playing dxc5 and now FIscher leaves that bishop on B5. He doesn’t need to move that He just castles and after Rook a7 that pin is no longer true on the ‘a’ pawn so he retreats his bishop and after Nd7 he now plays Knight d4 so we see this diagonal pin being exploited now with this knight d4 and this is the start of Fischer gaining a slight advantage now out of the position because after Queen f8 there’s a great little positional combination here Fischer first plays Knight takes e6 which is subtly weakening Black’s pawn structure because after this now Fischer sacrifices a pawn brilliantly with e4 so this pawn structure is really under fire now especially because White has this potentially powerful very powerful light squared bishop to which Black has no counterpart And we see now Black playing quite passively now with d4 just letting this bishop have a very powerful post on c4 but first Fischer is careful not to give black any
space in the center with e5 which might help justify this this plan He first plays f4 and now after Qe7 Fischer gains further space and further he fixes this pawn on the light square by playing e5 so this has been very nicely played positionally so far with this target here and his target
here for this light squared bishop After Rb8 Fischer used that beautiful c4 square now in this position Black cannot play Nb6 to chase that bishop from that outpost because of Qxc5 because if Qxc5 then Bxe6 and recapturing the Queen with big advantage to White so this bishop is a real pain on c4 targeting this light squared pawn so spassky played King h8 here and now Fischer magnificently switched his attention to the Queenside with this Queen h3 move this poor pawn being targeted but also you know Whites forces starting for a Kingside attack here Spassky just passvely retreats that poor knight to f8 and now Fischer now consolidates his position on the Queenside now by playing b3 and spassky played a5 So here a4 would be tempting just to cement that pawn on a5 But Fischer actually plays f5 with the idea of gaining a lot of pressure now on this f-file the immediate threat now also of f6 so he’s not wasting any time with a4 spassky took on f5 and we see Rook f5 Now Knight h7 … so is this knight going to be useful later coming to g5 Fischer is not concerned – he just doubles rooks on the f-file And .. let’s see if Knight g5 .. is there any knockout blow maybe not maybe Qd3 is an advantage to White or just Qh5 and What is Black doing ?! If Qh5 for example then Rf5 and the knight is forced to move back So Spassky is in a very passive position here He plays actually Qd8 and Fischer now plays Qg3 so it’s combining a light square attack now with a potentially dark square attack with this queen being useful on this diagonal And we see now that after Re7 h4 spassky really hasn’t got a very good
plan here But Fischer increases his space with e6 and the Queen is coming to a very dominant central square here on e5 So Spassky is just forced into a very passive position Previously he hasn’t lost in this variation – this tartakower variation Very solid variation for black so some shuffling around the time control and now Bishop d3 so what’s going on here .. Fischer is
preparing a final assault on this light square diagonal now Queen now coming now to e4 with some menacing threats Spassky now played knight f6 but it all looks to be very lost My analytical assistant thinks that White is almost five points up here in Computer terms spassky played Knight f6 and now Rook takes f6 was played A very logical exchange sacrifice shattering Black’s king position immediately gaining one pawn for the exchange but soon to be getting at least another or a mating attack Spassky played here King g8 and Fischer has many roads to victory here He has Rook takes h6 for example but actually what he played was Bishop c4 and Black’s position is still really hopeless here in this position the exchange up for a pawn his king safety is just blown to pieces After King h8 Fischer now played Queen f4 and it is actually a forced mate according to my analytical assistant whatever black does Spassky here resigned but let’s have a look at an example
continuation Queen g8 say Queen e5 Rook h7 e7 and it is just all over! multiple threats the pawn .. the bishop double checks so in this position spassky had resigned. Let’s have a quick
overview and summary of the game Fischer playing unusually c4 so we get a Queens Gambit declined transposition the Tartakower variation with b6 We see now out of the opening we get these hanging pawns Fischer had tempted weaknesses as well with a6 with this Bishop to b5 move and now we see the hanging pawns now being exploited with this diagonal pin and a beautiful positional combination
now to blast open these light squares and fix this pawn on e6 with this f4 and e5 plan Now Fischer turns his attention to the Kingside puts a lot of pressure on the f file doubling the rooks the queen comes back to the center now with a menacing position and finally we
see a beautiful combination with Rook takes f6 exchange sacrifice for a pawn and a winning attack to which there is no defence after Qf4. A brilliant game fifteen hundred spectators applauded! Spassky also applauded Fischer! which Fischer was very honoured by this was one of the greatest games in the 1972 World championship match played in Reykjavík Iceland an excellently played game by Fischer

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  1. I've done a lot of reading about this particular game written by the greatest living chess minds. Bottom line, one of the most beautiful games of the 20th century, and definitely in the top five. Me, I play this game over and over Fischer's play is so effortless but deep and elegant.

  2. What is left unsaid by this nice video is that this game is widely regarded as one of the best games of the century! Fischer beat Spassky playing c4, playing a Queens Gambit Declined, and playing Spassky's favorite variation. What's left … blindfolded? Fischer was the greatest player in the world at this time, period.

  3. It almost makes me sad watching how calculating Fischer was when you consider his vanishing act from the Chess scene. The game would be much more ubiquitous in the West if he had stuck with it. Imagine if he kept playing, he would of produced so much more beautiful games.

  4. Fischer's e4 is the best move ever in my is the most elegant, beautiful and full of tactical ideas move and so on.tell me another move that can stay versus that e4.Fischer should have been IMMORTAL.

  5. GM Larry Evans was Bobby's second at the Spassky match. GM Evans was a strong GM who won the US Championship several times. In the mid 1960s US Master Ken Smith of Smith-Morra Gambit fame, convinced GM Evans to move from the East coast to Las Vegas. Smith had a Chess Van with pieces on top. He and Evans would travel around to events, simuls etc. in the Chess Van. GM Evans was a good friend of Fischer's, and excellent writer, and a gentleman. Last I know, he is retired in San Diego.

  6. GM Larry Evans passed away in November of 2010. The New York Times wrote about is life and chess career. The article is available by Google search: Larry Evans US Chess Champion. Not only did GM Evans help Fischer in the Spassky match, but earlier encouraged Bobby to finish My 60 Memorable Games, and actually wrote a good portion of the prose introductions to the games. He was a four time US Championship winner, and great friend of chess. Can we see some of Evan's games?

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  8. Später nach diesem Match gab es einen Wettkampf zwischen zwei Spielern ( weiß ich nicht so genau ), wo Schwarz das Spiel verbesserte:
    Statt a6?! ist Db7! sehr stark, nach dxc5 bxc5 Dxc5 Sa6!! ( a6 L.. Dxb2 0-0+= ) Lxa6 Dxa6 ( Schwarz hat gute Kompensation )

  9. Brilliant game! I wish I could think like that! Unfortunately, I had to give up chess because it gave me insufferable headaches every game I played. No fun in that (and few games won)…

  10. Korchnoi had warned Spassky's camp that Fischer might use other openings beside PK4 and that Spassky should prepare for this but no one listened.

  11. @ttristann Just signed up for netflix and that was the first thing I watched on it 🙂 Nice to be able to view a good documentary online and push pause to look up commentary videos on a game or some fact on wikipedia.

  12. if moved in front of the king it will block the king all he has to do is rook to F8 then queen takes rook queen takes queen its mate even if he prolonged the game by not taking the rook he still loses the queen putting him behind in material.

  13. There was some insane play by Fischer. But even though you felt tempted to play through his traps or go around them, he always had something waiting. *&%$ was UNCANNY!!

  14. Watching this video I'm shocked by how many moves Fischer made that I would have immediately dismissed as a waste of time. Clearly I have a lot to learn.

  15. ahuahuah sistervigilante27 u really made me smile I haven't thought until I saw your message that there would be others like me

  16. just watched the documentary 'bobby fisher against the world' , awesome documentary and screw the US government … to want to arress someone for making money for playing chess in yugoslavia, is ridiculous

  17. Black has a tactical reply. If 28.Rf7? Black responds with Ng5, forking white's queen and rook, and if 29.Rxe7 black can take with check and tempo, winning the exchange. 29…Nxh3+ 30.gxh3 Rxe7. Analysis from Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess Brilliancies, which has a much more thorough analysis of this game.

  18. not better than any of the famous soviet grandmasters: Kasparov, Karpov, Botvinnik, Alekhine, and not better than Fischer!

  19. What a cheap-shot…this is a chess video, not a Dr. Phil video…just appreciate the Beautiful chess game that Bobby shared with us.

  20. The Transcription option for this video is the icon to the right of "Add to" – please check it out as I have chosen this game as my very first transcription attempt.

  21. Fischer vs Spassky 1972 Playlist:

    Join me for a game:

  22. On 3:21 boris can play e5. Establishing center pawns. And make way for knight on f6 or possible e5 square. This game should be equal or slight advantage on black coz of center pawn.

  23. I remember how popular this chess tournament was in Canada and U.S. even. Why, because some communication "dingo" was being broken through. And by 1976 there were games played by computers and computer support. Is a computer playing blindfolded? ha, ha, ha…

  24. And then suddenly the bomb drops on my head. Maybe it was Nixon's ping pong tournament with China that was more important.

  25. My favorite game from world championship 1972. Bobby Fischer an incredible mind. KC Thanks for analysis.

  26. why is this a brilliant game exactly? I felt like it was just a solid positional game, nothing special? I guessed all moves except using the bishop in the mating attack.

  27. Why after white last move (Df4) Black had to resign ? Can someone indicate to an average player what would have been the white winning moves afterwards? Thanks

  28. Thank you for this. So many times I see their moves and I don't understand the thinking behind it. Your explanations clear things that are over my head.

  29. Buuuulll SHIT !!!That black Queen….jumping left to right, right to left ?And this was the best 6-th match of all times ?BUHAHAHHAHAHAHahahhaaaaa….LOOOOL !That's just pathetic !THAT'S WHAT I CALL – "TO PAY THE MONEY UNDER THE DESK" !!! …to the right person of course…Hahahaaa… No words guys, just have no words…My Win7 Chess plays 100 times better than this game here… 😀

  30. Just watched Pawn Sac, in the end it says "Game 6 is still considered the greatest chess game ever played" they gotta be kidding, right ?? This game is nothing compared to Kasparov's rook sac game in 1999 or Wei Yi's rook sac game this year. These two games had great sacs and more importantly sensational ending moves. This game is just another solid positional game, nothing special (and certainly not worth clapping for).


  32. bobby fischer is the best chess player ever and he wasn't insane as in pawn sacrifice but he was just a victim of politics war and when he knew that he had Been deception he got shocked, he is an american hero and american people must proud that they had that great mind

  33. Why is this game considered as one of the best?? Bcos in chess its believed results are decided upon blunders.. But in this game Bobby had Spassky right from move 1.. How else would have black reacted to these attacks from white?? Poor Boris lost this game without making any blunder.. Its believed if both players play properly in chess the result will always be a draw.. But Fischer broke this belief and proved that white has an advantage as white moves first.. Thts why this game is considered to be one of the best, and Fischer one of the all time greats of chess to have walked this planet

  34. Fischer makes a great player look silly in this game. All of Fischer's moves come just in time and completely stymie Spassky. He exploits pins and other devices to make all of Spassky's pieces completely impotent.

  35. So why do players open by pinning the knight with the dark square bishop at g5 instead of going to straight to f4? It seems like the pawn pushes the bishop back anyway, and you lose time. I must be wrong, though, since i see most players doing it.

  36. I can't believe the subtitles seems to work in this video and I am not sure I manually submitted any!

  37. Why is this game such a brilliancy? It's not actually that impressive to me.e4 I saw immediately. It was literally the only move that made sense to me.I guessed 95% of white's moves correctly, like f5.

  38. I feel a strange sort of a thrill watching Fischer s games being played through. Alekhine too but Fischer even more so. I dont have a rating and rarely attended a chess club but I still feel this thrill. I think this would say that chess isnt as exclusive or as esoteric as it is sometimes made out to be.

  39. Going down through these comments, there are a lot of disingenuous people in chess. Anyone saying stuff like I guessed nearly all the moves is being just that.

  40. spassky gave kaparov some trouble- kas 27-21 all time. so fischer and kas would have been super an i would give the Nod to fischer in a series .yup

  41. hello i want ot know why queen h3 was not good at 3.18 minutes because white can after play bishop c4 and bishop take kgniht tower ore queen, if black try to defense whith queen he loose it and if he try to moove pawn c4 to put his knight on there to protect the pawn which is protecting queen. there is no defense to my mind and king can't moove. after that the check mate is'nt so far for white. tell me if i make mistake…. i'm not so strong at chess and i don't now if i'm failing in saying that. so my moove is(at( 3.18 white side has to moove): q go to H3 Black moove(whatever what he mooves) and then b go c4 blck mooves and white take pawns in e 6 that i consider to be a dangerous position for black wih a pawn disavantage.

  42. Great fun. Thanks for the quick breakdown of the game. You did a great job setting some of the backdrop (e.g., that Fischer hadn't played that opening much previously) and showing the critical features of the game. Cheers, mate!

  43. Why Spassky couldn't move his towers to cover his King ? I don't understand the end of the game, someone can explain me??

  44. thank you. this was the FIRST AND ONLY video I've seen where you clearly showed the complete game first. THEN analyzed other possible variation. it is appreciated.

  45. At minute 3:56: If Black plays Nb6 after White's Bc4, the best response for White is not Q×c5, as suggested by the commentator, because of Black's Nc4, then after Q×Qe7, R×Qe7 R×Nc4, R×b2 R×d4, R×a2 with approximately equality. The best move for White should black have played Nb6, is Qb3.

  46. Replayable game link:
    Join me or other Youtubers for a game: – Cheers, K

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