Aman Hambleton Bullet Chess Speedrun | Part 1

I’m joining the pool here. All right so starting with 1,100. Weaknesses everywhere.
Weaknesses everywhere. In games like this, look at him.
So this okay… so this is what it’s like. You guys are probably
seeing other games you know like League of
Legends stuff like that where you start at sort of like
zero and work your way up, this is the equivalent of that.
This is the equivalent of that. He just has no respect for the light
squares so that’s what it’s like huh. At 1,100, it’s just a catastrophic
disrespect for important squares. Very interesting. So we’re probably going to take
that and put another knight there. I mean I’m kind of having some
fun on the light squares here. Ooh, ooh. Look at him go. Now we have
to crack open the queen side here. It’s going to be our
way into the position. We’ve got this beautiful steed on e4. (music) It’s going to be light squares only.
Light squares only. I’m going to slowly get in here. (music) That’s very interesting, I’ve never
seen a game played quite like that. First time for everything.
Robin Mahajan. We’ve got the 1,000 from Sweden, so probably when you’re playing
1,000 you want to play e4, e5 and go for this checkmate. You
got to just see if it works. (music) Okay, they’re clearly… they’ve
got some advanced technology guys. I didn’t expect that, advanced
technology here from the 1,000s. This was highly unexpected.
Whoa what in the heck. No this is unchartered territory.
Yeah can I get the radio 6, radio 6 back to Delta star base, we
got some unchartered moves here. Never seen anything quite like
this before. Yeah a lot… just lack of respect
for the squares here. Holy… as you can see I’m
actually still in shock like I’m still recovering. (music) It seems like what happens here is that
they don’t care about their squares. The light squares, the dark squares.
If you’re a positional player, I feel like you should be able
to beat all the 1,000s 1,100s fairly, fairly well. Okay now that king actually can’t move. (music) All right free rook for me.
I’m going to play a3 next. Checkmate with a pawn.
Checkmate with a pawn. (music) Everyone’s too good, nobody’s
getting checkmated. (laughs) This guy’s too good. Did
you see what he just did? He just created a double attack. Guys, I’m not expecting this
from 1,200s, I’m really not. Do you see this? Do you guys see this?
That’s a double attack. There’s two pieces hanging
in current position. I don’t have time for tactics like this.
These guys are supposed to be 1,200. Take that, just take it. Blunder!
Blunder. Blunder. He’s got to blunder this. Yes thank you.
Thank you. Just blunder me. Just…
you didn’t see that. You have no idea what
I’m doing over here. Yes, yes, yes, that’s
what I’m talking about. Okay let’s see if this one works. Oh no! Oh what a bad pre move. How
did he know? How does he know that? That is amazing! That is
amazing what I just saw there. How did he know what I was doing?
I am so impressed to be honest and he doesn’t even go here.
This is amazing. I feel like I’m doing
a scientific study. Very impressive I have to say. Wow. (music) Checkmate with the king. Had
to get the king checkmate. All right, I think once you hit
1,500 then your opening is haptic. Who do you think I am? Djones804,
who do you think I am? Do you think this is game djones?
That was a big mistake buddy. That was a big mistake. Djones,
you’re going to regret that one. Let this be the day that
you almost checkmated Grand Master Aman Hambleton, almost. (music) Okay, the 1,300 species
has been attacking. We’re going to have to get them back. Got to fight fire with fire. (music) These guys man, they’re too good.
I swear, just unbelievable. (music) Bishop d2 looks safe. (music) Does he see this? There’s
no way he sees this. He’s down a piece and I have a piece
hanging. How does he see that? I didn’t even see that. RichPell, okay we’re playing RichPell. Sounds like some rapper’s
little brother or something. Sweetheart, don’t forget to take
RichPell with you to the park today. Oh but mum! Honey, you know
little twist and RichPell got to come to the park with
you all right. RichPell. Straight from the dark
suburbs of Canada. From the ghetto to your CD player. The trials and tribulations
of being a Canadian. Okay, he wants to trade queens.
Fine with me. Fine with me. You’re never going to hear a
protest over trading queens. Okay, I’m not sure
what that guy’s doing. That’s like someone invading your
house but not taking anything. They’re just like open the door, okay. Okay I just wanted to
show you I could do it. We’re very nearly trapping
things down here. I don’t know how we’re
not trapping his queen. Oh no, oh no, I just
blundered everything. I just blundered everything. All right, let’s get in there.
Let’s get in there. He’s too sneaky for me. 1,300s, I tell you they can see moves
that I do not ever enter my radar. Okay, we’re going to play this
so that when he does that, I can win the queen or he
has to give up the knight. What? What? I’m not used to these…
these types of moves. Trying to be tricky, I’m trying
to promote and its mate. Almost getting a 1,500. We’re very
close, we’re 1,450 and ascending. (music) Castle. (music) It’s not that bad. I think he has
actually really good compensation. Okay play knight to f6, rook d3
and rook h3, I like the swinger. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes. What! What was that?
What on earth was that? That was going to be a pre move.
Oh my goodness. This guy looks like he’s fast too.
There we go blunder. (music) The rook cuts the king
off so I just march up. What are these moves! I told
you guys don’t pre move. There I go on pre move and he comes up
with an absolutely unchartered move. Never before seen. Just
absolutely bizarre. Interesting, interesting. (music) This is what it takes to
become the grand master. Checkmate in one? Nah, nah. Checkmate in two. And do I have any beautiful
checkmates here? I don’t see them so I’m just going to
move the king. Ooh let me do that. Let me do it. Let me do it. Yes.
Take it. Take it. Take it. Take it. It’s so pretty, you have to take it.
There we go. (music) Aah the London system doesn’t work
against that opening, does it buddy? Doesn’t work against that opening.
This guy’s playing fast, I’m going to throw this move in
just to throw off his speed. I want to make moves that
he can’t pre move against. Oh okay. Let’s castle this way. We’ll
reroute the knight to here, look to trade the pieces. Yeah get those pieces off the board.
I’m up a piece remember that. You’re up a piece, it’s
just really simple. What you have to do, is just trade.
All you have to do is trade. So for example, right
there, I traded nothing and I got a full piece
so that’s a good trade. (music) Okay we want to move this knight and then take that guy pretty
much as soon as possible. We have a knight check
so b4 doesn’t work here. This is good. (music) He’s maybe losing connection. What’s
going on because he’s not moving. I think he lost connection. We made
1,600. We made 1,600. Feels amazing man. (music)

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