All Time Low on ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ & Defining Their Legacy | MTV News

All Time Low on ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ & Defining Their Legacy | MTV News

(hums) – Describe the new era of
All Time Low in one word. Tremendous. – Pretentious. – I don’t think he knows
what pretentious means. – Yeah.
– If I’m being honest. – Yeah but definitely, it feels right. – Yeah but definitely, it feels right. – Don’t ask him to explain. – We just, we know that we’re gonna be the biggest thing in the world, and the biggest band. – Mm. – We’re gonna pull a
Billie Eilish next year and take all the Grammys with us and, yeah. – We’re not gonna get ’em,
we’re just gonna steal ’em. (laughs)
We’re gonna take ’em. – Hey, what’s up guys, we’re All Time Low, and we’re about to dive in with MTV News. – Explain the inspiration
behind “Some Kind Of Disaster.” – Um, the song is all about
wrestling with your demons, and coming to terms with them, and kind of staring them in the face, and being okay with them, and making friends with them, shaking hands with them,
and taking them to the ball. – That’s also how I
interpreted the song, as well. – How are you personally a disaster? (laughs) – I’ll take this one! – Look at me! (laughter) – Ooh, personally, aw. Recently I’ve been… I’ve
been pulling an Alex, I’ve been kind of showing
up late to things. – [Zack] Oof. – Yeah, which is something you’re kind of known for, not to
throw you under the bus, but I’m gonna go ahead and do that. – But is that technically a disaster, though? – I have not done laundry
in a really long time and my wife is upset with me. And there’s a lot of laundry. I don’t know if that makes me a disaster, I think it does. – Yeah, for sure. – Yeah. – Ooh, this a long one. If you could pick one All Time Low song that defines your legacy as a band, which song would it be and why? – I always think of “Weightless.” – Yeah, me too. – I think that song was
one that really like, solidified itself as a
staple song for All Time Low, and I think it kind of shows us doing all the different things that
we’re good at in one song. – Well I mean, to be honest, it’s gotta be “Dear Maria,” man. It’s gotta be “Dear Maria.” – Uh, agree to disagree. – All Time Low is one of
the few bands of the 2000s that have stayed together. What is the key to your longevity? – Ooh. A lot of sleepovers. – Lot of sleepovers, lot of makeovers. – We treat this band like, yeah, like we’re four best
friends having sleepovers, and doing our hair together
and eating popcorn. And we’ve been doing
that for seventeen years? – Yeah. It keeps things fresh. – [Jack] Yeah. It’s always important to
spice up your love life in the bedroom. What are we talking about again? What was the question? – How we’re still together. – Oh, yeah, it’s important
to spice up your life in the bedroom.
– Yeah. We keep it real spicy.
– Yep. – We keep it very spicy. – What was your personal all time high? A really special moment for our band was touring with Blink-182. That’s one of the reasons
why we started playing music and being, you know, peers with those guys was very, very inspiring and cool. – Yeah, and I think for me uh, we got to play a couple shows on
Warped Tour, the final tour, and we played a show in San Francisco and shut the place down. And it was just an
amazing show for us, so. – It was- – Special. – Special. – What is the name of the
All Time Low group chat? – We have so many group chats. – So, we have like ten group chats. – I think the most
recent one is just called ‘Insert Group Chat Name Here’ ’cause we didn’t come up with one. – Yeah.
– I know, we gotta do better than that. – Yeah, we gotta beat it. – We have a bachelor party chat for you that’s still going on even though that was seven or eight years ago. – Bach Boys, it lives on. – It is the Gaskarth Bach Boys. – [Alex] Yeah. Each member of All Time
Low has great hair. Thank you. Tell us your hair care routines. – This is actually, it
looks easy but it’s not. It’s all premeditated. I got to put purple shampoo in my hair for like, thirty minutes, and a lot of dry shampoo. And, I’m allergic to bleach, so- – The trick is not to
wash your hair very much. – Yeah, yeah. – That’s the key. – So, like once a week. But, I’m allergic to bleach, so when I get my hair
bleached, I have to take a lot of antihistamines, not a joke. – I’ve seen it, he
swells up like a balloon. – It is like — I went to
like see an allergist and she’s like, “Uh, you
could stop dying your hair,” and I was like, “Not an option.” – That’s an impossibility, ma’am. – So, she gave me some meds and here we are. Pain is beauty, right? – I get my hair cut once a week, and I roll out of bed and comb my hair. So, easy as that. This year will be fifteen years since the release of your first album. Describe the last 15 years in emojis. – Ooh. The face that is like, clearly drunk, with the eye and the tongue out. – Heart eye emoji, heart
eye emoji, the crazy emoji. – Chinese dragon emoji, fire emoji, uh.. – This, this emoji. – That emoji, and then, um- – Couple middle fingers in there. – Yeah, why not?

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  1. So the key to longevity in a band is to keep it "spicy in the bedroom"? If only Mark and Tom kept it spicy in the bedroom . . .

  2. I love how Alex's whole wardrobe defines All Time Low's era now and then Jack and Zack defines All Time Low's era before so we have Alex as "Wake Up, Sunshine" and Jack and Zack as "Last Young Renegades"

  3. alex: i always thinking of weightless, i think that song was one that really like solidified itself as a stapled song for all time low–
    dear maria: am i a joke to you?

  4. so has anyone slapped jack in the face yet for being allergic to bleach and still continuing to bleach his hair like bro you're gonna die

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