All Queens Chess Review | RainyDayDreamers in 4k CC

All Queens Chess Review | RainyDayDreamers in 4k CC

– Hi, we’re Rainy Day Dreamers! – And today we’re going to
try out a new version of chess that the folks over at
Think Fun have sent us. They took the most powerful
piece on the board, the queen, and made a
game called All Queens. ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ – All Queens Chess goes
for about 12 dollars, I’m going to put a link to
it down below this video. You’re a big chess fan,
aren’t you, Roxanna? – [Roxanna] Yup. – Let’s see how it works
when you have all queens. It’s an interesting idea, don’t you think, to take one chess piece
and make the whole game based on that? Just seems like it. This is for ages eight to adult. So if you’re old enough to play chess, you’re old enough to figure this out. You want to take a look at that? It’s a small board. Oh, but the pieces come
just like in a chess board. And we’re going to have black and red. Is it simple? – It looks very simple and very complex and very mind whoo-y at the same time. – At the same time, okay. Here is the game board. Looks a little complicated
but this just shows you where to put the
queens to get started. After that, the squares just
count as regular squares and all you need to do in this game, you don’t capture other pieces, you need to get four
queens in a straight line. Whether this way, this way, or diagonally. So this is a lot different
than what we were expecting from it being similar to chess. But, might be interesting, let’s see. Okay, Roxanna, you’re red. You go first. Pick any red queen and
move it any legal move, trying to set up getting four in a row. Now do you have a plan, or is that just an “I’m
going to do something”? – [Roxanna] I’m just
going to do something. – [Parris] Okay, that’s what I thought. I gotta plan here, but
you’re not gonna see it. (Roxanna gasps)
Until it’s too late! – [Roxanna] Oh, no! – [Parris] See, then you could block it by simply moving one of your pieces. So it isn’t just to
get your four in a row, it’s to block the other person. Kinda like tic-tac-toe. Anyway, your turn. – [Roxanna] Oh, no, now
I’m all worried ’cause– – [Parris] Good! – I’ve, like, gone on the computer and I’ve played against
the computer on easy, actual chess before,
and I’ve played, like, literally 30 rounds in a row, and like, I’ve done this a few times. Only one of the times,
I’ve ever won one game. Just one game out of– – [Parris] But you won once. – Once, out of like, 90 plays. – [Parris] And that was the 30th game. Okay, shoulda kept going, you were honest. Winning streak there. Okay, your turn. Remember, you’re trying
to get four in a row and block me from getting four in a row. Think of it like tic-tac-toe. – [Roxanna] My mind’s not meant for this! – [Parris] Okay. – [Roxanna] Did I blockade you? – [Parris] Not yet. But you better. – [Roxanna] Ohhhhh! Urrr! Oooh! – [Parris] Okay, now that was good. So, basically, you ruined
all my first moves. – [Roxanna] Sorry! – [Parris] And now I’ve
got to look to what you could throw together here real quick. – [Roxanna] One question —
– [Parris] Yes, go ahead. – [Roxanna] Does it have
to be a straight line, like this kind of straight line and this kind of straight line or can it be this kind of straight line? – [Parris] Diagonal also.
– [Roxanna] Okay. – [Parris] But those are
sometimes harder to see so that’s a good point. Alright, okay, something came to mind. Thanks for giving me a
brilliant suggestion. – [Roxanna] Hey! Hey! Oh, I see, I see what you’re doing. – [Parris] You think you do, okay– – [Roxanna] Oh no, I
know I do, I know I do. – [Parris] Uhhh, you saw. – [Roxanna] I saw! I saw! Now you got me all worried–
– [Parris] Good! – [Roxanna] I think
you’ve got another plan. – [Parris] Oh, I’ve got plans! Aw, you don’t even know what I’m doing but you’re still ruining it! – [Roxanna] Really?
– [Parris] Yup. – [Roxanna] You’re doing
something with that? Sorry! – [Parris] I think I
may have got you here! Oh, you didn’t see it! – [Roxanna] Whoa, but I did– – [Parris] Oh my gosh, you beat me! Good job! I was so sure I could
beat you and you beat me. Nice work, Roxanna! Yep, I was waiting for
my move right here and I didn’t even look at what you were doing. Didn’t even look! Good job. – [Roxanna] Whoo! – [Parris] Congratulations, Roxanna. Let’s see if you can
beat me in another one. Maybe we’ll do two out of three, or three out of five! Or seven out of 10! Okay, go ahead and go first. You can be red again. – [Roxanna] Oh really, oh, thank you. – [Parris] Otherwise it’ll
confuse me if I change colors at this point. I need all my brain faculties to not have to worry about that in
addition to other things. Now I know I’ve got to watch out for you, you’re sneaky! Hmmm, that’s a very powerful spot you took because it blocks so
many options by taking– – [Roxanna] Really? – [Parris] Yeah, that’s
probably like moving your king’s pawn kind of
thing in regular chess. – Or putting your X or O in the middle of a tic-tac-toe board. – [Parris] That’s right, that’s right. Okay. – [Roxanna] What are you up to? – [Parris] Checkmate! I’m joking. Now, there’s nothing you can move in there at the moment, so can
I go ahead with my plan or do I need to block your plan? It’s going to take you at
least two moves to fill that. And, we’ll see. – [Roxanna] Oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh! – [Parris] Darn it! Darn it, darn it. Okay, and now you could fill that line, so now I have no choice but to block it. – [Roxanna] Fill what line? – [Parris] Is there a
clever way I can block it? Maybe. A boo ba boo. Nah, well, no. – [Roxanna] I’m so scared, I’m so scared! – [Parris] Oh, boy! – [Roxanna] What? Well, that was kind of my plan. I figured either you’d block that or– – [Parris] Oh, Roxanna
finally made a mistake. – No! Oh, no! Awwww. Ohhhhh. Awwww, I didn’t see that. – [Parris] One each! We’re one game each. This will be the decider, Roxanna. Go ahead, I’ll let you go first. Oh, you don’t make the
power move this time. Okay. – To be honest, I don’t actually know what I’m doing. I’m trying to come up with
something as I go along. Gah, it’s like even with all queens, you still have to think as much as you do with real chess! – [Parris] Right, mmm hmm. – It’s, like, my disadvantage here. – [Parris] Well, if you’re a good thinker, it’s not a disadvantage,
it’s an advantage. – [Roxanna] Oh! The only way I can think of getting it. – [Parris] That was good. Yeah, you blocked what I had in mind. Alright, then. I’ll take the center. – [Roxanna] Hey! – [Parris] Mmmkay. – [Roxanna] Did I make a big mistake? – [Parris] Be that way. No, you did well. – [Roxanna] As far as I could tell, I blocked two possible
moves you could make. – [Parris] Mmmhmm, yes. (Roxanna fake cries) – I’m so nervous now. Oh, dang it, I feel like I’m not going to get anywhere with this. It’s just like tic-tac-toe, where you don’t even try barely, you don’t even really try, you know, to go and make your own thing– – [Parris] Right. – [Roxanna] You just try
and block other people. – [Parris] That’s the way you
get all those cat’s games. – [Roxanna] I know, like,
literally every single game I play is a cat’s game. Do you mind moving that
piece on your next turn? – [Parris] Oh, sure. – [Roxanna] Oh! No. Dang it, I thought I was onto something. I’m just gonna go with this. – [Parris] Okay. Oh! You blinded me with science
and stuff like that! Good job, Roxanna! Roxanna, you won two out of three. Congratulations. I have a feeling this
is a version of chess you might like! – Yes, it’s a kind I
actually might be good at. – Yes, she’s sneaky. I was thinking I didn’t
have to worry that much. I’d just focus on my own plan and you got me twice, so, good work. This is fun. All Queens Chess. It’s quick games. Each game is, what, two-three minutes. So, it’s not like chess
where you’re going to invest a long time playing it. You get it over with and
get on with the next game. – I also thought that
it’s really good and stuff because you only have to remember where one piece can go. Because in chess, you have to remember the tower can go just straight lines– – So, if you’re not that good at chess, remembering how the different pieces move, this is something that
can challenge you equally, maybe, mentally, but you
don’t have to memorize all of that, right? You just play it. We both liked All Queens Chess, right? Have to play Roxanna in regular chess. I’m pretty sure I can beat her there but I’m impressed you beat me so quickly, so handily, here. Again, it’s about 12 dollars. We’ll have a link to it
down below this video. I think Think Fun has another
winner with this game. Don’t you think so? Thank you very much for sending it to us. We’ll be doing some more game reviews soon so you can keep checking back for that or you can click that
subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our
videos go up and you will – [Both] Join the dream team! – And beat me at games. ♫ It’s raining at our house ♫ Is it raining where you are? ♫ Kind of day to stay in and play ♫ Or eat a big chocolate bar ♫ Hang out with friends
til the weather ends ♫ And you don’t have to go too far ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers, we’re
always where you are ♫

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  2. Roxanna, my brain just cannot get chess, but I love Hive and Quarto. This looks right up my alley. great job Roxanna!

  3. did anyone see the mistake that Parris did and the move that Roxanna could of used to win when parris moved his queen at 5:10

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