All New Champion Updates and Reworks coming soon to League of Legends

All New Champion Updates and Reworks coming soon to League of Legends

100 thoughts on “All New Champion Updates and Reworks coming soon to League of Legends

  1. Garen is what I'm excited about but wish Riot give him a true rework like how they have done for other champs, like Sion, WW, Swain, etc.

  2. So Garen is going to have his E buffed , he keeps his Q, his W is a bit harder to stack, and he now has an ult that deals true dmg from lvl6 to anyone ? Fuck off RIOT

  3. ¿¿¿Wukong rework???
    That Garen R sounds bonkers. But since Riot is being so generous with these buffs I hope Wukong gets taken care of too.

  4. They better not fuck the daisy r up, as an Ivern main, daisy is one of the most fun parts of his kit and managing it while rooting and shielding is a great feeling. I like the w changes and the permanently ranged part just makes it harder for him to land his triggerseed when it’s on himself and I prefer daisy keeping the knock up unless the stun is actually impactful

  5. The new Volibear sounds like Jorgmundr from Smite. Because he's so massive and is coming out of he ground, he passively cant be knocked-up and instead gets a tankiness debuff.
    Not a fan of the idea of giving Kayle a better early and a weaker late game though. It sounds like the opposite of what she's meant to be.

  6. I actually prefer the current kayle than the new one. To me, that true damage is very important to shredding other champs that jump onto me late game. Though just my opinion.

  7. Ever heard of the moba called Vainglory? Well this river troll hero in vainglory (his name is phinn, he's a support) has a passive called "unstoppable" which turns stuns, roots, fears, etc. into minor slows. I don't believe that type of passive exists in league so they could have been inspired by that 🤔

  8. Imagine working at riot requires you to have no moral or imagination compass whatsoever. Designing a champ to look and feel a particular way and then completely removing their identity just to appease a small section of actual players and most pro players sounds so low on priority. Meanwhile, the bugs in-game seem to only get more prevalent.

  9. As a Kayle main, I hate the new changes, this is the lamest thing they could have done, I loved the early splash dmg for waveclear and the true dmg late game, now changed for some shitty 20 bonus attack range???? Worst trade deal in history ever…. Not to mention that giving her some early range is way too noob friendly and won't help much vs lane bullies anyway.

  10. Possible E garen builds:

    BC,Wits end, Statik, PD, IE, Berserker

    BC, Frozen mallet, Ravenous Hydra (?), Wits end, DD, Berseker

    Blood Razor, PD,Statik, IE, Rapid fire Cannon, Berserker

  11. All Daisy needs is good AI at the moment its braindead and can require near-constant micro just to actually be fighting someone

  12. By logic riot shown theirs bias for adc/mages
    Akaly, cass were broken for top
    After month riot: we need more data we dont know if they are broken
    Garen played bot with some succes riot after half a Day : Nooo you are fucking top dont dare you to stomp on our adcs….

  13. Ah yes ivern nerfs just what I needed by making him ranged all the time it means I can no longer follow my own Q into melee range to get the slow from my E unless I walk to the target instead of getting a free auto attack. Can I at least get my trackers knife back? The jungle items now are so painful for me to buy since I’m only getting it for exp not even upgrading it to any of the options because they are all bad for ivern.

  14. Jungle Garen with Machete's is actually going to clear camps really quickly if you think about it

    Now imagine if he builds blood razor

  15. I am a Garen main who does not build Black cleaver like… at all!… I I usually go for Trinity force -> Deadmans -> Steraks -> Mortal reminderer… This Garen change is going to opens up alot of diffrent options for items. & I am so looking forward to throw people way of guard with all the options & unpredictable items I'm going to use.

  16. I don't think Garen will ever be properly viable in pro games till he has a kit change. He needs hard cc or a dash to compete with top tier tanks imo. Adjusting the numbers still leaves him with the most basic moves in the game :/

  17. Why to they keep increasing tanks damage and decreasing their defense stats. We already have a lot of damage in the game soon they will just me assassin without escapes

  18. why, just remove kayle already or rework her again. she is never gonna be viable if they keep changing her every patch.

  19. The Ivern ult rework 1 sounds fucking terrible, and everyone with any Ivern experience has shat on Squad 5 for trying to force it.

  20. I'm going full AP Ivern, popping bushes everywhere and have my team do shit tons of damage.. Fuck all the other changes: I am the bush

  21. How the hell are they not paying any attention to trynd at all. He hasn't changed for like 9 seasons. Ffs he needs it more than anyone of those champs. His kit needs changing regardless if he still works in this era of lol.

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