Alexander the Great: Battle of Gaugamela 331 BC

Alexander the Great: Battle of Gaugamela 331 BC

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  1. A good general doesn’t fight and kill his enemies, he makes them flee so he wins the battle without having to fight them

  2. To Greek people Macedonians were Greeks, so why have they fought for Macedonia and not for Greece ??? If both kingdoms were different at the time, why should they now be a unique country (Greece)…

  3. the use of map has a mistake.the army of Alexander did not camp on the hill shown in map (that is a mountain called MAQLUB 1050 m above sea level) rather north of it there are hills .there Alexander camped the last night before the battle. i visited the area at first of October 2010. and saw all the battlefield.

  4. 5:49 Was I the only one who thought for a second that the eagle was going to take down the whole
    Persian army? 😂🤣

  5. the main mistake of Darius, that placed on one big battle, but not divined his forces in to 2-3 armies, for longer war. was sure in victory , so did more mistakes. no Alexander victory, if no Parmenion and his men, so long in struggle, as it was necessary. spirit of Darius army was much more weaker, than one consciousness of Alexander army ,already prepared, before Persian campaign.

  6. When I first read the title, or rather that picture shown before clicking on the video, I thought it was "Battle of Guatemala."

  7. Alexander was a homosexual hooligan. His only ambition was looting and destruction because he had so much anger inside. The Macedonian army was established by his father, not him. So it was handed to him in silver platter….Even his father didn't want him to be the king. He wanted to make the baby brother the king because he didn't like Alexander. After he died, Alexander and his allies killed the baby brother so he can call himself the king. He was the Hitler of his time. He killed and destroyed everything in his path, including the magnificent city of Persepolis. The largest city of that era.

  8. So i've Recreated the battle of Gaugamela in rome total war ! tried my best to keep it historically accurate but its obviously very difficult when you have to micromanage the entire army! my thesis is that, the persians never really had a chance, due to the efficacy of the macedonian phalanx compared to even the persian immortals

  9. During all of his years of campaigning, were there ever any revolts? Other generals trying to break away from previously conquered states?

    It seems so long of a time with little to no internal breakdowns

  10. how did Alexander suffer just a loss of 1000 men, while Darius suffered over 40.000? I always find it really strange when I hear the stories about Alexander battles where he losses just a tiny fraction of what his opponent loses.

  11. ζητω ο εληνισμος ζητω ο χριστιανισμος ειναι κατι που δε θα σβηση ποτε

  12. αυτοι που πολεμουν τον χριστιανισμο κ τον εληνισμο ειναι φασιστες

  13. When Alexander kills with 50.000 men
    250.000 persians he is great
    When Halid bin Waleed kills with 15.000muslim 80.000 romans(byzantins) is not true 🙂

  14. Greeks were great at one thing; bullshitting their own history and convincing people they were great. Alexander was a Macedonian, now stop crying and fix your economy.

  15. most history made for greece is fake because back to 18th century british found a book from no where and start to cailm this is history of persia from a greeks historians !!!! (persians enemies) perhaps one day after global zionist gone we can proof who was rule greeks back the dariush the great !! or why acropolis using persian style !!!

    10:43 most stupid history explain from 200 years old made up book based over the aliens source !!! LOL

  16. He shoulda dug for the oil, & the whole place would be ok. No Moslincatholasm. Cuz they wouldn't care & it wouldn't matter!

  17. Would you be able to tell me the program that you used to create this video with the animations? I create tactics videos for another video game and this would be the perfect way for me to explain them better. Thanks!

  18. The greatest military genius in history and without doubt the bravest of all, always fought in the vanguard…this guy was a beast.

  19. Does anyone saw that eagle on the battlefield?Yep!It appears in that movie too at the very beginning of this campaign!

  20. I want to know how ancient rulers were able to raise tens of thousands of people for their armys? And do it again and again.

  21. How come Alexander is great ????
    Man who killed millions for his personal ambition and greediness. And didn't realised what crimes and genocide he had done till the very last moment of his life.

  22. You should use more descriptive graphic objects (little soldiers and chariots and horsies!) instead of rectangles with lines in them. Good info, though.

  23. So Alexander used his phalanx as a honeypot and in turn, got the upper hand in this battle…that’s amazing.

  24. Alexander, Iulius Caesar and Genghis Khan (except his first fraticide was with his blood brother Jamuka).are the ones who never lost a battle. This says a lot about their tactical and strategical abilities.

  25. We all know everything about Alexander the great, but nothing about this so-called Jesus Christ (born to a virgin mother) and sent to teach all mankind of his fathers existence. Well who did he teach? Who did he tell? What about us lot? The religious have had over 2000 years spreading this hate and vileness across the globe. They've had over 2000 years to come up with just one piece of evidence, real evidence, undeniable evidence, not some pathetic excuse called ''faith''

    The religious say Jesus was sent to earth to teach mankind of his father's existence.

    Well, something went horribly wrong then because absolutely no evidence of him exists, none, no records, notes, drawings, carvings, statues or any references mentioning him from anyone of the time.
    Isn't that simply amazing?
    We can find out so much today about so many of these people but nothing on the one who you say was sent to teach all of us of his father's existence.

    So, for a great God who supposedly sent his own son (born to a virgin mother) to teach us all of his father God, he sure did a magnificent job of hiding every single last detail of proof he existed.
    Two whole thousand years later, after some of mankind's greatest minds have studied and searched for something, anything at all, to prove this myth, yet all have come up with absolutely nothing, not a thing, zero, squat, Nada, nothing.

  26. My university, Udine, found the original battleground. It's near the modern day village of Tell Gomel.

  27. O reject all African Gods of Whom did not remember their people after 400years, and I thought it was 200yrs.

  28. I just can’t believe that casualty ratio even tho I know that must people are killed after the battle is won 40/1 seems a bit extreme

  29. The army under Alexander's command had a majority of greeks,(greeks except sartans).In what quality or authority you're refering to the soldjers ad "Macedonians"?.Other than endlish bastard with divide and reign attitude ,who to hell authorizes you to represent historically Alexander the great and the greeks?

  30. Darius was a coward. With his superior numbers he could have easily outflanked Alexanders forces with wide flanking maneuvers like Hannibal did to the Romans. If Darius had been resilient in battle, he could have also caused Alexanders campaign to grind to a halt. However Darius was more of an elder statesman than a warrior at heart and so he always fled whenever the fighting reached its climax & his life was in danger.

  31. Alexander the Great was here compared with Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, but between them is a big difference. ALEXANDER WAS A GREEK AND A MAN WITH CULTUR, PHILOSOPHY AND HUMANISM. He was not just a
    When the entire Darius family fell into his hands, he did not touch anyone. In contrast, Caesar and Genghis Khan have massacred the opponents.

  32. الإسكندر العظيم . هو الواحيد اللي يستحق لقب الفاتح……والإسكندر العظيم كان محرر مصر مش غازي .والمصريين استقبلو بفرح …. والاسره البطلمية احسن من حكمت مصر من بعد سقوط حكم اجدادنا القدماء …والي حكمو مصر من بعد الاسره البطلمية كانو غزاة ومحتلين وناهبين و ولاد كلب

  33. الإسكندر الاكبر يستحق لقب الفاتح والمحرر بجداره

  34. What danger did he realize? The shock potential of Alexander cavalry was already used all he had to do was allow prolonged melee to go on and it looked like he was set to win the battle.


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  36. Want to buy that 5 minutes of talking about positioning of troops and such. These videoes are great, but far too short, as are most informational videoes these days.

  37. Read Daniel from the Bible, here Jehovah God prophesy 300 years before the raised of Greeks and the death o Alexander and the division of his Empire in 4 States to his 4 general…….

  38. This channel has taught me more than my history teacher could have in a lifetime (but that’s my fault, I wasn’t interested back then)
    Sorry Mrs Broderick. And we didn’t have YouTube back then either, she would so love this channel.

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