Alagumani – Tamil short film with Eng. Subtitles

Alagumani – Tamil short film with Eng. Subtitles

DAD: Azhagumani!!! Azhagumani!!! Dad… How many times did I tell you not to call me Azhagumani I’ve changed my name dad
Here afterwards you should call me Katrina DAD : What!!! Kathrikkaaa ?? Yes dad.. Katrina DAD: idiot go and dispose the waste You can call me even Azhagumani..
But dont ever tell me to dispose the waste DAD: Oi .. If you change your name. i’ll kill you. Yeah ppl… I am Azhagumani The First love that comes in our life is always very special Yes.. This is my love story I think He is looking at me .. (on phone) How Could he is coming out exactly at the same time I come??? DAD: Hey idiot One minute (on phone) .
Yes dad.. DAD: Go and dispose the waste. I’ll dispose at 4.00 pm dad. Dad : *INAUDIABLE SOUND* The guy who is standing there and speaking over phone.. He is my dream boy.. Everytime when I come out
He is throwing a romantic look at me… But he never has the guts to come up to me and propose to me See people How he’s watching me Dont know how long we are going to see each other like this..
But still this is cool.. If he turns and looks at me now I will definitely Propose to him… If he too loves me I swear he will turn and look at me for sure… Excuse me !!! Me huh ??? I would like to tell you something.. Hell me sorry Tell me..
I been watching you for the past one week..
When you are dumping the waste you better dispose it off properly. you are spilling a lot outside the bin . People around here are complaining Next time If you donĺt dispose it properly,I will take you to Corporation and give a complaint on you. Damn it

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