Adolf Anderssen didn’t take the queen sacrifice and lost the game!

Adolf Anderssen didn’t take the queen sacrifice and lost the game!

This game Adolf
Andersen and famous German chess player
Max Lange played in 1859 The Ruy Lopez opening on the board and black move Nd4 This move is not
contradicts to opening principles
as the exchanges followed next and lower advantage of
White N:d4 e:d and Bc4 Nf6 a good move,
It puts a positional
trap, and if there white plays e5, they get into. How correctly
to play? For white correct to move: 0-0 and after d5, e:d, Be7 Re1 Black also castling
to the short side and Game approximately equal After move Nf6 in the game followed e5
White’s got into positional trap d5 counter-attack in
the center Bb3 Black want to get
Even more advantage and play
Bg4 it was rightly to continue Ng4, attacking
e5-pawn After continuing
in the game Bg4 f3 followed and Ne4
Black puts Another tactical trap but if white reply correctly this tactic
Trap can not work and Black will have
a material losses First White should play short castling here let us look at the variant with the move f:g Qh4 + g3 and N:g3
with the attack on the rook h1 and threatens opened check
to the white King, There is no protection Qf3 and N:h1+ Here White loses. so it must not take f:g after Ne4 let us look to the
variant with move f:e after this move
White loses the queen B: e1 that’s why after the move
Ne4 white played short castling
followed d3 with the threat of Bc5 And there white
should be move Qe1 coming out from the bishops ligament after Bc5 +, Kh1 White has a big advantage go back to the game
after a short castling of white
black moved d3 And White does a mistake and take the bishop f:g
and they fall in chess trap! Bc5+ followed Kh1 and Ng3 +
opening the file “h” h:g, Qg5 with the threat Qh6 # Rf5 but it does not help h5! black sacrifice
a Queen! But on taking the Queen R:g5 followed h:g+, Rh5 and RH5 # therefore after
h5 the rook can not take the Queen, g:h Q:f5 g4 and R:h5 + destroying white king cover g:h and Qe4 with
threaten Qh4 checkmate and there is no protection Qf3, Qh4 +, Qh3 and Qe1 + Kh2 and after the move Bg1+ White resigned. There is chackmate in 2. Kh1 Bf2 +, Kh2 and Qg1 # These are the traps –
positional and tactical –
black put in this game.
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  1. 1.The most fantastic trap I have ever seen.
    2.Deep thinking.
    3.Mind blowing analysis.
    4.The most attractive voice.
    5.Infinity times 😍😍🤗🤗

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