A remarkable top secret Chess Opening Discovery! Leela Chess 395 vs Gull 3 – Nimzo Indian

A remarkable top secret Chess Opening Discovery! Leela Chess 395 vs Gull 3 – Nimzo Indian

Hi all .. Leela Chess ID 395 still has yet to
be eclipsed by some tests of latest Leela IDs and one of the amazing games it
played which is a favourite of Enrico who kindly you know created these gauntlets
is against Gull version 3 so this is like one of them Rico’s
favorites for ID 395 – let’s have a look d4 Knight f6 so Leela Chess playing White … we enter into the nimzo-indian defense and the Rubinstein variation with e3 – black
castles Bishop d3 b6 now we enter into unknown territory
usually we have .. e4 was played usually there is Knight f3 this is the most
trodden path and it does seem very sensible but Leela sees something
here which is remarkable it seems I don’t know if this is by accident either
Bishop b7 the idea of playing e5 here and clearly black you know was set up
to kind of discourage that and put pressure on the diagonal so Gull took
the pawn on g2 and after a takes exf6 there’s a very important idea here after
if Queen takes f6 was played and it wasn’t … g6 was played but there’s
a very important idea I wonder if you can guess a move for white in this
position so this is just a variation very important white to play here okay there’s actually remarkable queen
g4 just inviting the rook to be taken because guess what? There’s Bishop g5 just winning the Queen here and if the Queen tried to be lodged away and
just stays around to win that Queen so this leads to the idea that this
variation has got something going for it because there’s now a dangerous thorn
pawn on f6 basically so g6 was played Bishop g5 just holding the thorn pawn
giving up the rook it’s remarkable idea and it’s one of my
favorite to have thorn pawns. I often win games
with thorn pawns so has it got great potential here ? You’ll have to check the
very detailed analysis check out that the link I’ll
give in the comments and in the description … so queen g4 was played in
the game and now d5 and now we have Queen h4 so the Queen is getting ready
for Queen h6 ..Nd7 discourages Queen Qh6 because there’ll be Knight takes f6
snapping off that pawn just in time before being mated on g7 so white
addresses this Bishop can it be trapped or something so f3 was played also
interesting is castling Queenside but check out the variations they’re crazy
so rook b8 now Kf2 d takes c4 now in this position white actually ignores
that c4 pawn and plays Bishop e4 there’s another remarkable idea coming up in
this position we have the move c5 and you can see that the bishop can’t easily
get to f8 here and white pounces in this position guess what white plays in this
particular position now if I give you five seconds to pause the video okay
white pounces with Bishop takes g6 here threatening mate now if F takes G then
there’s f7 check and then white will be able to take the Queen the advantage so
hxg and now again Queen h6 will fail to knight takes f6 so white reinforces the
f6 pawn and now has the gigantic threat of Queen h6 this is totally winning this
thorn pawn now because of queen h6 – it’s end of game
Gull gives up basically from this position and plays Bishop d2 just trying
to stave off being mated for as long as possible that’s taken the bishop returns
now to reinforce f6 now – that Queen h6 without dropping f6 Queen c7 this is
very desperate stuff from black after Queen takes Queen takes Knight e5 the
game ended here there wouldn’t be too long to go if it was played on after
Queen h6 check here c3 and then mating so there’s a remarkable discovery
in this game people haven’t played this e5 before it’s a bit crazy and there
are some crazy lines in the analysis where white can castle Queen side you
can give up this other rook as well absolutely crazy lines exist in the
variations which give it it seems more analysis needed but maybe this line is
worthy of at least a some sort of investigation so check out the
variations in the PGN and let me know what you think is this a new line worth
considering worth a punt or at least in our blitz chess let me know … comments
questions likes shares appreciated Thanks very much

70 thoughts on “A remarkable top secret Chess Opening Discovery! Leela Chess 395 vs Gull 3 – Nimzo Indian

  1. There is now a puzzle book in 2019 for the variations in this video on the Chessworld.net Improve Menu … Puzzle books page.
    Can anyone find a refutation of this line? Replayable game with nicely indented variations : https://www.chessworld.net/chessclubs/ltpgnviewer32/ltpgnboard.asp?GameID=5023519&v=rqd4MK9lB0s

  2. Nice to see. Thank you, sr. For me, a match between leela and alpha would be one of the best things that could happen to this 2018. Do you think it will happen?

  3. I feel like we're back in the romantic era of chess :). Crazy opening moves, offering sacrificial lambs, crazy pushes forward, forego castling and pushing the king forward even… I don't know if it is all "sound" (who can tell these days, if the top traditional chess engines lose to AI). But it sure is awesome to watch! Thanks for following these games KC 🙂

  4. Its should be named Leela's Gambit or Leela's Opening, like of you agree.
    we haven't name an opening these days😥

  5. My mind was blown after watching alpha zeroes' top games, but this is another level. Saccing the exchange and a piece in the opening to just win and rewrite the opening books, and I never spotted either of the guess-the-moved.

  6. This is an amazing game! My SF suggest 10 .. Re8 with -0.45 at depth 27
    EDIT: The idea is e5 followed by Na6 to c5. I've looked for more moves by SF and it shows an equality or a slight edge for black.

  7. some guys from the top ten should say something to this.
    somebody please interview nakamura and show him this game

  8. Lela Chess is just proving that it's TAL way or the highway. unlike the new GMs who has no idea how to play chess and just memorize openings.

  9. I'm not sure after f3 that black should play Rb8 (Why?) or dxc4, as it gives up the e4 square for the knight. …c5 also prevents the dark-squared bishop helping out the defence by going to f8.

  10. it's because AI doesn't have a body that it can think so freely and be so creative
    it can not only find the rare good backward knight moves
    but it gives the demonstration that the material criteria stands for nothing when it comes to an open space with concrete threats…
    and, most of all, it applies this principle from the very beginning.

  11. After the black queen takes the pawn on E6 and is then attack he can pick up the pawn on D4 for free. Can't he ?

  12. This is next level beautiful. People are saying it's the style of Tal, but I think it's definitely Morphy.

  13. Morphy was never wrong. If the move seems wrong by the engine, it's the engine who can't see the depth of the move. Leela and Alpha, these two siblings proved that.

  14. In the same sequence of opening chess.com level 10 computer seems to be able to destroy leelas attack instead of playing rook to b8 it plays rook e8 or c5. it seems to understand what is coming. this attack completely relies on black taking the pawn on c4 if it does not there is no way to attack. what would leela do to counter this? I would be interested to know i am not a good player but a fan of chess and i am learning

  15. I think what AlphaZero and Leela Chess Zero are teaching us is that our ideas about the worth of pieces and certain positions are wrong, and we can see that in how engines constantly misevaluate the position when facing these self-taught neural networks. The one constant theme I see is how they focus less on taking material, and more on simply causing material to become worthless through its position on the board. It's beautiful to watch both AlphaZero and Leela Chess Zero causing engines to beat themselves by getting their pieces stuck in corners.

  16. The big difference between engines and human's calculation is that engines will calculate all possibilities ( given enough time ), where as most humans may never consider some of the sacrificial moves that engines make.

  17. Best part of the video is how kingcrusher really enjoyed what Leela zero has found… We are facing the beginning of a new era in our beloved world of chess

  18. I wonder if chess AI will even become so advanced that playing as white is a forced mate in 8273498237948237894237897.

  19. @3:18, why not Bg6 right now then? Why wait for the Be4, followed by c5 to do it? Not much has changed in the position w/r/t kingside, but much has changed w/r/t tempo. Did Lela just find it then, missing it before?

  20. Impressive. No one has seen this before? It is such a commonly played line. If it hasn't I definitely agree that this should be the "Leela Variation" of the Rubenstein.

  21. At last the AI is learning to play beautiful chess from time to time. Though for the most part, AI is still happy to grind out percentage wins.

  22. its really a good video for chesslover..we would like to see a comment of grand masters on this game can you arrange this?

  23. its really a good video for chesslover..we would like to see a comment of grand masters on this game can you arrange this?

  24. Stephen Hawking's was right when he said that computer engines outperform human abilities in every endeavor in the near future. But Gary Kasparov still very optimistic in his inspiring lecture that we humans have still the potentialities in us to overtake artificial intelligence level. Nice try very encouraging. In the close encounter artificial intelligence says, "Abandone all hope" human replies, " still fighting" Party line Interrupts ( GM Carlini ), " "Thinking, Thinking, Thinking," Machine last word on record CHECK MATE"

  25. Would come under traps. Nothing more. Black has to play Bishop takes pawn for the position to develop.

  26. im sorry mate i dont name chess openings after a fucking machine code. fuk the machine and fuck the code. wheres the satisfaction, human creativity, will power, concentration, love for the game that a man or women would receive from finding such a beautiful move. to me this game is meaningless. like if you dont disagree

  27. Just seeing this today: what an amazing opening, and game! We are now 9 months further in time, Leela being so much stronger than in July 2018: where will it end?

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