A Famous Chess Puzzle Known As The “King’s Grave”

A Famous Chess Puzzle Known As The “King’s Grave”

Hello YouTube, Chess Strategy here and I
have a mind-blowing endgame study for you composed by Armenian chess composer Genrikh Kasparian who is considered to be one of the greatest composers of chess endgame studies. This was first published in 1937 in a Soviet chess magazine “Chess in the
USSR”. It’s white to move and draw the game you can post the video and try to
find that solution. Ready? Well as you can see black has a powerful passed pawn on
h file and actually there is no way to stop this pawn! If you give a try
then this pawn is actually managing to escape successfully. That’s
why instead of pursuing this h pawn white actually comes up with a brilliant
strategical idea. In order to draw the game and plays 1.Kd7 h5
of course already if you make a move with your king then in this case white
King can stop the h pawn and white can even win the game that’s why after 1. Kd7 we see 1… h5 2.Kc7 h4 again black proceeds with
pushing forward his age pawn otherwise if a move like 2…Ka7 then
again in this case white can win the game 3.b6+ now if 3…Ka6 then after
winning the pawn on b7 actually managing to promote his pawn to a Queen faster and white is winning or after 3.b6+ if 3…Ka8 then 4.a4
and then after removing the be pawn again white pawn is being promoted to a
queen and black King can even get checkmated! That’s why after 2.Kc7 we see h4 3.Kb6 h3 4.Ka5 I know if you haven’t found the solution
this king maneuver will seem very strange but just have a look 4…h2 5. b6 h1=Q and already black queen appears on the board and now you may ask but how is white going to draw the game but just have a look
now comes 6. b5 Qa1 7. a4 and now if you capture the pawn on b2 then believe
it or not but this is a stalemate white King has no legal moves
and this is a draw. Or after 7.a4 let’s just make a random move
7…Qa2 then 8.b4 and now if you move away your queen or capture on a4 then this is
going to end up in a draw. Let’s just make a random move 8…Qc2 and this
is a stalemate and the draw. Now can you understand that whole idea of bringing
the King on a5 square with his last moves white was actually digging his own
grave and then white King jumped into it in order to save his life. Just a
magnificent burial. Let’s go back or 4.Ka5 instead of playing 4…h2 if a move like 4… b6+ trying to stop white white from bringing into life his
intentions then instead of capturing on b6 White can go for 5. Ka4 h2 6. b3 h1=Q and
then again go on with making a fortress and again white king is buried and this
is a stalemate and a draw. Just a mind-blowing endgame study by Genrikh
Kasparyan.Thanks for watching I hope that you enjoyed this magnificent puzzle
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42 thoughts on “A Famous Chess Puzzle Known As The “King’s Grave”

  1. Is it possible for black to prevent this by instead of moving the H pawn at 1:45, move the B pawn B6 to check white king? Where can the white king go? It can capture the black pawn or move down the A file. If it captures, black H pawn can go queen. Let me know if I'm missing something.

  2. Wow white king jumped in to save his life…Suren I really like your videos cuz it's short and has a story line lol

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