A Boy Band Styled Me For A Week Feat. PRETTYMUCH

– Oh, my, god. (fast upbeat music) My name is Lindsay. I’m a BuzzFeed producer
and professional fangirl. Here’s the deal, you know,
I’m a huge One Direction fan, and I never thought there
would ever come a day where I’d like another boy band. And then PrettyMuch came along. PrettyMuch, pretty much, (laughs) are amazing musicians, amazing dancers. Besides their music,
besides how cool and funny and cute they are,
their styles are insane. Like, insane. So what’s gonna go down today
is that they’re gonna come in, I’m gonna meet them, which is just enough. Like that could just be
the video and I’d be fine. They’re gonna style me for a week. I’m nervous, more so to
just be in their presence than I am for them to style me. (crickets chirping) Honestly, they could put
me in, like, a clown suit, and I would be like,
“Wow, you’re so great!” (laughs) (voices off camera) How are you? – [Edwin] Ay ay ay yo it’s PrettyMuch! – Oh, I already think I know. – I already think I know. – Welcome to my fake apartment! (laughing) – I’m Brandon.
– I’m Edwin. – I’m Austin.
– I’m Nick. – I’m Zion. – We’re PrettyMuch! (cheering) – Alright, guys, so you’re gonna style me, and I’m not gonna have any say in it. Any! – I feel bad for you. – So, we could make you look ridiculous, and you’d just wear it?
– Yes. But please be kind.
– But we won’t, we won’t! But first of all, do you
even know anything about me? – Um, you’re blonde! – [Austin] I mean, no, if
I’m being honest, I don’t. – Has anyone styled anyone before? – Nope!
– Never. – We styled each other, kind of, I guess. – I’ve made recommendations
based on taking pictures. – Who do you think is gonna be the best? – [Austin] Edwin.
– I feel like Edwin’s gonna… – I don’t know, man. – I feel like that one jacket
looks like Zion’s hair. (All laughing) – Each of you are gonna
have a day of the week. – ♪ It’s Friday, Friday.. ♪ – Who assigned me Thursday, bro? – You look like a Thursday. – What the f… (cuts off) – You just drew the short straw! (energized music) – So I’m Monday. – Hi Monday. – I’m thinking go a little
simple, ’cause you know, you just kind of woke
up, Mondays kinda suck. But you know we still gotta
try to keep it stylish. (applause) (clears throat) (imitating crowd cheering) I’m going off based off my style, lowkey. I like jumpsuits, so we’re
gonna start off right here. This is fly. – That’s actually sick. – Where do I put it? Right there? – Come on.
– [Brandon] Separate it. – I’ve never styled anyone! – Already getting shown up on his own day. – Hey, hey! It’s Monday!
It’s Monday, it’s a long day. – I’m thinking beanie right here.. – Pretty in pink. – I was thinking these right
here, these are looking tight. – Are these Sketchers? Wooh! – [Brandon] He didn’t even
know what he was picking up. – That’s tight! – Those are sick.
– Come on, bro. – Because I know sometimes we wake up, we get groggy on Mondays,
we gotta cover the eyes. – Damn, I was gonna pick that
exact outfit, that’s crazy. (laughing) – Happy Monday! Edwin, I have your jumpsuit
on, it’s so comfortable! You said to wear this
beanie, not gonna lie, I’m kind of hesitant because it’s summer. But, you know, let’s roll with
it, we’re gonna roll with it. – I think this is the best
possible outfit for day one. Very trendy, you look really
cute and it’s minimal effort. – Good job Edwin! (cheering) Guess whose outfit this is. – Not Brandon because his
would be very like, checkered. – Final answer? – Edwin. – Ding ding ding, you got it! – I’m right? Oh my god! – You’re a true stan. Chrissy literally has this exact outfit. (laughs) Insert here. He commented on my Instagram photo. He said, “Damn, we snapped honestly.” – [Jazzmyne] Yes. – I’m Austin and today’s Tuesday, so we’re gonna do an outfit for Tuesday. It’s just a random day of the week, and it fits me I guess. (laughing) Yo, honestly, I hate you guys. (laughing) I like this because I
like space obviously. On my arm, you know what
I’m saying, at the tat. – There’s a whole lot of space. – [Austin] There’s a whole lot of space. (laughing) I think we’ll do the
Lizzie McGuire underneath. (applause) – That’s a good shirt. – I like these, you know what I’m saying? – Oh, yeah.
– It’s a very Austin feel. – I love Converse, I
like this, lowkey, guys. Reminds me of my tattoo on my arm. – Spitting image! – Too easy. (applause) – So it’s Tuesday, it’s Austin’s look, this one’s the most, I think, not like me, but it also has elements that are me. – You are basically Lizzie
McGuire in real life, so I think the shirt is absolutely
something you would wear. – I like the vibe of this outfit, I like that it’s black and
white in different ways, but I know this isn’t your style. It’s good to step out
of your comfort zone. I am the wrong person to ask because I cheat on every video and
the commenters tell you that. – Austin, as the artist he is, says that he draws on his shoes. He showed me is little
drawings and it was super cute. I wanna channel his vibes today, so I’m going to draw on my converse. Do a little smiley face. – [Jazzmyne] Aw, wow! That looks… – [Lindsay] Does that even
look like a smiley face? – [Jazzmyne] You’ve got like,
four dots and a parenthesis. – [Lindsay] Wait okay, okay Jazzmyne! (Jazzmyne laughing) – I’m actually pretty into it. I think that what you did with your hair makes it look really cute, you know? You just very cool and skater girl. Mm. – Speaking of skate, let’s
put it to the skate test. (light rock music) – I am Wednesday. – Sup, Wednesday. – It’s the middle of the
week, so let’s just get crazy. I was really vibing with
this hat right off the bat. – Reminds me of Captain
Planet. (laughing) (moaning) I’m just gonna base the
whole outfit around this. – That’s what I get for choosing Friday. – I was a big fan of this. – [Brandon] No way! No way! (laughter) – Oh my god get out, that’s so weird! – I was literally gonna
choose same exact thing! – I was literally, yo, I was- (cut off) No way, no way! (laughter) You picked the exact
same outfit as me, man. (gasping) – [Austin] Save some for everyone else. – [Zion] No way! – [Nick] That’s actually hard. – Yeah, those are definitely
your glasses, bro. – Ooh, ooh, ooh, let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Yo! (cheering) – That’s what we got. You
wanna get a little crazy, show a little shoulder, you know. – Show a little shoulder! – Hey, real question. Socks
with the flops or not? – Maybe pink nails. – Feeling a little fris-kay, you know? (applause) – Ugh, I am stumped. – Oh, my, god. I feel early 2000s. I
feel a little ’90s though? I also feel like a pop star, so like, I don’t know where my
head is but I like it. I even got the, oh! Pink toenails. Selorm, what do you
think of my outfit today? – You’re adorable! I like it, but.. okay. (record scratch)
– (laughing) “But like?” – [Selorm] All the pieces
are amazing, but I think that they need their own separate vibes. – [Lindsay] Yeah, there’s
a lot going on here. – [Selorm] This jacket is fire. – Wait, I’m obsessed with this actually. It’s giving me Limited Too realness. What is this jacket? Oh, look at this.
– Yeah. – I am so here for this look. – It naturally falls off because
it’s so heavy from these. – [Freddie] Yeah, but I like
the off-the-shoulder situation. – Show a little shoulder. – Go Nick! Yes, Nick! – I’m Thursday, and, – Sup Thursday.
– Sup. – Thursday is the day that
you dress as much like a Fortnite skin as you can. (laughing) This hoodie is definitely my vibe if I was a woman, so we’re
gonna start with that. Gotta go matchy-matchy with the
little hatty-hatty, feel me? Cha-pah! Like, that’s almost good
enough, but pants are a thing. – Definitely gotta wear
pants in the office. – We’re gonna go with these
shorts, because you know, you out there running, battle royale, you need to get those high knees up. Oh, my bad, skirt. (laughing) You’ve gotta put on the
see-through jacket, because, nah, actually, you know what,
you don’t want this jacket. (laughing) Classics. That’s it. Stay warm, stay swaggy, stay flexible. (applause) – It is the hottest day of the week, and I am in a sweatshirt! This is the one that I was
actually the most skeptical about, but I’m starting to
like it as the day goes on. Alright guys what do you
think of my outfit today? – (gasps) Wait, this is so cute! – [Jazzmyne] It looks shockingly good. I think it’s just very hot. – [Lindsay] It is so hot out today! – You look like a seasonally
confused college student. You’re like, on the
campus, and you’re like, “I don’t have any clean pants.” (laughing) – So someone tweeted me and said, “I bet the Zion chose for you
is going to include a hoodie.” You were right! – Who dressed you?
– Guess. – I don’t know them! (laughs) You guys are great though,
I’ve heard your music, I just don’t know your names!
– It’s Zion. – Wow, this is a look, I
love the color coordination. – Zion said this outfit
is good for moving around. – Stay flexible. – So, we’re gonna put that to the test. – [Chrissy] Look at her exercise, wow. Jog, run around. – I don’t like sports! The skirt is coming up. I can’t do it! (laughing) Next day, I’ll go to the next day. – I’m Brandon. I got Friday,
so I gotta make it lit. I’m a little stumped
because Nick over here took my ideas, but
great minds think alike. Let’s give it a go. This is the first thing
that caught my eye. Any of the fans know me well,
they know I love checkers. I’m gonna grab these for now
just because these are dope. – Ooh, the hard reds. Whoo! – No, it’s too much. It’s too much. – I’m so glad you got the last day. – Ooh! Show a little shoulder. – Show a little shoulder. – Should we pull this out finally? It’ll go well with these glasses. – We going out or are we playing chess, I’m trying to figure it out. – I love a good chain. You can never go wrong with some converse. What you should do is take a shoe string, and just use it as a belt. – Ooh! – This is my Friday ‘fit. Nice and light, but it’s still sexy if you
wanna show a little shoulder. (giggling) (applause) – It’s Friday! This is definitely the most
skin out of all of the outfits, but I’m actually really into it. – Wow! Okay, your pants are so low waisted that it looks really good.
It’s still very much, like, Avril Lavigne vibes, but
with a little bit of pop. – I love this outfit on you, it actually really, really,
really, looks good on you. Everything goes together really well, even though it’s weird-ish, it works. – Who do you think styled my outfit today? – Brandon, duh. – Brandon’s choices are
definitely some of the most innovative with the shoelace as a belt. So, Brandon said to put
a shoelace on as a belt. Chrissy, can you help me? What else was I supposed to do? – I don’t think he meant
literally from your shoe that you wear all the time, it’s so gross. – I’m sorry, this is the
only one I had. (laughs) Alright, it is the end of the week. I posted on, I just ran
into that palm tree! I posted a poll on my Twitter every day to see if the fans could
figure out who styled me. Every single one you guys guessed right. Thank you guys so much for styling me. It’s truly been a dream. – Awe.
– Pish-posh. – I’m personally better than
everyone, but it’s all good. (laughter) – I’m just a little
upset because I feel like I style girls better than I style myself. – Oh, that’s definitely true. – Brandon’s ‘fit is really good
for summer, so on that note, check out our new song on
Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon. Summer On You – PrettyMuch Bye! (laughs) – [Austin] Thanks for letting us stay over at your apartment. (laid-back pop music) – Hey! Unsolved is on a new
channel, and now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here!
– That was my part.

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