7 Things You Don’t Know About Thanksgiving

You think you know about Thanksgiving? – (both laugh)
– You have no idea. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! In just a few days people in the United
States of America will be gathering together with their families to eat turkey
and watch football! That’s why we’ve added some fall color to our set! And anywhere you are on Earth, it’s always
a good time to be thankful. Of course, we are thankful for you,
mythical beasts for making us a… – …part of your daily routine.
– Oh, very thankful. Autumn blessings. Autumn blessings,
look at that. We wish autumn blessings on you all. In banner form,
hanging behind us. Speaking of autumn blessings, we’re
gonna bless your autumn with a game today. How much do you know about
Thanksgiving? How much do you know about Thanksgiving, Link?
That’s the real question. – Let’s find out.
– I’ve got a little game that… …I like to call,
Fill In The Blanks-Giving! Get it? It’s like Thanksgiving but
Blanks-Giving. – I do get it. Alright.
– Because Link, it is a fill in… …the blank game. But it works a little
differently then some of our previous fill in the blank games. Here’s what we’re
gonna do. I’m gonna give you a sentence – that has a blank. You fill that blank in.
– True. If you get it right,
I will take a shot of gravy. – And if I get it wrong —
– You will take a shot of gravy. I will drink a swish cup of gravy.
Actual gravy in there. Either way, there’s gonna
be a lot of gravy consumed. – This is almost a full boat.
– ‘Bout to pour it on my laptop. – Almost a full boat at stake here.
– Alright. – Okay, here we go, Link.
– Test my Thanksgiving knowledge. The famous Christmas song, ___, was
originally composed for children celebrating Thanksgiving. – Hm, Christmas song.
– And when you think about this- When you hear the name of the song,
you’re like, “You know what? It really isn’t about
Christmas after all.” ‘Twas the holiday before Christmas
and all through the song. – That’s not a song.
– Nope. Nope, not a song. O Christmas Tree?
Definitely not that one. Hope you like gravy! Um, Chestnuts Roasting
on An Open Fire. – ‘Cause chestnuts are very Thanksgiving.
– Thanksgiving-ish. – You can see ’em roasting.
– Right next to the cranberries. – Right.
– Wrong, Link! (buzz) Take a swig! – It’s actually Jingle Bells.
– Oh, for real?! Originally composed by
James Pierpont, 1857. How’s that gravy? Mmh. I mean, that’s not much
of a punishment. Yet. – (laughs) Yeah.
– There’s a whole line of ’em… – …over here though.
– It’ll build. Yeah, originally a Thanksgiving song
called, One Horse Open Sleigh! But they kept it around for Christmas.
People are like, “Huh, that’s a real good Christmas song. And what are we doing
writing songs for Thanksgiving anyway? And I’m just realizing that Chestnuts
Roasting on An Open Fire, I think the – official title for that song is-
– (both) The Christmas Song. (laughs) – That’s a dead giveaway.
– Yep. Bad guess. Black Friday is one of the busiest
shopping days of the year, but it’s also the day after massive amounts of
turkey are consumed, which makes it the busiest day of the year for ___. Naps? Or plumbers?
(laughs) I don’t know. – Naps or plumbers? (laughs)
– I know you get sleepy with that turkey, but I’m actually
gonna go with plumbers. – Really?
– Yeah, I think it’s a busy day – for plumbers.
– Well Link, you’re right! (ding) – Yeah! (laughs) Drink up, buddy!
– Oh, as I take my gravy shot. – That’s good so far.
– Oh wow. Mmm. I hope you keep gettin’ ’em wrong.
Who thought that straight gravy would be good? Stravy. Well that much- I mean. This
much gravy I think is gonna get me. Roto Rooter actually reported that. They
say that the systems are often overwhelmed ’cause 690 million pounds
of turkey are eaten every Thanksgiving which is the equivalent of the whole
weight of the country of Singapore. – Ooh! Wow.
– The people. Not the Earth. The people. – Goin’ through the pipes.
– It’s like eatin’ all the people of… – Singapore. Then callin’ Roter Rooter.
– Which I don’t recommend. Most male turkeys raised to be eaten are
so fat that they can’t ___ naturally. (chuckles) Okay. Lots of options
coming to mind here for this one. – All of them sad.
– Oh, really? I can’t come up with a happy answer to
this one. Like something that if they – can’t do it naturally, it’s good for them.
– True. True. I see where you’re going with that. I’m just gonna- I was thinking fly
but that’s stupid, right? – (chuckles)
– (crew laughs) I’m just gonna say, sadly,
I think it’s walk. They can’t walk naturally.
(laughs) What? – That’s right. They are turkey walkers.
– They’re very stationary when they’re that big. People come
through and like, gotta help them – walk a little.
– (laughs) Link, take a shot of gravy. (buzz)
‘Cause it’s actually reproduce. – Oooh.
– (laughs) And as you’re takin’ that shot of
gravy I will tell you that – That is sad.
– helping fat male turkeys reproduce is the first known
use of the turkey baster. – (laughs)
– (crew laughs) I made that up. It’s not a fun fact.
But you can probably use one, – I don’t know.
– There was nothing fun about that either. Okay, ___s were invented when a company
didn’t know what to do with 260 tons of leftover frozen turkeys.
Lots of leftover turkeys. – Frozen turkey.
– What we gotta do with this turkey? And this was a company.
Alright, I think they made turk-loos. Which is like igloos made out
of frozen turkey. – (both laugh)
– No. That would be fun.
Put the kids in there. No. I’m gonna say- What do you do with
leftover turkey? Turkey loaf? No. Ground turkey.
I think they make ground turkey. It’s like hamburger but it’s turkey. That’s right. Ground turkey were invented
when a company- No. (laughs) – (buzz) Ground turkeys!
– (both laugh) Ground turkeys were invented! – It’s TV dinners, Link.
– Oh!! A man named Gerry, or Jerry
spelled with a G, Thomas at Swanson — I shoulda’ known that. – ordered five thousand aluminum trays,
lined people up, and they put them into TV dinners. It was turkey, sweet potatoes,
peas, and cornbread dressing. TV dinner. – How’s that? How is it on the third one?
– Gettin’ a little harder to get it down. I can feel it joining its friends
down there. It’s a gravy party. – George H. W. Bush was the first…
– Herbert Walker! …president to institute
an annual turkey ___. First president to institute
an annual turkey ___. Impersonation contest. Which now if you
look at the debates, they’re all doin’ it. – (snaps) Oh! Hey! (forced laugher)
– Political humor! I know this one. Turkey pardon. Oh! (ding)
I’ll take a swig. You’re right Link. Pardon. Is that right? See I was right. And actually, it’s happened every year
since then. There’s been a turkey pardon but sadly those fat turkeys that are made
to be eaten usually die within a year because they’re just made to be eaten
at the sacrifice of long life. – (crew laughs)
– Let’s drink to that. You’re full of sad.
And they can’t reproduce. – That’s a sad life.
– It’s a sad life. That turkey baster. – Alright!
– Bring it on. Two shots of gravy on
the line here, Link. Ooh. Native Americans originally used
___s to treat ___ wounds. – Cranberry sauce, U.T.I.
– (crew laughs) – I don’t know what a U.T.I. wound is.
– (crew laughs) – That’s if you don’t treat it.
– When you get a really bad U.T.I. — (both laugh) You don’t treat it, it might
turn into a wound. I have no clue what this is.
But cranberry- I’m right about that. – Maybe.
– So, (laughs) that’s my answer: cranberry sauce and
urinary tract infection wounds. Alright, we each get to take a shot
because you’re right. – It’s cranberries to treat arrow wounds.
– (ding and buzz) Oh-rrow! – Let’s drink to that.
– Alright, here we go. And here’s a fun fact. They actually used
arrows to treat cranberry wounds. – (laughs)
– Here’s another fun fact, – I have a U.T.I. right now.
– Hope it’s not contagious. (both) Mmh. We’re on a good pace here.
Alright, I got another one for ya Link. – Also, two gravy swigs on the line.
– (laughs) Alright! I’m still enjoying it.
Just between you and me. It isn’t that bad. Only male turkeys ___
and therefore are called ___. Only male turkeys ___
and are called ___. – Yep.
– And therefore are called ___. Yes. Only male turkeys gobble!
And are called, gobblers! – You sure about that?
– Yeah. – You really sure?
– I’m totally guessing, but it seems so right.
Am I totally right? Drink it down! (ding)
Gobble the gobblers! Yeah! Look at me. I know lots of
stuff about Thanksgiving. And I know lots of stuff about you guys
too. Like you’re bragging in the comments now about other stuff you know about
Thanksgiving. So leave those comments! But are you drinking gravy? Leave those likes and
leave those subscriptions. That’s the real question. Also, share this knowledge with your
family members this week. Share this video
and the knowledge therein. Thanks for liking, commenting,
all that stuff. And you
know what time it is. Hi, It’s Aaron from Disney World, and it’s time to spin the
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– ♪ (both making owl sounds) ♪ – (bird call)
– Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Peace. ♪ (Outro music) ♪ Stevie’s jaw drops when I’m —
’cause I’m getting things right, – (both) She’s like,
– “He’s actually knowing stuff!” – He’s read.
– What? [Captioned by Sammy:
GMM Captioning Team]

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