7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful

7 Signs You Are  Going to Be Successful

Great coaches, great mentors, great CEOs – if
there’s one thing they’re very good at, they’re very good at, they have this certain intuition
where they know which player, talent or future leader to bet on. There’s something about them. They get credit for choosing and putting their
money on the right people. So think about it, if there was a technology
for you to be able to tell Arnold before Arnold became Arnold, like at 14 years old. What if we could figure out a way to find
out MJ before MJ was MJ. What if there was a way to figure out Alexander
before Alexander the Great became Alexander. Reza Shah Pahlavi. What if there was a way to figure this out? I mean this guy (Reza Shah Pahlavi), at 21
years old, he was given Iran. This guy (Alexander the Great) conquers the
world, two million square miles of the world. Can you really tell somebody that’s going
to be successful. I’m here to tell you there’s seven signs that
you’re going to be successful in life. And I’ve seen this from people that I watched
who were 18 years old that are multimillionaires at 28 years old. I saw this with a kid that was 14 years old
and now he’s 26 years old, and a multi-multi-millionaire. I saw this with athletes, young, now they’re
competitors and doing very well for themselves. There are signs. I’ll share seven of them here with you. Let’s start off with number one. Number one is they’re absolutely super competitive. Let me explain super competitive. It doesn’t matter what it is. They have to do it faster, better, bigger. They just have this one desire, I’m going
to do it better than you. And in the world of capitalism, it’s all about
competition. The whole thing that makes capitalism work
is competition. What makes sports work is competition. These political people that think they’re
better for you and I to vote for, the one that goes to the top is typically the most
competitive. They want to figure out a way to do it better. So imagine we have a work environment. We have a work environment and there’s a first
place person in any office. In any team, in any basketball team. Even if the team sucks, there’s somebody that’s
the best on that team. Then you got a new cat that comes in town. And he comes into the work environment or
goes into that basketball team. Whatever it is. This guy [lower] put’s this guy [higher] as
a target. He wants to beat him. Anything he does he does. Diet, work ethic, time he comes in, everything. Because he’s super competitive. And if he’s out, if he’s super competitive,
even more than him, he’ll eventually pass him up. It’s just simply how it is. Second one. They like to finish things. Let me explain. They can play a puzzle, right? They can’t stop until they finish the puzzle. They play a video game. They have to finish the video game. They have to finish. They can’t help themselves. They’ve got to finish the video game. You know, they may be reading a book. They got to finish the book. There’s a lot of people, guys, this is a sign. When I see people that only read the first
chapter or two, and then they ask the question, Pat, what do you think, man? I have like 30 books I’ve started that I haven’t
finished.” Well, there’s a sign. You don’t like to finish things. You like things to be given to you easy. the people that finish things, they always
finish things. They’re going to figure out a way to finish
things. #3: Your circle out earns you. This is you [small green stick figure], this
is your circle. They’re bigger than you in life, in money,
in income, in lifestyle. You’re not. You’re the green one. But if you have a circle that out earns you
or out succeeds you, you’re eventually going to be there. It’s a formula. This is not an accidental thing. This is why you’ll notice some of the people
that don’t achieve success, they always want people smaller than them around them because
it makes them feel bigger. The people you meet that are super successful,
they always put themselves in situations where people are bigger than them, because it’s
the next platform, next level they’re getting to. Next one. Their mind never stops. Let me explain to you what I mean by the mind
never stops. Oh, you know what? What if this happens and what if I could have
this life? What if I talk to this person? What if I go here. What if we figure this out? They’re in bed and they’re still thinking. You know what, let me. . . we should do this. You know, remember earlier when we were talking
about this thing three hours ago? I was thinking about it and I think we need
to do this, this and this. And what if we did this because this could
happen. . . ” Their mind just never stops. Like a beautiful mind, it never stops. #5: Next, Credible people see you going places. So how credible people view you. Let me explain. Let’s say I meet John. And John has a principal, a pastor, the football
coach, the uncle, and a total different person that he works for at a company, they all say,
“this guy’s going places. He’s going places.” If those five gave their answers based on
authentic, real answers, this cat is going places. Why? Because these five people, pastor, coach,
boss, teacher, principal, whatever – these five have spent endless hours with this cat. They know his flaws. They know his habits. They know if he likes to finish things. They know if he spends time with people that
are ahead of him. They know how competitive he is. They know that. So if somebody says that, there’s credibility
there. Credible people believe in you. Credible people see you going places. Next one. You’re a student. They will not stop learning. They can’t stop learning. They can’t help themselves. They want to know this, they want to get better
at this. They want to get better at this. They want to get better at that. There’s constant desire to want to be a better
student and learn more. That’s number six. And last but not least, they’re extremely
obsessive. They’re extremely obsessive. Like I have to have this. Let me explain. If you were really able to dissect the mind
of an obsessive person, it would concern a lot of people. Because they would say, Does this person really
think that way? They do. They really do think that way. They really want what they want and they really
end up getting what they want, because they have to have it. They’re obsessed about it. And anytime they’re obsessed about it, they
start figuring out creative ways to get what they want. If it’s a girl, if it’s a business, if it’s
a position, if it’s a certain success, if it’s accolades, if it’s certain place they
want to be, if it’s a certain lifestyle they want, they’re going to figure out a way to
get it because they’re obsessive. They have to have it. They’re just wired that way. So those are the seven signs where you and
I can tell if someone is going to be successful or not. Z, if you throw me that pillow right there,
and if you watch this video here, if you’re telling yourself, man, I got three out of
the seven. Well, go share this with other people and
see if they’ll validate what you’re thinking with three out of the seven. If not anything. You’re working and you have five people that
are working with you, and you wonder which one for you to lock on to, you ask yourself,
out of these five people you work with, which one of them has the most. You’ll pretty much be able to tell which one
of the guys is the person that has the highest likelihood of one day being successful. And by the way, there is no 100% to any of
this. It’s just odds. No one’s ever going to be 100%. There’s a lot of smart people that drafted
to play that ended up becoming nothing and they flopped. But you want to be 80%. You want to be 70%. Because if you do this right the majority
of the time, eventually you’re going to put together the most incredible team in your
business to grow and go to different places. Now, having said that, we want you to subscribe
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