6 GLACIALS PERMA FREEZE! I HIT TOP 30 NA! | Teamfight Tactics

6 GLACIALS PERMA FREEZE! I HIT TOP 30 NA! | Teamfight Tactics

Watched dr. Stone first episode was okay. I watched it with lily and Albert We talked a little bit by the late game goals in TFT always seems to get pop seven Levels seven times before we can sleep but never know what to do. Uh I feel like you just okay, like hold on Generally speaking. You just look at your small synergies. I hear the synergies that you don’t have active So when I put in this unit, right? these are the synergies you don’t have active and you look for what what what you can activate on the next turn and then That’s what you go for Usually it’s like two demon or two glacial and that’s where you go from level eight. It’s usually a legendary unit Swashbuckle takes two subs Chandler welcome back for two months I mean the item wrong choice versus grabbing soul. I don’t think so actually Well, I think maybe but like I I think that like I Want to focus too much about the game because I think not finding soul was actually unlucky It was less an awful playing more just like well that’s kind of sucks ass kind of play, you know These synergies Trump looking for upgrade lower starting into like him. I mean it just depends you’re literally just ask like is looking for a unit Gonna be better than putting in another unit. That’s the question that everyone has to ask themselves it all the time most of times It’s not worth rolling for three-star units. I’m gonna put it that way Unless you’re hyper stacking the units a lot Especially if you have a good health total, you should always you should push levels Why not sell wrecked psyche is its if I find gold here I can just keep wrecks. I Also, I don’t think there’s a reason is still reksai right now. Cuz if you’re like, no wolves are Then I find two gold here. Okay, I do not I still find I like this combination more than I like these two personal preference though Pretty sure, I know what I’m going this game Kind of positive I know what I’m going this game. I Only problem here is like I Need to make red buff, right? So I probably need to sell this eventually When till then I guess we just put we can put the recap on it Let’s see. What yeah, let’s do we get yeah, super literally polar bear for sure How you wait spatula cries depends on the situation god, there’s the red buff. Oh Wow we hit fuckin. Oh my god, are we win? I Don’t think we should like it we’re high rolling for sure. We’re not we’re not wasting walking on that We’re doing this and selling the right side. This guy’s gonna say something watch Well, I don’t like locking up brawler’s they’re already given so much help that there’s really not much of a point for you to put an extra Minor brawler buff it’s better for you to go for really greedy items Like I I secure top four with this opener already like I can tell you that right now The most important thing is for me to hit the Rapid firecannon on this and once we get that I think we’re in a great spot. I Really know what happens with this we need one ionic and then that’s really what I want Explain how the level one works with the gold. I don’t know what you’re talking about Amy its top eight player word. Okay. Well eat my words if I don’t if I don’t make not produce Any one red buff usually because everyone runs beat like a lot of people want DP stuff and they have a lot of other Things so we build the red buff and rectify when we find Rex I will instantly sell it So we’re so early in the game but we know exactly what rock we’re going and we know exactly what units we want so We’re just gonna sell everything. We’re only looking for We’re literally only looking for Kevin well while we’re lovely and outside of these sports specific units He explained what Alex Park is good. It’s just gonna do a lot of calm Get into a terribly large amount comes The real question here is do I level here do I just hard greed level, you know, pretty lovely it allows me to do some wonky stuff, but Not sure and then ya elementalist and denied and I came in from everyone else Why do you buy if you’re not gonna sell it because next round the units that I won’t show up Might not be able to want you to get to see pre level Good we’re not gonna let free level then for sure. We just like you decon Fyodor malware much longer. It’s obviously good problem is the pieces around it are a little bit difficult There’s no way I should go with that one Let’s just grab back tire chain, this is Ionic strike the mr. Item He gets it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I need it right we’re talking about bikes bikes like That mess up. This is wrong item Nonna’s right at it right throws on him cuz we’re gonna get this old opposition we We just level here Yeah, I don’t wanna sell anything do this. I’m down the level sure Tricky through the bowling shirt. Absolutely, but the most important thing is just finding the ioniq here, I think Because we don’t know we’re gonna find in any of these creeps. I just wanna get the ioniq so we could win some fights Let’s set that the first if I press even with holding units new inventory is very small just right Oh it’s absolutely if I go very very small when the min/max like you do it if you play because that Very very very very small percentage point. Its hopefully turns to something good for you, you know And I win this by the way Your most important you should be around the middle here these two are the ones that get aggro give me something this this is my most important you actually They worked outside that full bench before the castle, uh That’s a very strange question to ask I don’t know what having a full bench seems like I don’t aspire to have a full bag ship that makes sense Definitely the best thing to do is decide to sell Warwick but the extra econ is definitely worth it. Here’s Fine doesn’t matter We’re gonna brute force this conversation, oh shit. This guy has like oh, it’s me replay that guy, right? We have to bow livers, that’s the most important piece there’s only one other person doing it If we do this, we just throw away this right It meant to exceed the unit limit oh I don’t do that I feel like that honestly, I feel like that should be hotfix pretty soon and so has the van topic So at some point I wanted to be hotfix. I’m just waiting I Never do that. I feel like it’s just I Don’t want like I don’t wanna rely on it. I don’t even see it as a form of skill expression I just see it as something that should never have I Get your champion item, I’m pretty sure It will add a wheel champs. I don’t know what that means data over copy from carousels intended. Really Wasn’t high on their priority a fix I okay another type of change. I would be hapax I think would require target scope if anything, okay? well, I mean Yeah, I’ve just been kind of waiting for it be fixed for a while. So no Real comment on it. You feel like any pretty King jr. Streaming every day. Not really. I will be honest It feels there’s some days where it’s like a little bit of a hassle and like that’s just I guess mainly to be expected I think Boy I Just want to move my restaurant, please give me another right side just like any other job. Yeah. Sure I’m actually crazy like I’m 88 health with with 50/50 gold. I have the best econ in the game And the main reason why I’m winning is because of this look at my I like sprite damage last fight You think rek sai’s does that much damage is red buff. Hell no most of its ionic spark it just Slaps people that’s why I love I like sparkle brawlers It’s a spark by some blitzes. He has a new key can use the AP best I mean sure by just doing on this guy because I’m gonna sell them eventually anyways So I’m probably a little I expect to lose fights don’t get me wrong well Oh Usually with with poor brawlers I’ll never lose buy too much which is great. That’s exactly like the perfect thing I want Some saying I Have 50 econ at first place this guy found brand already. He leveled early. I can’t say anything There’s a saw I was looking for oh This guy’s to yordle backline I thought this makes hush right others like That’s a high Yo, I’ve never had Rex I’d die this with VM. I should leave this game now Oh Why we’re not getting anything on this You play correctly isn’t this is a 95% guaranteed win Well, I think it’s a little bit more difficult than that Because I’m not guaranteed a lot of stuff holy shit Okay, wait these rek sai’s always have my items finally have RFC by the way finally Kenan great Yeah, I think what we have a good spot away I agree I’m a seller later. I might actually run. Um, you guys have seen the three assassin brawler comps before right? Those are fucking funny. I might run that actually over it what I usually run I Think you move up something You are it Judy move units for backlash to deliver stop RC. Yeah. I should move them a little bit up. I agree I hate when he walks up and just mainly range of stuff Managed to come prepared the assassin so broken. Oh Okay, well I’m gonna do this now We’re doing the solely level here These are all useless here We’re holding this just in case We were going elementalists, but we might not just cuz it seems a little bit hard to find brands. I saw two one I Saw its kind of difficult. That’s all I Might have to go. Uh, what’d you call it or? facial instead and that’s a little bit more annoying out of a confit go but I mean I can’t really complain because I’m high-rolling so hard that it doesn’t matter, right? This is a high roll Why do you bite your eyelashes? They all show up in the next we get real right here this one right here They don’t show up. Right right Here okay So so none of these five units to show up because I already have them right actually impossible for them to show up again I don’t really know. What did you hear? I’m gonna be a little honest The ioniq just calm usually it’s like Choa god, but sometimes he dies I Kind of with ionic the Blitz here because I feel like he’s not gonna be the one in the front Yeah, I’m kind of down. Here you go. Here you go, buddy Though in terms of optimal items is really just oh it’s just up to whatever the game probably here This is rush. I’m down for hush, you know having this, uh The seated toast is actually fucking hilarious. I don’t know what he’s saying, but it’s just really fucking funny We need to move their kalyanam over but give us a little bit second to see that except I Think your since I’m I’m win streaking shrieky. I’m not looking to go top four I’m looking to win which means that you yes you you save a little bit you’re looking to win that second place Ideally the the cop goes elemental elementalists if I can find it, but it’s a really really weird situation where I might not be able to I always pick up canons though to give me the option and I can adjust deny other people fighting Kevin Okay, we’re going we’re going it Yeah might even have my level 8 unit reports glacial Jesus Christ actually optimal I’m not shy just hush this I Fee like hush might not be optimal we went what would sit on it for a little bit I can look forward to go a couple rounds and not use my stuff Kind of upset about this kill Jojen seeing everything please stop We’re in the hold Akali, right? I don’t even care about losing gold because I know everyone else wants it So no one gets to have a collie while I play the game, right? This guy needs it no, we’re just holding come this is gonna be here till the end of the game Yeah blitz top EPS right July onyx Brock is busted actually The only question here is do we just say 450 gold So we should just do this and we just pushed for eight for her sedge, right? I’m holding the lobby hostage. Yeah, no one’s gonna have fun playing Well, I’m willing to tank one interest just to hold these actually I think I should be looking for three star stuff because you know, it’s good None of the assassin seemed very developed if they are developed. I’ll lift her PD and my last item they seem like relatively whatever Maybe each have one that call each which is why it’s really annoying Hold on Am I still bathroom you’re bigger map yes You think selling your main carry the stock colleges shot kale – baby What kale – isn’t the carry kill to us makes your comp tankier so you get your team can last longer, but that means your carry can do more DPS or Something it’s really up to you Give me give me I’m gonna ping the one I don’t want. Oh My god Oh These guys don’t wanna win No, I think they a lot of them are fighting they realize they’re fighting for a lower placement right now I Put this on I should probably put this on something I want to keep alive. I probably Kenan for an extra 400 health or the Blitz protection for Jen I think ken is better. Yeah, I having range on this – oh We’re gonna wait till this because we want to really greet our items, uh, If I level to eight I don’t even need to put this in anymore Is there something that I want to put a note down here? That’s really good uh, not really I Think optimally my bowler has to Has to recurse, but I don’t know if I can ever get a double rapid fire Stop lissandra for such. I mean it’s more like We’re just gonna push a Shrink-ray on bully. I mean we have hush which might be even better. I’m looking to see what I’m playing This guy is second place with one two, three, four five six Tier one units what I need a hold kills and this guy’s your Lee, okay So get to your little combo do I really want a Moron my fun line, I think Well, sick level signai and push four sticks, that sounds fucking insane What’s this, what’s the chance for a speak That’s the guys actually really dangerous if you find anyone that wasn’t me he probably the one 45% Okay, another one is right Not for a wild buff is interesting but doesn’t really benefit anyone with this, right I don’t really care about metal Warrick work is completely irrelevant. It’s calm maybe the extra CC might be nice though. I’m kind of interested The Brahma is the thing. I’m looking for I Feel like I want a sh because I don’t think we need more in frontline. Ash is more relevant because Jesus is ranged unit Our friend himself is good not before not too And sure if we can maybe hold because it’s realistically what’s an extra gold worth brush, right? Hmm I don’t know if I want stairs on the view I think hostages might be better Yeah, this is these are the the times where huh? She’s just better here We we we need we have four rounds before we can buy anything. I don’t want to greet this part half these people should die in four rounds and Much is very good again close You don’t don’t like sleep on hush like see seeing someone where they can’t cast spells replies second 50% chance of crock hands like this stupid legit thumb Again maybe, it’s good. Maybe the Absurdly good, honestly We don’t wear the green Ripped green one round losing six facial next problem Still I was all-in yet. I want to increase my roll chance to be in this Mm the guy pings my colleague and he quits the game. Haha. Oh, ouch. I’m sorry I see people up Oh We Did the last time I hit this this high level was like it’s a while ago My mission hat, I apologize was not looking we have one here that Was what I wanted What’s this storm? No, it’s I can’t build it Here plus, this dude is And game wrong I See a five-star on every roll by the way, it’s actually fucking observing at this level Oh My god dude, I’m sorry, man. I apologize for the enemy team. Yeah It’s just a fight for second for these two He’s looking for his a colleague three by the way and he’s been looking since the start of the game role once This is legit, oh Just six glacial for brawler three elements list. Oh Wait, I forgot to pick up lissandra’s His that is what heart carriers Guy just says fuck Oh we could uh, we could sell these P. Now. This is the Akali playwright. It was the last play remaining Oh, he doesn’t call any player – oh Wow, how do you get oh, uh I forgot to lumens work. Does anyone know? That’s really bad No, they don’t work on this theme no, they never work on the same person, but do they work on separate people I forgot Oh they do cuz I test them on PvE, right? All right, actually Specifically did my test see touches is out here without me knowing Luden’s would work on two separate targets I Chris stack anivia maybe could have lost a game Didn’t anyone believe that statement by the way Okay, I upgraded every unit in my confidant level 9 to level 7 Oh Shit what a Jairo gives you You guys thought some of you guys thought my my to ones I wasn’t gonna get popped for this game. Are you serious?

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  21. Thanks for the video Sir. Scarra! Won 3 games in the row with early brawlers into elementalists/glacials! Never managed to get 6 Glacials though… And also my items on voli was freaking disgusting! Would have had 6 glacials last game if I switched my Brand for Anivia, but Brand was 2* with deathcap, ludens + spear so he dished out sick damage..

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    For start, let's think about only 5 star units. If you do the math, there is approximately 4% RELATIVE increase (that means, if you have 2% chance to get your expected unit, after the 4% relative increase, you get 2.08% chance to get your unit). So if we are talking only about 5 star units, I would say it's not that pointless BUT if we get to 4 star units, the chance is more than halved and for 3 star units, it's less than 1% RELATIVE increase and its going down for 2 star and even more down for 1 star. The thing is, if you didn't have any downsides than it's ok to increase your chances even that little bit (but i wouldn't do it even then for 4 star units and less) but the problem is that you are adding more complexity to the game which will lead to making more mistakes because you have one more thing to focus on. That's the reason it's literally counter-productive to do this strategy for almost everybody, especially streamers since they have to talk to chat and so on… And even if you are 100% focused on the game I'm almost sure it's not worth it to go for this strategy for less than 5 star units (at 5 stars, its still questionable if it's worth). So please stop doing it. It's irritating when someone makes something less effective by doing more work.

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    Why does he say "grabbing Kennen denies others of getting him", is that really how it works? 19:43
    Does buying units really stop them from appearing on the next roll?

  31. a couple of questions:

    Why does he keep everyone on the back roll at the beginning fights?
    Why was he so hellbent on selling Rek'sai? Is it a bad unit?
    Why does he say "grabbing Kennen denies others of getting him", is that really how it works? 19:43
    Does buying units really stop them from appearing on the next roll?

    i'm trying to improve so any answers are more than welcome.

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