6 Chess TIPS to Improve FAST: No Secret Tricks, No Strategy, No Moves, Only BASIC Chess Advice

6 Chess TIPS to Improve FAST: No Secret Tricks, No Strategy, No Moves, Only BASIC Chess Advice

Hello Chess Friends, Welcome to Chess Talk! I’m Jeetendra Advani. Chess is a very interesting & entertaining
game but at the same time, its very complicated. Although its difficult to master chess, but
you can easily get better at it. Now the next question that comes to our mind
is: How can we get better and How do we practice in order to improve fast? Well, in this video, I am going to discuss
just that. I am going to share with you some really useful
tips that will help you to improve your chess game in a very short span of time. So without further ado, let’s get started. As a beginner, when you are starting off,
all you need to focus on are the basics. Just keep things simple. Don’t overburden yourself by thinking about
strategies & tactics. There are a lot of basic things that you should
understand and learn quickly. And believe me, learning these basics is not
time consuming. In fact, if you practice correctly & learn
from your mistakes, you can easily become a better chess player. So my first piece of advice to you is to stop
playing those quick rapid chess games such as the blitz & bullet. They just take you nowhere. Speed is not what you are trying to achieve,
it’s the understanding that is important. You need time to think over your moves & analyse
different situations and all this cannot be done in short games. Therefore, you need to play standard games
which give you time to think and strategize. In every situation, take time & think of all
possible good moves. Also, try to figure out how your opponent
will react & then accordingly, play your moves. That’s how you will get better. My next piece of advice for you would be to
Solve Chess Puzzles. This is one of the best ways to practice. Try to solve as many chess puzzles as possible. Games are time consuming. The good thing about puzzles is that they
don’t take much of your time. You just need to analyse different positions
& find the best move in a particular situation. This helps you in reading chessboards & improving
your chess skills. I share a lot of interesting puzzles on my
Facebook page. So you should definitely go & Like that Page. Links are in the description. Okay, so now, lets discuss the most common
problem of chess players: the blunder moves. After playing a few games, you must have realised
that you are actually not that bad. Its just that at some point, you play a very
bad move. A move you wish you had not played. A blunder that gives your opponent a match-winning
advantage. Its just those one or two bad moves that cost
you the game. Its hard at times to figure out why this happens. But I can give you some pointers. There are high chances of playing a bad move
in the middle game because there are lot of moves possible at that stage. Plus, at times, we get so frustrated thinking
that we just say, okay let’s play this. And that’s when the mistake happens. Its very important, especially in the middlegame
to take your time & think of all possibilities. Don’t play anything in hassle. Let me give you a secret tip here. Don’t try to attack very soon. This is a big mistake that beginners make. When in doubt, its always best to continue
with your piece development and bring all your pieces into play. Wait for the right time. This way you will be able to eliminate those
blunders from your game. My next tip! Don’t stick to a particular opening. Try out different opening styles to broaden
your understanding of the game. Just keep in mind the opening principles I
had mentioned in one of my earlier videos. You can watch that by clicking on the i button
above. By using different opening variations, you
will be able to analyse different positions & understand your game better. This will help you to identify what types
of openings suit you. You will learn something new from every game
you play and that’s what is most important. My next important piece of advice. Don’t memorise moves. This is something I have discussed in my earlier
videos also. The problem with memorising moves is that
if your opponent plays something unexpected, you will be lost. You won’t understand what to do. So forget about memorizing & Just focus on
the bigger idea. This idea can be anything. It can be to open up the game by trading pieces
or to target the king’s side or just to eliminate a central pawn. Play towards that idea. Just free yourself from the bookish moves
and focus on your ultimate goal. You will be surprised to see how your thoughts
flow and You will automatically start to find your moves. My final tip is quite obvious. Just Enjoy the game. Have fun playing chess. Don’t take it too seriously. Yes, I understand you get upset when you make
mistakes & lose games that you should have won. But look Ultimately, its just a game so you
need to enjoy it. So That’s it guys, Hope you enjoyed this chess
video. Don’t forget to like this video if you found
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  1. I've made blunders that could have been avoided if I had taken a moment to first examine my opponent's piece positions & project where they could move in the next turn.

  2. Thanks friend..i just lost a blitz game and was upset so i came across ur this video..

    Your advice is great i must say..

    I need some tips from u to improve my tactics or u can say how one can become "exceptional tactical player in chess"

  3. Sir Tuesday is my Chess Competition I am practicing through your videos. thnx for uploading videos .

    Wish me Good Luck ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Very useful videos i loved it you always make a best video and we can become a better chess player thank you for your tips and advices…….

  5. Let me make one comment here about your advice on NOT memorising openings. I used to follow this 'tip'. However, I very quickly discovered that, its not just about the rote memorisation of moves. In many openings, not only do you have to play the right moves, but you have to play them IN THE RIGHT ORDER, to avoid making bad errors. To play the moves in the right order requires you to memorise them. You can't get away from it. Memorisation HAS to be done at some point in your chess development. There is not a master or grandmaster out there who has not spent thousands of hours memorising opening lines, endgame positions and so on.

  6. Just what I needed.. I love this channel. Now I can actually have fun playing and not put too much unneeded pressure on myself which should allow me to free up my mind to apply all the knowledge i have acquired over the years. Thank you

  7. I think the experience with this is game is more of the journey than the destination. I don't want to get better fast, i want to enjoy this amazing game as long as i can.

  8. I agree on no.5 but the problem is i dont have a single idea i just started 5 minutes ago cuz in dec 6 we have a mini tournament if i win ill have a good grade

  9. It would have gotten a like, but the intro was too long, and there was no content that as a beginner chess player I have not already achieved. Yes practice, yes test your opponent, yes try to avoid blunder moves. .. ok then. How about some content, and video demonstration on how to actually be a better chess player. Why even make a video like this, unless you are dying, and have little children and you just want them to hear your voice someday Watching this is a waist of time, and I would prefer for educational videos be educational. Please pull this video, and make somthing with content. I don't even mind if the video is over an hour long, as long as it makes sense and has real content. If you don't like what I said then don't reply. This is my personal opinions, and your no gonna change it by leaving some shitty comment.๐Ÿ–“

  10. Would 15 a side games not count as good to improve with? That's the maximum that lichess (and I assume other sites) offer as quick pairing games and I've enjoyed playing them.

  11. That last tip is so funny and true!
    "Yes I understand when you make mistakes and lose games but look ultimately it is just a game and you must enjoy it."

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  13. Thank you! Me and a friend of mine have started a little challenge between us- who can become a better chess player over the year (new years resolution in a way). We've never really been into chess before so it's a new and fresh experience! Every week we have a game, so far it's 3-3 (haven't been able to get a game in each week but we try).. hopefully what I've learned from this video can help tip the scales!

  14. Playing slower games is not the only way to improve and is not always the best way to improve. You can improve just as much (or more) playing more Blitz games instead and train up your intuitive chess mind; this is also the time control that is the most common online. Modern neural network software like AphaZero and LeelaZero does this quantity strategy when they plays millions of times against themselves. Of course we don't have the computation power or the memory to reach their skill level but we too can improve by simply playing more games against a lot of different opponents, instead of sitting for hours analyzing a few moves getting good at a very narrow set of positions.

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  20. Totally useless. And it doesn't take 5 mins to show only 6 simple tips! Sorry, try again. Actually I would prefer it if you didn't for all humankind's sake.

  21. If we play with a beginner and he plays a move from which he comes under a check. So is it legal to defeat him or we should give him a warning to move again ? Please reply.

  22. Most of the time when I play I make pretty good moves but Iโ€™m not efficient enough and I only really ever win with 4 or 5 pieces left. I usually win but itโ€™s really not amazing and I know I can do better Iโ€™m gonna try these tips and give an update

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