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  1. Such wholesome advice here. I appreciate the hell out of this channel, and you guys. My group of friends and I recently got back into playing, and we’ve been doing duel nights for months. I discovered that I really enjoy the Utopia Archetype along with my Synchrons/Warriors. Been playing them since middle school (2010). Never give up on your deck, always make a play, even if you’re going to lose, and keep a good attitude regardless. I loved the video guys, and my friends and I are definitely going to a local tournament. No archetype is bad, it’s just how you play your cards.

    Get your game on guys.

  2. The only time you should play more than 40 cards is if those additional cards also help facilitate your win condition. The reason stuff like 60 card decks exist is because those extra 20 cards serve to facilitate the win condition of the deck without the need to see specific cards.

    If you're playing a 40 card build of something like SPYRAL or Shaddoll and you decide to add 3 Solemn Judgment and 3 Solemn Strike, all you have done is made your deck more inconsistent without helping your win con, since those decks need to see certain cards to get things going.

  3. The search before you draw makes no sense

    If I have 2 cards to search but ate both hard once per turn I would prefer to draw first incase I see one of those cards

  4. Another tip that is quite small but can help you out is to organize your extra deck (keep fusions with fusion, links with links, etc).

  5. Thank you soooooo much everyone @Teamaps this is soooooo useful one day I'd love to go to a competitive yugioh event and this is really helpful 😊

  6. Played at my locals tonight and 4/8 win ratio.. my first opponent I almost quit over her behaviour. She cheated once, I called out on that and then got her friends to check out what I'm using and if she can beat it they would nod at her… I'm sat right next to them. It didn't feel like a friendly game for me, I was surrounded by 5 people all picking her side and working against me. They would shout oh oh oh she just nibirued him.. then I used lightning storm and the 6x of them was like.. hes such a dick. It was funny but then realised the 5x around me werent regulars they were her friends..

  7. Also at @Teamaps I just heard how if you dont know If you should run a card proxy it but at the same time I heard taking a proxy to a competitive event can get you a game loss is this true?

  8. Bluffing is a great strat I forced my opponent into a unicorn because at every effect I would look at my foolish and say thinking when they asked for responses

  9. I'd like to add on to the tip about buying product.

    While it's true that not everything will have insane value, there's often a lot of overlooked tech options that end up being really good in certain strategies.

    Things like Galactic Spiral Dragon in Chaos Impact being a free rank 8 for Dragon decks, Cynet Backdoor from Mystic Fighters being a budget Cynet Mining that combos really well in Mathmechs, etc.

    You might not get the chase card that you're looking for, but you will get something. And those hidden gems are what a lot of us enjoyed as kids.

  10. Some extra tips that I thought of after watching this wonderful video.
    1. Be open to new ideas. Whether that's new decks or strategies. Especially because like Trell said it's a giant game with over 10k cards. There's so much out there.

    2. Don't be afraid to play for fun. I know that a lot of people are out there that just play because of the anime or whatever. This is a game that has a lot more than just a competitive aspect. And never be ashamed of that.

    3. Really understand that you are not perfect because no one is. There is no perfect player and we all will lose a lot. It's just having the right mindset of working harder to get better.

    4. On the flip side don't take it too seriously that you get crazy over something. At the end of the day, it's a children's card game.

    5. Understand that things are different from the anime. This is way different than the anime and some people might not like it if you don't follow rules or act like someone in the anime. Because not everyone is into this game because of that.

    6. Be open to check out the anime or read the manga. I know that it might be your cup of tea. But try and give it a chance and who knows maybe you might like it. Also, don't ridicule people because they like it.

    7. Ask for help. We all need it some times and there's nothing wrong with that.

    8. Don't be so eager to get new cards if you don't need them right away. This goes especially in cases for people who only get their cards through product. Wait and see and plan out your moves before putting money in the game.

    9. You're never done learning. This game has been through so many changes and it's not looking like it's stopping there's always something else that gonna come out. So be ready and open to it.

    10. Have fun and never be ashamed of playing this wonderful game. Who knows maybe you explain to someone about this game might be them into it.

    Have fun and enjoy this game. ✌

  11. I live in Serbia and I love Yu gi oh, sadly I’ve never opened a pack of yu gi oh cards in my life becouse a city that I live in doesn’t have any, but in capital it’s pretty expensive to order from.. I wish that I can feel that once.. plus commons here are very valuable..🙂


  13. Question, how do you handle the shady kind of people? I've seen your vids of people being snake like and always want value in a trade, but you also tell us to be kind and respectful, what if you don't want to be caught up in that mess? That's one of my reasons why I don't go to my locals is cause they seem to look down at you for never having trade and always wanting money cards.

  14. extra tip: do NOT steal… they may have saved up for a long time or may not even be their cards… and you're just ruining their experience with this game…(this should be obvious, but for some reason it keeps happening…)

  15. Also be nice to new players as regular players can scam them I know that happen to me when I came back to yugioh and never knew they have change rules since the last time I played yugioh

  16. My tip is to always scour the cardbase for hidden gems that can work in your deck, you never know when that 2011 common you regarded as trash will become a staple of a deck.

  17. "Always use your searchers before your draws….always search before you draw it"

    Yeah I miss searching for cards then drawing another engage too.

  18. Know how to optimize your plays, how to play around your weaknesses as well as to how to best interrupt your opponents plays. Research not just your deck but the metas deck as well, learn how they play to learn to how to best counter them.

  19. 15:25 is a reeeeeally good tip. Everybody was selling the invoked engine and i stuck with it when i heard shaddolls were coming back. HAAAA now i got like a 350$ deck and i payed 20$ or so for aleister, invocarion, meltdown and 2 machaba. Seriously, keep up with the news!!!

  20. My tip is put together a trade binder, if you don’t need a card but someone else does trade it, it does better in there hands than yours if your not gonna play it.

  21. You can't ALWAYS afford to have your Extra Deck in a different sleeve, especially if you have Side Deck cards that go in the Extra Deck, as the Side always has to be sleeved the same a the main.

  22. 2:14 Don't you usually play the draw card first because you are going in with the expectation of it getting ashed? I get that it's a 33% chance of having it for the opponent if they are playing 40 cards but I feel it's a risk/reward case of if you lose the search, now you have a 1/35 if it's a draw one or a 2/35 if it's a draw 2. I really don't understand the "it's planning for failure" mentality when it's a possible outcome that can and will be seen, and it's better to have some degree of contingency than to one-trick pony and hope it doesn't get ashed (33%), nibiru'ed (33%), or kaiju'ed (33-58% if they are running 6 for slumber)

  23. Respect the Tournament Organizer at Locals
    – clean up all your garbage
    – Push in your chair
    – don’t talk while they announce pairings
    – don’t make their store smell like weed
    – report your match before moving towards the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” round
    – don’t take up table space just for your bag
    – stay clear of the aisle so the TO can run back and forth
    Much like leaving a sour impression with your opponent, you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the TO

  24. My main problem playing is I don't know what the majority of what most decks do and I'm scared to ask what every card my opponent's plays does. I worry that I'm gonna get told I'm stalling.

  25. what does the first tip that Calvin said around forty seconds mean? what does he mean by "is it a three" and "will it become a three"

  26. Try this I'll give you two Yu-Gi-Oh decks to trapped in this house back when zombie madness so you can tell how old they are but they were no so deck so it was basically a Yu-Gi-Oh deck in the fusion deck that was it and then if I give you my deck list in my deck oh no no no not going to work because warriors and insects suck but you guys don't know what yugioh is about because it's all about special summoning and guess what there's no normal type monster any more

  27. Hidden tip:
    For the love of God go to a damn toilet before you start a duel. Your bowels will thank you later, and so will your opponent…

  28. Shaddoll effects don't trigger off of discard

    But for real have a solid understanding of the rules, whether by reading the rule book or listening to people who have a deep understanding of the rules

  29. The slightly wiggly camera nad the variety of people made this video feel professional, like a documentary. It is awesome.

  30. I disagree a little bit with the search/mill before you draw. Some decks and situations call for the opposite. But that probably only applies to decks that want cards in the grave first before some searches or mills (Zombies for example).

  31. Two tips: 1. Trust in the heart of the cards. Kristya blesses loyal followers with elite topdeck cards.
    2. Always watch the ones leaving they binder unattended at events. These days, a nigga will have $500 worth of product on em, and just leave it on the table and walk away. Safer than snatching chains and home invasion, as most duelists don't carry a hammer. Close mouths don't get fed.

  32. My shop only plays on saturdays and if they don’t get enough players they just cancel, ive went for 6 weeks now and only got to have one night lol

  33. Real talk, I haven’t played yugioh in years but I love this channel. All of you guys seem like really genuine chill dudes. It’s what keeps me coming back!

  34. I needed this. It felt all you guys just came together, sat my ass down, and gave me the talking to I needed as a player. Thanks.

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