5 Dating Mind Games Women Play And How to Always Win

5 Dating Mind Games Women Play And How to Always Win

Tripp Kramer here from www.trippadvice.com. I want to teach you today some mind games
which you might have already experienced. Or maybe not and you might experience. But some things to look out for and why women
are doing this. Here’s the number one reason why women are
playing mind games. The reason they do this is because they want
to get you to chase them. And listen, I don’t blame them. We should be doing things as guys to get them
to chase you. Now listen, I want to be very clear here. I don’t believe in playing games. I don’t believe in being manipulative in any
way. Still, you should be acting as a guy who is
not needy, who is not desperate. And while that might seem like game playing,
it’s just the type of personality I want you to embody. There might be some things you’re going to
be doing that are going to be non needy, non desperate to get her to chase you. She might be doing the same thing. And in another ways she might be playing games
with you that are not good. But we’ll decipher which ones are which as
we go through. Let’s start with number one. The first thing is, she takes a very long
time to text you back. Sometimes she’s actually busy and she’s actually
doing something. So you shouldn’t really look into this at
all. Because all you should be carrying about is
when you’re texting a girl is she willing to meet up with you? Those are the only text messages you guys
should be exchanging in the first 1 to 10 dates. Just getting her to meet up with you, using
texting as the vessel to meet up. If it happens to be saying to you hours later
her response, that’s fine, whatever, don’t worry about it. But if she’s doing that in a way that’s causing
it troublesome for you guys to actually meet up with each other, like she says to you two
hours before that you guys are about to meet up that she can’t meet up. You asked her to meet up at eight o’clock
and then six o’clock, she’s like “oh yeah, I can’t.” That’s a little annoying. So I wouldn’t be playing into that. But if she’s responsive to you still on some
level, that’s fine. Don’t look too much into it. Unless she’s doing it in a way that seems
disrespectful. Now here’s one and listen, I don’t blame women
for this. They’re not approaching you. A lot of guys get really angry. Like, why do we have to do all the work? Why is it always up to us? When really, you’re just not understanding
that you’re qualifying her as much as she’s qualifying you. However, in this day and age, women well,
actually not just in this day and age. For many, many centuries, women were not the
ones who are doing the approaching. You need to be the one to do the approach. You just have to suck it up and just say ok,
listen, this is going to happen. This is how it goes. But you got to understand, this is not so
much a mind game as it is her trying to test for your masculinity. She wants to know that you are someone who
is masculine and dominant. And that’s gonna be the person who’s going
to go up and do the approach and say hello first. This is more of a test than it is a game. But I thought I’d throw this in here because
I know a lot of guys think that this is this is a mind game but I wanted to just make sure
you understand what’s really going on. Let’s go to the next one. This is a bad one. This is a bad one. They try to get you to buy things for them. If any girl that you’re dating seems to be
using you for your money. And I don’t mean that you’re the one who’s
offering to pay and she says yes. But she’s kind of being sneaky with it and
she’s like, let’s go to this nice restaurant, oh let’s go this nice restaurant or she’s
saying like, oh man, I’d really love it if you buy me this or if I were to get this. Oh man, I really want this. Just always talking about material possessions,
really trying to kind of persuade you to get her things. This is bad and she might be flirting with
you or having sex with you to get these things. This is such a rare occurrence. But I know on some level, it does happen,
especially if you’re living in some sort of superficial city, ie New York, Miami, LA. Those are common places for it to happen. Be very careful that you don’t fall into this
trap. This is bad. She doesn’t like you. She likes you for your money. Be careful with that. Here’s another one. She cancels the date but doesn’t pick another
time. Some women do this as a way to play games
with you. I’m not saying that she’s doing that for sure
to play a game with you. It’s kind of up in the air. But sometimes that’s what happens. She’ll cancel the date and then she won’t
pick another time because she’s getting you to chase her. Here’s the thing, if a girl cancels the date
on you and she doesn’t pick another time or she goes hey sorry, I can’t make this Friday
and she doesn’t say after that, you know, I’m around next week or maybe we should do
it another time, or anything that gets you to tell you that she’s available. Don’t text her back. Drop her completely, very disrespectful and
very… I mean that’s pretty much it. It’s disrespectful, it’s her canceling on
you, which is fine. People are allowed to cancel, they don’t have
to go on the date with you, things come up. But it’s rude for her not to throw out another
date and for her to expect you to do the chasing. Make sure that you just don’t text her back. You drop her unless she says to you in that
text or another text like can you do another time? You will not be chasing her if she’s not going
to give you that respect back. Here’s another one. This happens more so in relationships than
anything else. If she’s overtly, and I mean overtly, I’d
be very careful her. You might be interpreting it as not overtly. But if she is overtly flirting with other
guys, that’s not good. She’s doing that to make you jealous. When you guys are first dating, whatever,
not a big deal. When you get into a relationship and she’s
obviously flirting with other guys. What does that look like overt flirting? A lot of it is going to be touching. Or maybe if you hear her complimenting another
guy in a way that’s complimenting him in a way that’s saying like, oh she could be attracted
to him. And again, it’s okay if she says to one of
her guy friends that he looks cute. Don’t think that that is flirting. But I mean, we’re combining like her getting
really close to a guy, maybe touching him, throwing in a compliment, like very obvious
multiple signs of her flirting. That’s somewhat disrespectful. And she might be doing this to make you jealous
and you shouldn’t stand for that. And here is the kicker. Don’t show your jealousy. Because when you show your jealousy, she wins. Instead, I would completely drop it. I would not say a word, because that’s going
to teach her hey, that is not something you’re going to react to. And if she continues to do this, then you
should end it with her. That’s right, you should break up with her. If she’s flirting with other guys a lot overtly,
overtly and doing it all the time. This is disrespectful, because that is not
the way to get the attention of a man, that is a insecure way to do it, which is a red
flag. If you want to learn how to attract the right
woman and not a woman who’s going to play games with you and get women interested in
you that are respectful and that aren’t trying to mess with you then I want you to check
out my Hooked program at www.getherhooked.com. That’s going to teach you the right way to
attract healthy, good women into your life so you can have a good relationship or at
least be surrounded by people who are good people. Check it out, www.getherhooked.com and I can
teach you all the different techniques, non-manipulative, just ways to get you to be an awesome confident
guy and attract great women. Go check it out www.getherhooked.com. I’ll see you in the next video.

30 thoughts on “5 Dating Mind Games Women Play And How to Always Win

  1. Mind games, that's cute! However don't tell her that cause we don't validate these dames.

  2. If she testing you, take it in with a grain of salt and react wisely. if she’s messing with you intentionally, drop her like 6th period French.

  3. Ok, most of the examples the answer is end with her… Tripp says "I don't blame her, but you should end with her". The answer here is very simple, if a girl plays mind games with you don't chase her or simply fck her and go away. Mind games isn't a thing a quality woman do with you. The less mind games and the more desperate a girl looks, the better. If a girl is really attracted to you she is incapable of using mind games.

  4. This is good advice and also a no-brainer. It can be a bit too much for a well-mannered "good guy" to accept bad behavior from a woman even once. If she's taking many liberties with him and have him jump through hoops a lot then that's a red flag. Desperation is a huge turn-off and guys subconsciously act in ways that are a no-no in the dating game. I think it's better to let go than be seen as gullible and weak. If she likes him after their first meeting, she can chase him too or make it easier for him to reach out to her.

    When one can be alone without feeling lonely, they'd have a much happier life.

  5. This came in at the right time. She plays with her phone out on a date and texts replies very late at night. Thanks Tripp. I'm nexting this one

  6. On regards of buying things: I would only buy something for her only if she is my girlfriend
    If she's just a date, I will straight up tell her that, and this makes sort of a challenge to her, because she might be used to people giving her things, and a "no" might seem interesting to her

  7. Talking about the jealousy thing: Tripp is right
    Jealousy in the first place is unnatural, you try to own the girl instead of letting her be. If she tries to make you jealous by going out with other guys "just because", let her. If she wants to cheat in you, if you two are together and in a monogamous relation, she will with or without your consent.
    That said, these are the kind of games that she might play once in a while to see if you lost all your other options with girls, or are still vigorous and ready to leave her if she does something that crosses the line.
    In any case, be always high value and don't let the situations diminish your self worth, you can be good with or without her, and eventually you will get to somebody that doesn't do these kind of BS.
    No need to be jealous, no need to stress. Everything is under control and it is either a "yes" or "no" situation

  8. These all seem to be signs shes not really into you. Protect yourself and walk away. Delete her number and contacts and get away. Toxic seems to be the right word.

  9. We thank all you relationship advisors for the help and service you give the people.

  10. if she cancels don't drop her instantly, say to her "that's okay, let me know when you are fre to get together" so you leave the door open for het to text you..but after that NEVER text het again, walk away and never look back…when she tekst you, assume she wants to see you and set the next date.

  11. Women arent women anymore. They are feminists. Therefore they are disqualified! Women arent a nessessity, they are an accessory. They need a man. We dont need them.

  12. Men and women cant be friends. Because the sex part gets in the way. A woman isnt going to help you drop an engine into a car with you. A woman is not going to help you remove and replace broken cedar fence posts from a wind storm. Thats what friends do. Not fooling me with back burner boys.

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