4K CC. Big Glorious Scarab Beetle, Catching Amazing Pet Insects & Reptiles NM AZ TX USA Herping HD.

4K CC. Big Glorious Scarab Beetle, Catching Amazing Pet Insects & Reptiles  NM AZ TX USA Herping HD.

Hopefully trying to find a snake But I found my twin today He’s representing the same colors I am I don’t know Ha Just….Yet another critter that I Never seen in my life and have no idea what it even is Except for it’s some kind of beetle Um Yeah there is so many things I have been discovering on this trip that I didn’t even come here for Um And yet I just keep finding them Especially the Insects and we’re close to Mexico So I think some of these things may be like neo tropical or something cause those are just some colors right there I mean I.. I didn’t expect anything like this I saw these crazy flashy color and I thought he was a piece of trash under the log I flipped over Come on come on buddy off off offff Come on off Yeah he doesn’t want to let go um This might take a few minutes here Sniff Come on Come on offoffoff Ok Look look your close to the ground close come on come on let go letgo Ok Kid: haha ha ha ha lol Alright buddy take the camera real quick Kid: Ok I got to get him off of me cause he’s Ok ok come on come on there we go let go of my finger! Ahh now he’s climbing up again Yeah he’s like crazy to try and get rid of Come on come on He’s like kicking me ever time I go to touch him (Fly on my mouth) Pffttt spit there’s a fly getting me too come on come on come on Ok I finally got him off Ok let him flip over He’ll flip over on his own and then be on his way haha alright we’ll add some leaves and dirt to him and Make sure that he’s got a nice home there That something ain’t ever gonna find him in Ok He’s free now Riverbed over there Get a good look at the environment Couple pine trees Um there’s ok trees around here Not sure…there’s other types of trees Maybe juniper trees Flipped over this big log here And he was hiding right here In this little hole that he dug out for him self

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