4K Bullfrog Gives Up After Finding Him Self In Bad Spot. Nature, Travel, Herping, Fishing.

Yeah it’s funny he’s just so..Just relaxed I don’t know It’s so funny Girl: aha Guy: It’s my pet frog Girl: Hahaha ha he’s just so chill Oh no no don’t get the…..Hi Hi Mr Bullfrog Guy: Alright let’s take him and put him in the deeper spot Girl: He’s so cool Sloshing water( Walking thru the water) Guy: Ok here’s the deep spot Ok you guys got your video? err or the…. Oh wait I’ve got it lol, Here we go Alright lettin him go There you go Kids: Bye Girl: Hahaha Guy: Wow He’s so cool Kid: There he goes, He disappears into the abyss Girl: Love you Guy: Love you too Kid 2: Ah I feel dirty Kid: 4 Explorers found the great Bullfrog

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