hello guys I’m currently in Singapore I’m in the riots Marina Singapore office and I am streaming here I tried to stream from my hotel room it didn’t work fortunately Singapore garena office was very nice and they set me up with a nice place right here and we need content we’re running out of YouTube content and I had one really good idea and what is that idea I’m about to get demoted in the Vietnamese server so why not go to Singapore and then play Vietnamese League of Legends merchants from ered is a great idea I know I know and I may sound a little different because I’m in a soundproof room and I am dressed as a cat pretty good anyway yeah I think we’re gonna have a great day and the Vietnamese do not know I’m playing on their server right now so we’re not gonna get Ghost it at all unless you guys tell them but this is a secret so don’t tell them so let’s go ahead and let’s get this party started if we are in diamond2 0lp oh my god if I lose I’m gonna get demoted I don’t even know what my piñas well time to get demoted to diamond 3 and Vietnamese League of Legends I wanted content this is content no we’re having an unfortunate situation here okay it’s launching its launching this is a good sign this is a very good sign I’m not gonna look I’m not gonna look okay is it working what is your problem game what is your problem bro okay client client you have been demoted to Janus weapon masters diamond three [Music] and we’re good okay if everything goes well we’re gonna have a cow playing in the young Buffalo server we’re gonna be happy we’re gonna have some great YouTube content and if this video is ten minutes long then hey guys you spoiler alert we did it let’s get a real game are you ready Vietnam are you ready hmm private Vietnam stream wait is he saying I’m streaming the guy in my game knows I’m streaming not so private after all is it okay let’s go let’s go okay I’m playing on a tiny monitor guys but that’s not gonna stop me that’s not gonna stop me uh-huh I’m getting my diamond two back today all right let’s go to the river all right who’s the jungler Evelynn I hate that champion is that nice place yes okay let’s go focus on the game jinx focus on the game all right let’s build up conquerors all right today is Diamond – I’m just I’m ready to get it back wait where’s bot lane oh god oh god are they dia map oh god oh god oh god oh god okay okay it’s just that one it’s just that one cool oh you did bro point all right okay I got a little bit of frame lag I’m hoping it looks okay on the stream because like five people just died dude dude this guy is the next Baker you know what they say you got to start him young like he’s probably like one of those like you guys ever seen those images of like the row of PCs and then you have like a bunch of like 12-year olds on them just like boosting people in the Challenger those are like little young Buffalo stations right this re is probably one of those boosters he’s doing God’s work right now God’s work oh god oh girl you went that way what the heck Go Go don’t worry he doesn’t see us okay he’s just gonna kill that word we’re just gonna wait here patience this guy’s got the patience of a frickin adult okay I’m ready you’re dead bro free kill nice yeah nice one you have this guy this guy he might be a young Buffalo but he’s a young and mature Buffalo help me please yo bro just stop sucking okay okay I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming I get that’s how I get that that one get that talent get that telling what you missed your charm baby that is all mine you know what dude I ain’t done I ain’t done no no oh you think you can it wait was I slowed wait was I slowed in hi-lander did you wait was I slow yeah we’re letting it go because we want to be thinking oh my god dude I can’t even move man okay oh come on dude that item is so stupid that item is so stupid in fact I even made a video thumbnail about how stupid that item is dude that item is it’s just so it’s so rigged it’s such an unfair item oh come on man come on bro bro bro haha thanks babe let’s go let’s go let’s go don’t beat what cease nobody will cease have armor and mr we’re good we’re good they’re a man down there a Talon down when we got this if you guys can just stop Evelyn from coming in here it’ll be perfect I’ll choose Enya yeah see if you listen the cows out you win games I’d love you Vienna Vietnam Xin chào I knew him thank you come on oh man we’re gonna win we’re gonna get me back in the d2 baby oh oh yeah we’re getting back into D to surrender now because cow step is here Cal step has returned to Vietnam but I’m in Singapore I’m playing on the Vietnamese server but I’m in Singapore but that does not matter all that matters is that I’m here with my 30 ping pretty impressive ping numbers actually dude we have a three beef live for here we can do this we can so do this well she just killed things that’s nice okay that was kind of throw e you know but I got really excited um come on come on come on one B 1 1 B 1 noob 1 B 1 noob you won’t you won’t you won’t come on dude you’re too scared you too scared baby oh I just notice they have two still champions Oh all right yo easy-peasy see this is why Soraka is such a great champion no no no no no no no no Vietnam no no no no no no come on it was only one game it was only one game no no no no come on we were in such a good mood we were in such a good mood these works please work please please please dude dude and you know what I should do I should ask them why they didn’t give me any skins like they they only gave me two skins I should like literally go out there and ask them why I don’t have more skins you know what guess I’m gonna do it I’m by the way if you don’t know I’m in the Singapore Kareena office I’m gonna go ask I’ll be right back [Music] [Music] he’s not there you didn’t know you only have one shoestring per shoe it’s always one shoestring really now that I’m wait I think you’re right otherwise there would be two ends dude that’s why it’s called a shoestring and not shoe strings huh Wow see it’s a little things in life that we don’t think about guys that impact us the most does pretty revolutionary right there just really absolutely changed my life [Music] you [Music] you

100 thoughts on “4D CHESS: MY SECRET VIETNAM STREAM – Cowsep

  1. That 1st 2min of content was great, ya right&@%£&&£. Lol welcome to Singapore, remembered the beer you drank in Vietnam? That tiger beer is Singapore beer. Pls check it out

  2. Ổng quay xong đăng lên YouTube thì fan trẩu ở VN Bt thì sao?? ( ý kiến riêng thôi nha đừng chửi)

  3. By the way the other server is having One for all but in Vietnam the ARURF is opening instead of one for all

  4. This is awesome everyone , 8-8 Everyone in VN server will have Pool Party Gankplank for Birthday of LOL 6 Age

  5. Yeo cowsep ive been in that predicament before. All you have to do is change the resolution of your client and it should start working. If not then change the resolution of your whole pc

  6. It's nice seeing you so happy and in such a positive mood, I hope it wasn't all for show and you really are doing well. Can't wait for more videos like this one

  7. When you get thiserror, just kill all lol processes in task manager, always works for me (except when i have no internet…)

  8. Từ xấu cmn xa, ác cmn độc, xấu cmn xí, thành đẹp thing?( k biết gọi bằng j) mạnh và ngầu lòi hơi, bá cmn đạo và to hơn( cái j to hơn tự biết) 😀

  9. Vietnamese young buffalo aren't toxic if you don't understand what them speaking, VNese young buffalo call each other "animal" (dog brain:D)when the game losing and trying to throw the game to prove them don't need to win because they are pro player(especial yasuo player) and can win any game they want, that's VNese young buffalo:)

  10. The fact that you did not notice that the shoe string isn't one string and why it's written that way by now is beyond me lol

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