3D XYZ Chess

3D XYZ Chess

if you enjoy two dimensional chess you’re going to really like playing it in three dimensions in regular chess you can move in straight lines or diagonally but in 3d chess you add the tri agonal move 3d chess is like a large Rubik’s Cube but the number of playing spaces is still the same 64 just like the 2d version the chess pieces don’t change either so unlike 2d chess where all the options have been contemplated when you play in three dimensions you can pioneer your own moves and strategies it’s a new era in Chaz here the queen is a satellite the rook is a bomber that moves slowly up or down the bishop is a jet able to move quickly diagonally in three planes the night is a helicopter able to move from the novel try agonal directions here is a great chance to use the element of surprise beware the night for just like the 2d version the real world board version is sold separately

2 thoughts on “3D XYZ Chess

  1. We've made Chess better! Working on the Star Trek theme the game is made to mimic Chess. As a result the game is more playable and offers players a venue to pioneer new original strategies; now in three dimensions.

  2. In fact, it lacks the inside of the cube, space which defines "3D". I think that perhaps your wonderful display, needs a digital versión, using space inside the cube ….. Of course, this would be a new chess game.

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