3 Games, 1 Video

3 Games, 1 Video

*WHAPOOSH* Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to something a little different. Welcome to three games one video I wanted to do a thing because I go around itch.io alot And I- I look for games there and I wanted them are really good But some of them just aren’t… something worthy of like a whole video dedicated to them on their own and they end up skipping over a lot of games because of that. So I wanted to do something where I put a few of them into one video so I could get a bunch of them all together. Now I don’t have to skip out over them the ones that look cool. I actually still get to play But it’s not like a four-minute video or anything. And the first one here is called Theatre One for the Dreamer. so it’s- it’s a thing where you put in a game into a playstation one or a “J station” and then you get to experience some like rendered scenes for movies, now There’s there’s not a whole lot of gameplay or anything to it, but it looks really cool And I wanted to try it out for myself To see what it looks like in person cuz they’re the gifts from the trailer and everything looked really nice. Oh My god, it’s so uncannily similar Oh god, I miss my I miss the ps1 days, right we just have demos of games because I couldn’t afford them Oh my god, it rendered my room. Oh That’s cool, um I’d like my ps1. I used to have demos for like Tekken 3 medieval Cooler world you remember any of you who got a ps1 remember that demo? cuz I think it was called demo 1 actually and it was so much fun and like the The takin demo only had a couple of characters But you could just play all you wanted they made evil demo You could play as long as you could get So you had a certain amount of time to play it and then you could get to a certain distance in it Now I used to play that shit all the time and hearing the ps1 sound just reminds me of that demo So it’s not any bit like this style and you know like the alien which is the thing You have dream killer which is obviously Blade Runner judging by the style Plissken Rayder’s army of Darkness unsolved mysteries Plissken is oh my god. The room Plissken is a character from Escape from New York and in Metal Gear Solid 2 solid snake in that game is called Iroquois Plissken as a snake’s character in Metal Gear Solid is supposed to be Who plays that character? Oh I know they are a carrot or they actor and everything and I can’t think of his name. He was ego in Guardians the galaxy – I Gotta think of his name Kirk Douglas So his name I camera anyway moving on. How do we play my game? Oh, maybe you have to go to sleep Betty Betty time time There’s a third game in this though that you get to explore as well You get through the Blade Runner you get to do the thing and you also get to do Nothing ah, here we go so if theater one theater two and theatre three With the other two are locked so I’m gonna go through theater one Okay scary anyway that’s kind of a pseudo horror filled with look how cool this is Evil darkness This is the Evil Dead and I would love an entire game like this It reminds me of the old Silent Hill games and seeing evil darkness come up as very filmic and everything But it’s done in an old style and a newer engine. So everything still looks better than it did back Then you’ve less anti-aliasing you have less or you have more draw distance. You have things like that. I Want I want a retro game looking like this but on new hardware How cool would that be because there’s something very creepy about this old style Because it’s kind of uncanny. It kind of looks real but it doesn’t at the same time. It’s all polygonal and weird Where’s my boomstick Think away that the basement Wow lovely modern art you can see here that this is the Last Supper There it is The Book of the Dead can I listen to this Okay, No, all I have to do is click that but when you click that thing you you leave out of it So that’s like the first of the area that you get to explore That’s fun that the guy who just wanted to recreate or whoever made this game Wanted to recreate some of their favorite locations and just do them in this kind of style. I like that We just go straight into the next one That’s awesome Dream killer There’s something about having a very identifiable Logo or font or text show up on the middle of the screen while you’re still playing the game It’s very very movie. Like and I like it a lot. I Had the floating Karras floating terrors the flying cares, they’re not in water they’re floating on the air million-dollar Yennefer coffins The music’s fantastic Co2 I want a whole game like this It reminds me of LSD Simulator whatever the hell that’s called Today go in here Oh, I thought it had to go in there where am I going what am I looking for? I’ll explore Oliver. Ah, I’m looking for the origami The origami unicorn wake up Deckard And then the last one is the alien This is awesome reminds me of stories untold Seriously I want an entire game to look like this, please The alien otherwise known as the thing and I’ve never seen the thing I know all about it, and I know the pot toys and I know the Ins and outs of the plot how it ends and all that kind of stuff just because it’s such a huge part of pop culture But I’ve never actually seen the movie Maybe you should watch it. There’s a remake of that movie Can’t remember Let’s play chess, ah the blood sample The blood sample there in the thing it reacts to fire, isn’t it? So if your blood is clean and you’re light it on fire, it means that the you’re not the thing Might know I really want to watch it. Can I just not this can I just stop recording this video right here? Uh-huh. Thanks for playing that was a Nice and simplistic just a nice little walk around some environments. I really like it That’s why I’m saying I wanted to do this and show it off anyway Because I like what the developer did and I wish them well And I hope that they make more stuff like this and just keep developing anyway So I wanted to showcase what they made but this isn’t like something that you can put into a game on its or a video on its own because it’s not really there’s no real gameplay to it, but moving on to game number two Welcome This is a horror game that was on each, um looks kind of cool looks fun looks quirky and I thought I played for years For years. I’ve been chasing this bastard alias alphabet killer identity unknown I know I’m closing in on this guy Or maybe that’s just what he wants me to think so many sleepless nights pointless stakeouts and Chinese takeout It’s like a really crappy song so many sleepless nights Pointing stakeouts and Chinese tickets sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it Well not going to throw away four years of work now. It’s like we’re tasting to order then up the morning cabin killer. That’s Heavy rain, we’re chasing the Zodiac killer. I should start searching towards the eastern wing of the building according to my records That’s where he should be located press tab to view notebook Oh, wow feel like my my neck is all lubed up Alright, this reminds me of their Like one shot indie horror games that everyone was playing on YouTube back in like I said to turn on flashlight Oh, uh, oh god. Oh No No, I didn’t know there was mannequin things in it. Oh no, I hate that You’re not like a Weeping Angel type of situation. Are you? High oh I don’t like that you telling me to go this way Back when indie horror games and like these little one-shot horror games are all the rage on YouTube This is the type of thing that everyone would play you do a video on this and everyone loves it, man How times have changed I close this? I don’t want Afraid over there to creep up on me anymore Hi, Sister Margaret What are you doing? You doing a pointless takeout and Chinese takeout as well? Is this just a hard drive on the wall? I don’t know what I do Do I interact with any of this oh Jesus- I got scared by a post-it note. “Meeting in the East Wing 4. All CLA members to be present.” “1. Ask Jenny”- Can you count? “Ask Jenny to make sure all prerequisite documents are printed and handed out” “Make sure to stock coffee supplies, Call Kevin.” Call Kevin Michael I do not like that Kevin from the office- you know. 4157, keep that in mind because that might be- there’s a reason that these are out of order. 4-1-5-7. Okay. See you later. God, I’m very fast- aw, he’s gone! Where’d you go, buddy? Hi! yes, um… It should be under Jack? it might be under Sean though. So yeah, I’m here to see Dr. Smith. Can you tell him I’ve arrived? You’re bad at your job Hi Can I go through here? I need to restore power to get the keypads working. Okay, how do I restore power? That is a question that- oh wait. I should probably just do it in here, right? Whoo Did I do it? I did do it. Okay. I feel like your face is following me. Oh my god, it is following me, isn’t it? Oh, that’s so creepy! There’s pictures all over the ground. I’m a policeman, actually. I didn’t know that. Okay, now can I- oh, the head follows you! Ooh, not a fan of that action! Okay, four one five seven Hah, I knew it- and he’s gone. Oh man. You’re supposed to be just a nice little horror game Now your face isn’t following me. Oh no, they’re all crying over somebody. Oh! Not a fan! I will not be coming to your meet-and-greet! Mmm, there’s something about mannequins. There’s something about statues and mannequins and stuff Just kind of being behind you like they’re alive, but they’re not it’s kind of a Toy Story thing Hi everyone, are we at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Ooh nice butt cheeks “Press E to pick up gun. Press space to equip gun. Hurry.” Why are you telling me to hurry oh, oh oh, oh God! Do I have bullets? I mean I know I do it to shoot them with but I mean do I have a finite amount of bullets? Okay, okay “four five one four. -dev.” Thanks developer, I never would have known. 4514. Subtle. Okay, keep an eye out Keep an eye out for these freaky weirdos. Oh, Lord! oh, Lord! What what what? Oh god, they’re coming this way What are they doing? Are they just running back for it- Oh God, it’s so weird. You’re all in a line, get your ducks in a row I played a lot of Fortnite, okay! Oh, the fucking faces look directly at you Oh, no! It’s got no legs and it’s running around! Oh! Oh, oh! No, no, no, all right if they don’t have heads- (repeating) No no no! Die, you fuck! Okay, if they don’t have heads they can’t look at me! Hate you! This is way freakier than it should be. Where’s One Arm Jimmy gone? One Leg, I mean. Just to be safe, okay. (yells) You started off so cheesy and normal and now everything’s weird and creepy “Do you believe me yet?” I don’t know what I’m believing. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. “Meeting east wing.” All CLA members to be present.. Is that what they are or they see it? Oh, oh, there’s one at the door It’s moving slowly Don’t like it. “Ask Jenny to make sure all prerequisite documents (mumbles). Make sure coffee supplies-” Oh No No, okay, that deals with him! Just to be sure Can I leave? I want out. I want out. I want to exit. I want to go. Just to be sure ah, there’s a note here You’ve ruined everything. I’ve prepared a tea party just for you. Now the teas gone cold, and that’s the tea for today folks Had you been on time no-one would have had to get hurt PS. I found the gun in your house while you were sleeping Your locks are crap. Fix it you lie to your Co about getting the gun service knock knock What the hell does any of that mean found this note in the maintenance area, okay, that’s cool No of Jesus oh Those are like the decals for when you shoot so I was like shooting holes in your head. Oh, oh Who’s this a bit of good oh, dude Can I have this come on just there’s smg’s and stuff there, but I’m not allowed to open it Okay, I don’t know what that did does that open up the door in the other area Compressor need to activate again. It’s very picky Okay, no I can’t all right We’re doing this it got very dark. I’m so glad I shot all of them and their last time through She tried turning the power back on again why Where did that door works Here we go powers back everybody Well, you guys worked. No, you don’t have heads anymore Where you were live in the first place, that’s my question. Haha courtyard Hi folks just on a meeting lovely. Sorry if I interrupt Come to Farley killed by you fuckers Oh Oh Jesus I can still shoot and everything shoot them You need to add in one of those thank you for playing Emmys for murder It was silly and fun, I like that Ha ha and welcome to the third game I say this the last cuz then you this is going to be the best one. This is called t-rex breakout It’s a little gameplay scenario when the t-rex breaks out of the defense in Jurassic Park one one of my favorite movie moments of all time Jurassic Park one is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a classic its timeless. I can watch 30 million times They never get bored of it But this game looks really really cool But look how look how awesome disease or Jesus Are those classic sounds oh My god, it’s literally like a scene from the movie. Oh That’s so cool, should I get out should I go greet him? Hey Does he hate me? Oh When you gotta go you gotta go wait, I want to get out when he’s destroying the stuff vinegars are the thing That’s so awesome, Oh Lord Restarting No Oh God. Oh my god. That is just like the movie Why you never had lamb chops before Alright, this entry is just fine in the car. Oh my god. I want to be our version of this That looks identical to the movie That’s phenomenal good job developer, can I do anything in the car? Can I get flares gonna get me night-vision goggles? Are they heavy? Okay, that probably means they’re expensive so you should put them back It’s gonna do is you just gonna walk around I mean the good tire though. That’s the bad one Who can I get into the other one? Cuz that’s where Lex and Tim here that’s where shit goes down Okay, that kind of broke oh Hi, is he gonna mess with that hair hi shaking all the water off like a big dog I Wonder if oh I have a flashlight. Oh My god, the flashlight is exactly the one from the movie as well a little circle in the middle. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Hi big boy How’s it going I Think you’re hurt a gallon I heard it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah the – over that way go get them We’ll see if we can get out and go to the other car Using the actual sounds from the movie as well as such a good idea I want to hold a game like this. I want a whole full Jurassic Park game Like a first-person Jurassic Park game just do the exact movie like this. Let me play out the movie I Mean I don’t really get what the gameplay would be or anything. I just want this in its entirety Developer can you make that it’s also sad to think about that in real life The t-rex wasn’t nearly that big like the one in the movie is the same with the velociraptors. Those are not velociraptors are The more like the size of a utahraptor or something Or maybe something else but like a t-rex in real life was I think it was like 15 feet tall and It’s not its biggest and what we were at PAX the ark developers the dinosaur Survival game they had a model of a t-rex there. Oh Jesus But apparently it was 15% bigger than a real t-rex and even then it wasn’t even the size of this guy She’s kind of sad I want to see really gigantic But a Tyrannosaurus Rex is the coolest sounding geyser, actually, no Velociraptor is the coolest sounding dynasty Hey big girl There’s one thing that always bothered me about the Jurassic Park movie Okay Deal listen to me for a second, you know where the t-rex comes out broke a hole in the fence But that’s all well and good t-rex was in there looked out over the fence broke a hole in it, that’s cool But then dr grant and Lex jump out over it to try and get away from him because they’re about to be crushed by the car and They go through the same hole But it’s suddenly it’s like a 50-foot drop the other side And I never understood that why is it suddenly a gigantic drop the other side where the carrot falls down into the tree with Timmy? in it Where’s before that it wasn’t I Don’t know man, hi, I’m in here look. Oh I made it angrier. Oh go it It does the same for the movie You need to roll oh god, it’s Oh what’s in it’s moving chair Oh No, there is more I Don’t like this Oh, it’s scary you Need to break the glass though I’m recreating the movie An easy go And then it breeds in the glass, oh Jesus She gets you anyway oh There was more I’m gonna stick with it now. That was cool. I think I also heard a movie fact about Jurassic Park recently that when the t-rex went down through the glass like that and Lex and Timmy were holding the glass off and it was slamming down and apparently that wasn’t supposed to happen I think something happened with the animatronic where its head went down further than it was supposed to and the glass came down So they were actually scared in real life I don’t know how true that is, but I want it to be true because I love movie facts like that Well there you have it three games one video. Hope you guys enjoyed that I had a blast let me know if you want to see more stuff like this because as I said before The the t-rex one and the one where I was going around in the the theaters the theater one game Those are ones that I wanted to play a while back But I figured that they weren’t enough to do a video on their own width So it’s it’s fun to put them all into a video like this So we actually get to showcase what these developers are making and that t-rex one is really good Like there’s not a whole lot to it But that’s really really well made some of that felt like you were actually in the movie and I love that I I would love to see them do more of that. Let’s see that fleshed out I love a full game to be like that is so awesome Anyway, thank you guys so much watching this video. If you liked it punch that like button in the face like guys Thank you guys Man now I want to watch the recipe park

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    btw Jack, what you said about the drop is something that cinemasins mentioned when they did everything wrong with Jurassic park lol. You should check out the video 😉

  5. I hated that T-Rex. Scared me as a kid and it still scared as an adult. I rode the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studios. One part of the ride will suddenly stop and a crashing noise will sound (gamers are really sensitive to sounds.) I got nervous and looked around me and then up–that's when I saw a T-Rex head popping out of the ceiling looking down at us. It was a cool ride and a good jumpscare.

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