3 Games, 1 Video

3 Games, 1 Video

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  1. Origami is a reference to the game origami killer which I haven't played but its made by the same people that made detroit become human

  2. Did anyone else notice that if you were on your phone and scrolling through Jack's videos, in the thumbnail to this video the red lights are flickering?

    It gives me the chills and makes the video far more enticing

  3. M is for Murder reminds me of Outlast because of the notepad, hospital, dark and bloody atmosphere. And the Man passing through the wall, it reminds me of the sewer level when you first see the Walrider.

  4. omg I feel the same way about that last game! My parents rented Jurassic park after it came out on VHS when I was 3 years old. That started my love of dinosaurs that I still have today. Jurassic park is one of the best movies ever, I don't care how inaccurate it is.

    btw Jack, what you said about the drop is something that cinemasins mentioned when they did everything wrong with Jurassic park lol. You should check out the video 😉

  5. I hated that T-Rex. Scared me as a kid and it still scared as an adult. I rode the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studios. One part of the ride will suddenly stop and a crashing noise will sound (gamers are really sensitive to sounds.) I got nervous and looked around me and then up–that's when I saw a T-Rex head popping out of the ceiling looking down at us. It was a cool ride and a good jumpscare.

  6. Its funng cuz I have a PS1 that still works with some games. Some times I get the kick of just playing old games, love that

  7. Jack " reminds me of lsss dee simulator"
    Jack's brain " nice job Jackie boi ya shielded the crowd from ya wild years

  8. Sean, watch "The Thing". It is by far the best suspense horror movie you will ever watch.
    But watch the original 1982 movie with Kurt Russel (not the remake as that is shit). Thank me later!

  9. Now y'all know that Jack is afraid of mannikins right, and what does he play 3 horror games and what's one of em, a MANIKIN HORROR GAME🌟👏🏾😂

  10. Jurassic Park, to this day, remain on my number 1 spot as well. That movie changed my childhood and made me love dinosaurs. Also, funny how a movie from 93 had better looking CGI than Jurassic World.

  11. Jack said EXACTLY what I've been thinking about Jurassic Park since I first watched it. But it's also my favorite movie! So hearing it's also his completely made my day❤️

  12. if you havent watched the thing still, i highly recommend it. for me it wasnt overly hyped like how i felt the shining or halloween was (imo they are so spread around and adored that when i watched them i was disappointed). the thing is still considered a cult film I believe and the storyline is really good. one of my favorites.

  13. 9:45, nice subtle weeping angel action here. One moment they aren’t looking directly at you, the next moment they are!

  14. And who is this Alfredo supposed to be??? The only thing I can think of is Alfredo the Hedgehog from Reaction Time lol

  15. As a Kid during that Movie day, I thought thinking that the T-rex is actually elevating out from the fence lols

  16. The ps1 was my first console, and the midevil demo disc was my first game, and I could never remember the name. Thanks for the flashbacks sean.

  17. You enjoy weird movie facts? Did you know that in the exorcist at the scene where the little girl is being thrown around the bed and she's crying and pleading for it to stop, those were real cries of pain. She was hooked up to a machine that would throw her around, but it washing hooked up right so it was hurting her. I can't remember exactly what they said happened, but I'm pretty sure is jacked up her spine….
    She's fine now though!!!

  18. Actually, Jack, Velociraptors on JP were modeled afternoon Deinoniccus, the larger cousin of the Raptors.

    The Utahraptor was the one from JP3.

  19. There was a remake to the thing. It was called the thing and friends. Oh wait, that's the fantastic 4

  20. My game idea Great graphics resident evil 2 the original voice acting 2020

  21. I remember going to the MR VIDEO and my Mom would rent a game DEMO and that was when I played Crash Bandicoot and now I've played them all…
    Good memories.

  22. In the mannequin one, there was the Alphabet Killer, and I live an hour away from a city where there was a serial killer who was named that and would kill young girls based on the first letter of their last name (I'm pretty that's how he picked them)

  23. When the trex was on the jeep the animation malfunctioned and pushed the jeep into the mud with the kids inside

  24. I too remember when one-shot games where all over YouTube as if it was written all over it, YouTubers would be showcasing it all day and people love it, but now, times have changed all people care about is…what you kids play nowha days, I don't know. By the way do me a favor and tell me your favorite one shot-game ( ;

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