26 Reasons To Become an Entrepreneur

26 Reasons To Become an Entrepreneur

This video is dedicated to two different types
of people. One, you’re either not an entrepreneur – and
I’m going to make a case why you out to become an entrepreneur – and two, you may be an entrepreneur
and you’ve forgotten why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. So let’s get right into it. 26 why you ought to become an entrepreneur,
in no specific order. #1: The Unknown – there’s something exciting
about becoming an entrepreneur because every day there’s an unknown. What’s going to happen with this? What if this takes place? What if that takes place? And it needs to prepare you for certain things. You need to bring out a certain side of you
that you’ve never seen before. That’s the unknown. The unknown part brings out a certain unpredictable
side of you that you can only see if you’re an entrepreneur. And being an employee, you know, it’s pretty
much, “Hey, we’re doing this” – unless you’re in an environment that’s constantly growing,
for the most part, most people it’s every day it’s the same exact thing. So #1, is unknown. #2:Constantly having to meet a newer, better
version of yourself. So think about this. Think about you’re 30 years old, watching
this. If you’re an entrepreneur, and you don’t recreate
yourself every 90 days, you aren’t going to make it as an entrepreneur. You’re going to get crushed by somebody else. If you aren’t constantly improving yourself,
you’re going to get hammered by somebody else. So the great thing about becoming an entrepreneur
and you’re 30, imagine what you’re going to be at 31. That’s exciting! Imagine what you’re going to be at 32, at
33, 34, oh my God, 40, 45, 48, 50! Man, how am I going to be at 50? You may be watching this and you’re 17. How will you be at 22? How will you be at 27? At 29? That’s the exciting part of seeing a better
version of you. It’s like an award-winning movie you’re watching
that every time I’m going to be the new character, but the entire character is who? You. #3: Freedom – you have the freedom to do a
lot of different things. Freedom is a big part of it. Most people don’t have the freedom that they
want when you have a job. The freedom could be making as much money
as you want to make, freedom to travel, see the world, freedom to where you want to live,
zip code, all this other stuff. It’s freedom. #4: It’s the greatest game you’ll ever play. So if you’re watching this and say, “I love
video games.” For some people that love video games. If you’re watching this, “I love board games.” What are some of the board games we play? Monopoly, what else is there? Chess, Life, or Clue, Monopoly — I mean,
these things are games because it’s like how can I win in this game? Becoming an entrepreneur is the greatest board
game you’ll ever play. Let me tell you. There’s not a better board game than being. . . mark my words, there’s not a better board
game than becoming an entrepreneur, because it’s a game you’re playing, there’s a score,
there’s excitement, there’s strategy, there’s team partnership, collaboration, it’s exciting
when you’re running a game for the rest of your life, and can you imagine playing a game
for 50 more years? That’s becoming an entrepreneur. #5:No politics. When I say no politics, look, no matter what
you ever do, there’s going to be some level of politics. But in the world of business, as an entrepreneur,
if you kind of want to do what you want to do, there’s a lot of things you can do. You have flexibility. Now is it smart to go around and telling everybody
off all the time? Of course not. Then you’re not creating synergistic relationships. But you don’t have the politics of I better
do this before I move up and I have to kiss his butt before I move up. There is none of that going on in the world
of entrepreneurship. #6: Get paid what you’re worth. What do you want to make? You’re going to get paid. By the way, if you’re an entrepreneur and
you’re saying, “Well, you know, I only make $30,000 a year as an entrepreneur.” That’s what you’re worth today, based on your
effort, improvement, progress, innovation, thinking, creativity, work ethic, all of that
stuff. If you’re an entrepreneur making 2 million
dollars a year right now, guess what you’re worth? You are worth 2 million dollars a year as
an entrepreneur. #7: You’re fireproof. What’s fireproof? No one can fire you. The only people that can fire you are your
customers and your employees. But everybody else, no one can come and say,
you’re fired today. Nope. You can’t get fired. There’s no one that can fire you. You’re fireproof. #8: Happiness. Generally, you meet bitter people, bitter
people are simply coming from a state of not improving. If somebody doesn’t improve, they’re bitter. You meet happy people, they’re typically improving
and they’re typically creating. Bitter people don’t improve, don’t create,
Happy people improve and create. There’s a certain level of high you get when
you’re improving and you’re creating. Happiness comes from that. You know, a lot of people say, “My gosh, why
are entrepreneurs so fired up and energized?” You go try to create an improve and see what
happens to you. You’ll be very happy yourself as well. #9: You don’t have to be a genius. You know, you do not have to be a genius to
make it as an entrepreneur. Why? You can always recruit geniuses. You can always recruit people that are 10
times smarter than you. Sometimes in the corporate world, you have
to be a genius to move up, but you have to do a lot of things to move up, and all these
fancy. . . you don’t have to worry about that as
an entrepreneur. You can simply be a very good recruiter of
genius minds and then that helps you grow as an entrepreneur. #10: It’s the closest thing you’ll play to
sports. So if you love sports, and you’re a person
that loves your football or baseball or basketball or swimming or soccer or hockey, whatever
it is, and you played high school football or high school basketball, college maybe,
or you were professional for some of you guys that are professional sports that you follow
me and we talk about it all the time, and afterwards, if you’ve played competitive sports,
and that part is missing – man, it’s as if a part of you died. Literally. It’s as if a part of you died. If you played sports and there’s no more sports
or competition, it’s the sports of business. Similar things take place — practice, putting
a team together, competition, leaders, stats, showing up early, leaving late, hitting the
weights, all of that is combined together because it’s the closest thing you’ll play
to sports. #11: Creativity. You can use your creativity in so many different
ways – strategies, marketing, creating an edge, product, events, sales, contests – so
many different ways you can use your creativity. #12: Community – you’re part of a community. You’re part of a community of other entrepreneurs. You speak a certain language that other entrepreneurs
speak. Have you ever gone to a certain city or certain
country and they speak a different language and you kind of look at everybody like, “Man,
I wish I spoke their language”? When two entrepreneurs speak, and other people
are not entrepreneurs – everybody says, I spoke the language of entrepreneurship. Man, we speak a very nice, unique, language. That’s sexy, ain’t it? It’s sexy. When you become an entrepreneur, you’re part
of a certain community that we speak a complete different language. #13: Contribution. You are contributing to society. You are creating jobs. You are helping people advance in life. You are helping design better products, better
than competitors so customers are happy. Contribution. You help non-profit organizations. You help people that need help. Contribution – it’s very fulfilling when you’re
contributing. #14: Control – You can control in many different
ways. You can control in time, you can control in
freedom, you can control in so many different ways that you have control over. #15: As an entrepreneur, one of the reasons
why you ought to be an entrepreneur is if you’re a little bit weird, if you’re watching
us and you’re a little bit weird, you’re off, you’re crazy, maybe people have said you have
ADD or ADHD, your hypomanic or manic or whatever it is – you’re a little bit off. You’re weird, you’re different than anybody
else. I mean, you’ve got like three or four different
personalities. This is perfect for you, just so you realize
it. In the world of business, that is a compliment. In a world of corporate, you’re weird. In the world of business, you’re a genius. Wow! Look at this mind! And you’re kind of like, man, I felt like
a fool and now I feel like I’m partying with a bunch of other weird people and I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve finally found a group I belong to. Next, dress attire. I had somebody that came to my office the
other day, an executive from a major insurance company. He said, “Oh wow, so you’re dressed casually
today.” I said, “No, this is my attire. I love capitalism. I am an entrepreneur. This is how I dress. And every once in a while I put on a suit
for special occasions, and today doesn’t happen to be a special occasion. Why? Because I’m an entrepreneur! This is how I like to dress. This is how I dress. Now my closet is stacked with a bunch of suits. I like to dress like this as an entrepreneur
because I can dress like this as an entrepreneur. And as long as I’m professional and I know
what I’m talking about, people still do business with me. Next, to have a voice. You can have a voice. You can have a voice in your community. You can have a voice in your state. You can have a voice because you’re talking
in an area where you know what you’re talking about, as an entrepreneur you have a bigger
platform, you have a bigger megaphone. You have a voice. #18:Changing the world. There’s something special about changing the
world. Let me tell you something. Some people say, My gosh, you know, you really
think you can change the world? You’re a dreamer! You sound like a six-year-old kid, watching
some of these fantasy movies. You can’t change the world! This isn’t Avatar the movie. This ain’t no cartoon. You ain’t He-Man or Transformers or Spiderman
or Superman or Batman or all this other stuff. Well, let me tell you something. There are a lot of superheroes in the world,
except they don’t have a cape on. They’re entrepreneurs. And they’re changing the world in many different
ways. Bill Gates is a hero. He changed the world. Steve Jobs changed the world. Bezos changed the world. Walton changed the world. Musk changed the world. Rockefeller changed the world. So many people changed the world, as an entrepreneur. And not only with the jobs they created and
the business they created, on the side, giving to charity. Maybe not everybody, but a lot of them give
so much money to charity. Look at Buffett right now, and the kind of
money he gives to charity. Look at what Gates wants to do. He wants to cure so many different viruses
around the world, because it’s his mission. He’s worth 60, 70, 80 billion bucks – changing
the world, baby. It’s such an incredible high to know that
you can change the world. #19: I got a message earlier today, I don’t
know if it’s like a current thing or whatever it is, people message me and say, “Pat, what
do you think about marijuana as a form of therapy?” So what do you think about LSD or cocaine
or ecstasy because it helps with creativity. How do I describe this in the nicest way possible? Because we have a lot of young people that
follow me. Let me explain it to you this way. Why do people use drugs? People use drugs because they get what? Either they want to escape their existing
life that they don’t like, and using this drug takes me to a completely different state,
so I can escape the life that I don’t like, or I can use the idea of me, when I smoke
weed, I come out with some incredible ideas because I’m high, and it taps into my creativity,
etc. etc. etc. And you know studies have shown that there’s
nothing wrong with smoking weed, all this argument that happens. Okay, weed is a natural thing to use, no problem,
you want to make that case. Phenomenal you want to make that case. And you’re high when you smoke weed for 30
minutes or an hour, or you do all these other things. Man, the greatest highs in life are natural
highs that last 10 years. Can you imagine being high for 10 years? That’s what it is when you’re an entrepreneur. You’re high for life. Literally, I am high half the time. I am always high. I’m currently high. You just don’t know it. My eyes don’t turn red. I don’t start seeing like, when you do shrooms
and I’m seeing like butterflies and I see like a flying dinosaur, like a unicorn, what
as that one movie, Neverending Story, with that white dog that looks like a little shiatsu
– like man, but literally, when I tell you this, I am high, like you wouldn’t believe. I am high like you wouldn’t believe. Except I don’t use drugs. Naturally high. Somebody asked me today, they said, “Pat,
how come you don’t drink coffee.” Because you know I don’t drink coffee. I said, “It’s very easy. The reason I don’t drink coffee is, why would
a 20-year-old kid use Viagra?” Wait a minute, I don’t get it. A 20-year-old boy doesn’t need Viagra. Maybe Viagra you use in your 50s and 60s. But at 20-years-old to use Viagra? Why am I going to drink coffee in my 20s and
30s? My coffee should be exercise. I’ll drink coffee in my 50s and 60s. I don’t need coffee right now! Because it’s a natural high, baby. I want to be naturally high. As an entrepreneur, you can have a lot of
natural highs. #20. Boredom? You ain’t never going to be bored. You’ve got to be ready all the time because
there’s a lot of surprises. You don’t have time to be bored as an entrepreneur. #21. Age doesn’t matter. You’re 21, it’s okay. You’re 16, all good. You’re 38, fine. 73, totally fine. 82, cool. Age doesn’t matter in the world of entrepreneurship. Let me explain to you why that’s so important. I get so many questions. Pat, what do I do? I was a former executive for Sony, making
400 grand a year and I was with them for 20 years. And now, nobody wants to hire me. I’m 62 years old. Everywhere I go, I hear the famous thing which
is what? You are overqualified. Then I get comments from people, “I’m 15 years
old. My mom and dad don’t believe I can do this
and. . . all this other stuff. What do I do?” In the world of entrepreneurship, your age
doesn’t matter. Your age doesn’t matter at all. It’s zero. It has nothing to do with your age, as an
entrepreneur. We did a video last week – does
age matter as an entrepreneur? If you haven’t watched it, you can go watch
it from last week, does age matter as an entrepreneur. And age has nothing to do in the world of
entrepreneurship. #22. Legacy. You know, legacy is powerful. When you die, and this thing is done, and
your spirit goes wherever it’s going to go, whether you believe there’s a heaven, reincarnation,
nothing, you’re done, you know, it replaces into an animal or plant – whatever you think. Whatever your belief system is on that. There’s nothing like your kid saying, “My
mom, my dad left a legacy for us that we’re going to be talking about forever. There’s nothing like your grandkids saying,
“One day I’m going to be like you.” You. I want to be like you. You know what that feels like? It’s priceless. Legacy, baby. There’s nothing like your community saying
man, this gal, changed the entire city. This dude changed the entire world, because
of the legacy you left behind. You may have only lived 80 years, but your
legacy is going to live two, three thousand years. Your legacy doesn’t have an age. Your legacy outlives your age of how many
years you live. That’s the legacy. Man, history books, like this, why not chase
that? That’s entrepreneurship for you. #23: Recognition – If you like recognition,
competing and all that stuff, there’s leaders in the world of entrepreneurship so you’re
going to be recognized quite a lot. #24: No degrees needed – I don’t have a degree. I don’t have a four-year degree, I don’t have
a two-year degree, and I just got accepted to a university. I’ll be announcing to you guys here shortly
on what took place; stay tuned for it. That’s going to shock everybody on what happened. I told myself, If I ever go to college, or
university, I will only go to one that accepts me, and I’ll be announcing that here in the
next few on which one that is and you’ll hear about that here shortly. But no degrees needed. I don’t have a four-year, I don’t have a two-year,
I don’t have any of that stuff. None of those things. You don’t need a degree as an entrepreneur. #25: You develop unique muscles. Let me tell you what I mean by developing
unique muscles. In the world of body building, if I grab a
dumbbell and I curl, what am I building? Biceps. If I grab a curl bar and I do nose crushers,
right, I’m developing triceps. If I grab a bench press and I’m doing bench
press, I’m developing my chest. If I do shoulder press, I’m doing shoulders. If I do traps, I’m working on my traps. If I do squats, legs. No matter how much you work out all these
muscles, there’s certain muscles you can’t work unless you swim. There is no gym, there’s no machine at the
gym that works the muscles that your body works if you swim. There are no machines at the gym that can
develop your muscles that swimming can develop. What does this mean? Have you ever seen a swimmer’s body? Ever seen Michael Phelps, what he looks like? Their body forms in a completely different
way, because there’s a muscle you develop when you swim that you can’t hit with the
weights, right? So you say, “Pat, what does that have to do
with anything?” See, you have so many gifts and talents you
don’t ever know about – most people never see it, unless you become an entrepreneur,
you will never know about it. When you become an entrepreneur, you all of
a sudden say, I never knew I was good in this, this, this. But I can write it and say that’s this strength
and that’s that gift. The only way you’ll know about that is if
you become an entrepreneur. Can you imagine living 80 years and you die
and never find out about those two, three gifts that you had that can make an impact
on the world? Why would you want to sacrifice your capacity? Why would you want to sacrifice your capacity? Is it really worth it? I don’t think so. But you become an entrepreneur, you find out
about your unique gifts that you have. And last but not least, location. You can be an entrepreneur from any part of
the world. It doesn’t matter where you want to be. I used to life in L.A., decided to move my
office to Dallas, Texas. Now we’re headquartered out of Dallas, Texas. It’s all good. I don’t have to be in L.A. I can be out here. I talked to John Lee Dumas this morning when
were were doing his podcast. John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire, and
he told me he’s out of where? Puerto Rico. He was telling me all these things on why
he just moved to Puerto Rico in May, which is fascinating for him to move to Puerto Rico. He can do that. He’s an entrepreneur. There’s so many — where do you want to live? Do you want to live in NYC? You can do it. You want to live in Miami? You can do it. You want to run out of Austin, you want to
run out of San Fran, San Jose, where do you want to run out of? You can do it as an entrepreneur because there’s
business to be done pretty much anywhere in the world. So, with that being said, listen. People often ask me, they say, Pat, man, you
always wear those shirts. Let me explain to you. I can’t stand it when I wake up in the morning
or the night before and have to pick out my suit and my outfit. There’s nothing like putting a suit on. I love putting a suit on. I mean, I love wearing suits. I love wearing suits. There’s something nice about wearing a nice
suit that fits you like a glove, that’s a tailored suit that just feels so good when
you wear a nice suit, right? It’s fascinating when you wear a nice suit. But there’s a uniform for entrepreneurs and
that is called, I am an Entrepreneur shirt. If you see me in the mall, you see me in the
airport, you see me on a plane, you see me speaking, you see me anywhere, I’m wearing
a shirt that says, “I am an entrepreneur,” which looks like this — let’s put a picture
up, so they can see it. Or, I wear a shirt that says, “I love Capitalism.” Entrepreneurship, free enterprise, capitalism,
it’s all the same thing. You can’t be an entrepreneur and not think
about capitalism. It’s the same exact thing. Entrepreneurship, capitalism, free enterprise
is the same thing. If you don’t like the word capitalism, maybe
it’s because the media has convinced you that it’s not a good thing. Capitalism is a great thing. Entrepreneurship is a great thing. Free enterprise is a great thing. They don’t go without each other. They need each other to be effective. So I love wearing these shirts that says,
“I love capitalism.” or enjoy capitalism, or I’m an entrepreneur. And I’ll walk around in the airport and hundreds
of people will come up to me and say, “Man, I’m an entrepreneur as well.” So from the moment we launched these shirts,
the first time I wore it, and the next thing people asked, “How can I get the shirt?” So then we had our guy design the shirts so
other people can get it as well. I don’t know what’s the price point. I think it’s like 22, 23, 24 bucks, all these
different sizes. And people all over the world have ordered
hundreds and they’re wearing them proudly. So here’s what I’m going to do. Order your shirt, I’m an entrepreneur, with
the Valuetainment logo – you’re going to hear a lot about this logo here pretty soon, or
you order the shirt, I love capitalism or quit quitting – order your shirt, put it on,
take a picture, #Valuetainment on Instagram or put it on Facebook, message us – we’re
going to do something special with those pictures that you take with the shirt so make sure
you take those pics, and by the way, they can order the shirts on ValuetainmentStore.com
and if you don’t see the link here, you can click on the bottom description, and if you
don’t see it, just type in the URL, ValuetainmentStore.com. And throw me my favorite pillow, baby. And if you haven’t subscribed to this channel
yet, please do so. We are so close to 100,000 – we are so close
to 100,000 and so many of you are helping, contributing, sharing, all this other stuff
that you’re doing. Thank you for everyone’s help. I feel this channel has some of the most loyal,
dedicated, serious fans out there for entrepreneurship. I keep trying to bring content to you that’s
not just about motivation. It’s about inspiration, it’s about how to
and lessons that you can actually apply to your business and start getting results. And if you’re somebody that watches this video
and you’re a proud entrepreneur, share this message with everybody else who is also an
entrepreneur or invite other people who are thinking about entrepreneurship but they’re
afraid, they need to watch a video like this. So with that being said, thanks for watching
everybody. Take care, bye bye.

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  22. Is this guy stupid as a monkey or is he a great comedian? All he said is at the level of imbecility of someone with brain development retardation. That's why I'm thinking maybe he's joking. Either that or he really suffers of some retardation. I'm an entrepreneur with a pretty interesting level of success which has taken me to all over the world and has allowed me to semi-retire at 49. Today, I don't even have to run my business bc I have trained people to do it. However, everything this idiot says, it's a lie. Building entrepreneurship is hard, a huge sacrifice and it takes a very long time to become really good at what you do, in order to really reap the benefits, in an material as well as in a spiritual way. Moreover, in your way to success, you leave parts of you behind, so you really need to be sure about what you are doing. This guy has never been an entrepreneur, that's why he says mostly BS. At the end of the run, for some people (like me) entrepreneurship was worth it, but I know very many others for whom it wasn't, even when they made tons of money. Nothing is black and white in life as this idiot paints it, nothing is a formula for happiness as this idiot wants to make you believe. You make your life every day, mixing good and bad decisions. Real life is not YOUTUBE, where all you care about is more clicks. This imbecile in the video needs clicks, so he wants to make you believe that entrepreneurship is the formula for happiness. There is no formula for happiness. You find your own. It's not true you are your own boss, since your actual boss are the objective financial and economic circumstances of the society in which you develop your business. It's not true you can not get fired, you do sometimes. Your family may seem like they want to fire you bc you dedicate hours and hours to run your business. The system may want to fire you, bc they want more and more taxes. Technology may want to fire you, when you set up your business with the best tools available and only one year later technology forces you to reset everything. Being an entrepreneur is a LOT OF HARD WORK. YOU HAVE TO BE CUT FOR IT., AND HAVE THE ETHICS FOR IT. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE ETHICS FOR IT, YOU BECOME A CROOK VERY EASILY. It's only at the end of the run when you look back that you can tell if the pros are more than the cons. It all depends on the equation LOVE-FAMILY-FUN-PASSION-FINANCES. Everything else, is bullshit. The guy in this video is full of bullshit and probably has never, ever, run a business other than in youtube. Real life is not youtube.

  23. Hey Patrick – you should put a sponsor button on this channel or your website.

    Sponsorship is $4.99

    822,000 subs x $4.99 = $4,101,780

    Then have entrepreneurs submit their project to you to pick and manage. Everyone that donates will get a share (crypto coin) and when the idea that you pick does well. We all win.

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  24. This should have been taught in every American school, in all grades. We do NOT understand how Capitalism works !!! No wonder the "Socialists" and COMMUNISTS are rioting in the streets disguised as Democrats. Hollywood has mis-taught us to admire Druglords, Serial Killers, and Thugs but the "Salesman" or "Businessman" is beneath contempt in the media. No wonder the Western World is collapsing into an Islamic flavored Marxist nightmare. We NEED MORE videos like this !!!

  25. Really am enjoy this video and learn something useful and am feel myself its good lesson for me thanks lot….. My wishes for your success and am expect more useful tips video like this upcoming days.👍🤝

  26. How do we all know that he is the master in selling but he still makes us want to buy these shirts so badly and make us feel as if he never applied a selling strategy by doing that hahaha (PS : maybe because some shirts look awesome )

  27. I have ADHD, failed my interviews countless time and then I just realized maybe I have to pave my own way.
    I hope is not too late

  28. Let's go! This man has me so hyped up today! I'm watching him everytime I start to doubt my ability and my passion. I've got an MBA and I'm a cert scrum product owner and always wanted to start a business…I'm doing it now

  29. Thank you for this video – very informative and supportive!! I've been an entrepreneur since I was 15 years old and chose to have a career as a freelancer and NEVER had a "JOB" 🙂 I've been able to do acting work, photography (since 2000), teaching ballroom dance, website design, modeling and sooo many other things when I want! Now I get to help others achieve their DREAMS as an #expertdreamcatcher (Business Coach and Mentor) due to all the things I've learned and can model to others.

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