2016 | TBR Unwrapping #19 [CC]

2016 | TBR Unwrapping #19 [CC]

Hey, BookTube! It’s Sylwia. And I’m here with one of my favorite videos
to film. A TBR Unwrapping. I don’t know if I’ll be able to unwrap all
of these in one video. I guess we’ll see how much time it takes me. I always forget what kind of wrapping paper
this is. This is either fantasy or contemporary. And I picked one of the thinner ones. So let’s see what this is. Oh! Wings of Fire, the first book in the Dragonet
Prophecy series. This is middle grade. With, you know, pretty big font. Awesome! Look at this super cool dragon on the cover. I really love illustrated covers like this. So I guess the white wrapping paper was fantasy. This one is a random wrapping paper. I don’t know what genre this would be. Oh! The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice
Hoffman. I loved Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman when
I read it iiinnnnnn college? I think. Or high school? And I assumed she would be one of my favorite
authors but everything else I’ve read from her, I have not liked. I like her ~deal~, her whole style and everything. But I have not been able to finish anything
except for Green Angel. I didn’t finish Red Garden and I have a few
more of her books. So I hope, I hope I’ll be able to read this
and I hope that I’ll enjoy it. This is another fantasy book. It’s hardcover. I wonder what it’s gonna be. *Squeaky noises.* Oh, okay, yup. This is a book that one of my offline best
friends unhauled to me. Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner. I have no idea what this is about but I know
that this has got to be paranormal fantasy with I’m gonna guess fairies. Okay, this is one of my literary fiction/classics. What could it be? Oh! Okay. This is another unhaul from the same friend,
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. I know that this is a famous novel, science-fiction,
but isn’t this like the second or third in a series? If you’ve read this series or if you know
anything about it, do I have to read the first ones before I read this? Because I only ever heard people talking about
this one. So I’m wondering if they’re more companions
than a series. Please let me know. Okay, let’s open another little mass market. This is from my wrapping paper that was when
I didn’t know how to classify something so if it has two genres or something like that. Let’s see what it is. Ooohh, oh, oh. I know what this is. Okay. This is short stories that are a little bit
on the astrological side? I don’t know if these are short stories or
if this is a little bit more new age? Uh, whatever it is, my partner got me this
3 years ago, so it’s about time I read it. That’s me right there. Aquarius. Okay, this is hefty. And hardcover. Two things that I don’t like and mystery/thriller
slash “dark” contemporary. Let’s see what it is. Oh! Oh, I don’t know if you guys can see that. But it’s Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger. I feel like this is perfect for the ~spooky~
October/November time. I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about
this. I’ve never read anything by this author but
I’ve always wanted to. And this is one of two books that I own by
her. She wrote Time-Traveler’s Wife which I have
somewhere in here. I was hoping to read that one first but I
guess I’ll be reading this one first. I think I’ll stop the unwrapping there and
I will unwrap the rest of the books in the next video. Come talk to me in the comments!

14 thoughts on “2016 | TBR Unwrapping #19 [CC]

  1. How do you deal w/ series while wrapping? do you just wrap the first book in the series, do you tie them together, or if its a book youre like one or two books away from do you put it aside?

  2. I love watching these videos from you. It's like Christmas watching you unwrap them hehe. It's fun!
    Her Fearful Symmetry has a cool cover. I feel like I should read more mystery/thriller. I feel like I'd love the genre but I don't know where to start.

  3. The Left Hand of Darkness works great as a stand alone. It's one of my favorite books and I haven't read any of the others in the series.

  4. The Left Hand of Darkness stands alone the books in the Hanish Cycle are set 1000s of years apart. I've only read The Left Hand of Darkness in the series and it didn't impact upon my reading experience. Really interesting discussion of gender in it!

  5. Her fearful symmetry looks great, I've had it for a while and haven't picked it up, looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

  6. I love your unwrapping videos! I've heard good things about Her Fearful Symmetry. Looking forward to your thoughts

  7. I love your unwrapping videos. Your reactions and learning the history of each book is so interesting and fun to watch. Yay Aquarius!

  8. Wings of Fire is my 11 year old sons FAVORITE book series EVER EVER EVER lol. He has read all of the books that are out so far which is 8. And the first of the spin off series.

  9. Every time I see you do one of these unwrappings I get so excited and then I want to wrap my books AND THEN  the lazy sets in lol I think i'll just live through you! Looks like you're going to have a very interesting reading month!

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