200 IQ trap in Fortnite Battle Royale!

200 IQ trap in Fortnite Battle Royale!

oh whoa my god him they actually got him my god this is working no way Graham ight centered I’m full of emotions and the reason he’s 200 sake you traveler I just put it on the ground Oh without further ado let’s jump into the game let’s go to this water temple i thing like they’re supposed to be traps in a tomato temple cuz that’s a frickin temple alright alright what’s inside the chest and it’s just raining up alright SMG and actually we got a blue m4 so that’s good and that’s it first game so I everything’s loading up don’t mine at Rio bloody gates let’s drink up that she’ll just in case somebody’s on top of us and now let’s rolling out its finding enemy let’s kill it let’s find a trip let’s set a trap and ambiguity oh I see him and come on yes there we go and alright it did blue pomp action I really want to get one thank you very much there’s this type of somewhere right here and I hear mouse person Oh what what what was that like then she’ll run away don’t you run away from me I know you so I killed how dare ya and every guy you dumped oh boy don’t ever told my kill I am still not sure what happened when I liked but okay we got we got one guy and almost get two of them so I’m happy I’m really happy Chris your life and let’s find the trap oh there’s a fight right there let’s take a part in that fight oh come on I’m gonna finish you an old-fashioned way explore jab come on Toby Toby or he’s running straight towards me and instead and finally if we’ve got a trap and look at the loot mate yard he had some all right this is perfect for now we just need to set a trap and damn beginner white let’s put it here just put a trap right here and let’s drop some shields here annoyed trap isn’t in the zone somebody’s shooting come on please please go there you know what I’m really I’m really want to bite them just bang them into the trap Oh somebody’s on the court come on guy come here oh he’s right here alright and now we run now we just run I’m gonna write fall for the trap fall for the trap fall for the trap no come on yes we got him we freaking caught him this is the most stupidest trap of all time let us do it again alright I’m so excited up to that brown I’m actually so excited this is truly working arrived I’m and down that’s good but I lost so many health I need the med kit or whatever and alright mini Sheils dentist well or somebody’s fighting that’s my kill come on pull no this is big they killed each other they literally killed each other I I had no I I have no I have no kill credit just just no I’m literally speechless at it I don’t know how to react in there but somebody’s still alive they and his right ear [Music] ah you think you can’t do that you think you can’t do that you will not escape from me boy well that was frickin just yeah I have no bloody birds mates I have no plenty various that was so perfectly done I’m gonna cry I am legitimately gonna cry bright side is that we killed two guys and we killed one with a freaking awesome trick but the dark side is that we don’t have a frickin trap so let’s go in the hunt for the trap and I see the guy in front of us what’s your plan right behind it metal thing I don’t think this is gonna work because I have this whoo all right he’s feeling down no you can’t kill me it don’t even try that was streamer buzz why laser beam I am vain gymnastic stream up streamer by the way and come on come on come on come on come on come on come on no this has got to be my cue I literally like I’m not a play about like you Damon and stuff but I’m pretty sure that that was the game failed and hello how’s the party going well we get killed by the trap I actually expected I expected to trap from him for I thought that we can actually like leave the house before before yep before the tribe get triggered but they’re never giving up I’ve won this trip to work I won this trip to work whenever I’m alive who the hell do you think I am I’m gonna try it again and again until it’s perfectly working so let’s go boys I’m feeling incredibly well about this round and I’m pretty sure that we’re actually gonna make this like Berk twice probably I’m not sure about that but this this is actually converted and thank God we got a trap here all right and just literally look at this this is disgusting like we literally one shot at him I one button don’t underestimate the double pistols come on you’re you’re so hurt yes there it is now that was messy alrighty I get nervous grappler grappler oh he’s so hurt oh no that was close ok ok you almost got me there you almost got me there oh there’s an enemy right in front of me arrived around perfect 202 health and you don’t even understand I’m shooting from I think there’ll be easy just look at him he probably don’t know what he’s doing but I need my size don’t underestimate the enemy oh ok now that’s in fair here where I’m still gonna wind hmm my god he almost killed us Oh 90 where’s the second guy where did you go all right this guy managed to escape but the thing is that the zone is right here so let’s set a trap somewhere and let’s wait there’s a drop right here let’s open up oh my God look at it eludes look at delude this is just perfect oh you know what I want to go for him I want to go for him and yes there it is and alrighty now that was pretty clear we just destroyed him and now we’re gonna set the trap and now we’re gonna wait you know what what if we’re gonna pull a quad right there there’ll be more effective fighting so let’s do that I just put it here and now we run away oh whoa I got him I got him my god this is working this is freakin working right now no I know freaking why my haste oh my freaking God this is like the worst trip ever but is it this is still working I don’t know why this is this is still just Christ look at it look at that person what are you doing there young man oh I see now he’s gonna heal he’s gonna heal you know what let’s take a fire I don’t care if you’re gonna die I don’t care anymore about is anything and guram yeah it’s actually really bad balance weapon to be honest I’m pretty sure that somebody’s got to be on top of it Mountain I’m really nice I’m scared my heart’s beating so hot my my hands are just shaking their so wet oh he spotted us what no way I really want him to fight there will be just season watch this just watch this just just BAM him oh you know he’s out to play okay it’ll be tough I take it back I take it freakin back oh I don’t know I’m Lucille I’m speechless I don’t know what to sign a I’d know if the stylist escaped let’s go for his own doing even try and snipe inmates don’t even try and snipe oh my gosh we still have some shields I’m one shot for a freaking sniper shot here very heavy sniper that’s the biggest Fred now come on sorry I forgot a night completely out to Rockets jump jump fly why do all this is bad it’s coming for us right no I fraud the freaky gang all myself please tell me on my shelf alright Brahmas almost killed us run out of shield but ok they’re just a freaking good games congratulations to sign FPS and thank y’all for watching guys I hope you enjoyed I’ll see relations in the next one bye bye [Music] [Music]

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