20+ UNITS ON MY BOARD – I BROKE TFT! | Teamfight Tactics

20+ UNITS ON MY BOARD – I BROKE TFT! | Teamfight Tactics

100 thoughts on “20+ UNITS ON MY BOARD – I BROKE TFT! | Teamfight Tactics

  1. You could have sold your units at the end and let the top guys play. You were having fun cheating, why pretend you could do nothing about it?

  2. A bug atm is that if u have a full table then go into the circle thing where u choose a guy, the guys you choose, if he does not fuse, will be on the board and could exceed the limit

  3. He could have had all the buffs with just a few LV 1 but did that instead 😐
    He could have even went for a huge backline of rangers but did nothing of it. I'm tilted AF

  4. me from the future: dude dont watch this, waste of time

    me: but dude, the ti…

    me from the future: the title, right? Yee, I did that mistake too

  5. theres also a glitch with elise's spiders that also makes them permanent pieces on the board, if exploited you can have several of them on the board and also champions that are automatically placed on the board to fill the "empty" spaces.

  6. " Theyve waited 4 hours to play agains me like that :(" And why do you play it like that? I mean you could just place 8 units. BG dude, bg

  7. gotta give it to skarfax for making a comp that actually did pretty well against his team after getting noble bonus on everyone

  8. 19:40 he says he has 17 units but little dose he know he has 15 what was your grade at math scarra

  9. All you need is seraph Karth to beat this. Wait just saw the last part karth doesnt ult all units I guess

  10. Bringing up the cheatsheet and covering the battle every other round is not ideal for the viewing experience.

  11. this content seems weird. seems like you already knew about the bug but wanted to play it off like a surprise. force of nature at level 3 on vayne?

  12. If he placed the.force of nature on a sej and.gave a tear on sej, sej would have gotten a seraphs and a force of nature would pop off. So two forces of nature each round

  13. had a weird bug today too, my shop was kinda shifted one to the left, i couldnt click the right most champion but when id click the second from the right that one would disappear but the right most would be bought.

  14. With that comps aren't gonna work out might complete each category of comps with that many champions.

  15. Beginning of the game: "I'm not going nobles and I'm selling the Vayne"
    End of the game: "I kept the Vayne and everyone else and they're all nobles now"

  16. Imagine being so brain dead that you comment “omg why did he have duplicates of champions on his board that’s so annoying”…. he couldn’t stop it lol

  17. wow it trigger sooo hard that he see that he can place more, but instead of doing it… he chat in some other window or something…. Q_Q

  18. Insert Kayne here Oprah: You get a shield… YOU get a shield. EVERYONE GETS A MUTHAFUKIN SHIELD…!!!!

  19. This video hurts me to watch you could but everyone all the time and not worry about anything but no you had to squeeze every second of the video for an extra ad… Such a wasted opportunity

  20. Disliked purely for making it boring, I've barely watched like last 3 minutes of the video, you could have done soooo much but no, spam levels and save gold for what???

  21. Everyone: awesome bug that leads to limitless combos of units, cant possibky be boring and uncreative!
    Scarra: Hold my huge water bottle…

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