20 Surprising Facts About India – Part 2

20 Surprising Facts About India – Part 2

My name is Dave Walpole and welcome to FTD fact] the channel will reteach you everything well about everything we talked about either the cosmos Space we talked about you know celebrities in this case we’re doing part two to India because you guys were like y’all do a part [two] like look how many you guys said do a Part two. I mean, that’s just amazing So let’s get right into it. Let’s do part two of India facts by the way also We haven’t seen the first one you might want to check that out first Yeah, India is home to the biggest home and by that [I] mean a guy has the biggest family ever in the entire world as a matter of fact he is [39] wives and [94] Children his name is Iona Chana and man I just [don’t] want to know what the grocery bill would be like did you know [that] in India it has the lowest meat consumption? Per person [this] is because a majority of the country are all Vegetarians would you just love that if we could do that in North America here [be] like [yo] guys you’re all vegetarians Sorry, but you can’t eat steak no more I don’t know They are all vegetarians believe it or not cows are a huge commodity in that country and they are so Important that every cow has to have a photo Id now this is kind of a sad fact But did you know that every hour a woman dies from dowry related Crimes the flashlight might be a really taboo? thing over here, [but] over there in India it’s Extremely taboo. This is because sex toys are completely illegal in the country but snakes and ladders Isn’t that’s kind of a good thing to play with it was a game that was invented in the India But eventually moved to britain where it was picked up by Milton Bradley did you know that India was the first country to invent? Cataract surgery, and it started all the way back in the third century it was invented by a physician named sushruta They used a tool called the Jabber, [Mookie], Salaka And this was pretty much a curved needle that would loosen your lens and push your cataract out of the field of vision After that the eye would be soaked in warm water, and it apparently worked 53% of houses in India don’t have bathrooms [oh], God, that’s got a stink india is also home to the largest Postal service in the entire world they have over 54,000 postal offices and as a matter of fact they [even] have a floating one that was created in 2011 which is on the dow lake in srinagar. Have you ever seen this Brij? It’s got the bandra whirly ceiling and it is one of the most spectacular Bridges in the entire world [what’s] amazing about this bridge is if you were to combine all the steel wires used to make the bridge It would stretch out to equal the entire world Circumference and on top of that the bridge weighs about fifty thousand elephants Annie was also the first country to produce refined sugar now Right now you are looking at the [lonar] [lake] which is a saltwater lake in Maharashtra and it’s a very rare type of lake because like look at it. Look at it Shape it was created from a meteorite crashing into earth [now] one of my favorite actors Ben, Kingsley That’s actually not his name his original name is Krishna pandit Benji and yes his Ancestry comes all the way back from India also chess was invented in this country and the first person win a world championship In chess was Viswanathan anand, okay? So you’re probably wearing clothes right now unless of course You know you’re in the tub watching this completely naked or naked on the couch or naked in a park which would be totally inappropriate But if you are wearing clothes believe it or not you are probably wearing something that was made in India no I’m not talking Denim. I’m talking [buttons] son the button was originally invented and released in India 5000 Years ago [the] downside is it was really just made out of seashells [he] was also the first country to invent the zero sign That’s right This weird little kind of slanted thing that looks kind of like it wants to be an egg before this the babylonians Represented the 0 with a blank space, but this ended up getting really confusing so instead They just put a dot but by 500 ad arab [hata] who’s one of the very first mathematicians and astronomers he decided note We’re going to totally change [the] 0 and make it like an o now we’ve all heard of blood diamonds They’re diamonds in Africa and everyone likes to think yeah diamonds. They only come from Africa, but believe it or not before 1986 India was the number one country where you could get diamonds [in] India they rack about twenty eight thousand nine hundred and four Murders per Year [wow] that’s bad [the] first granite temple was also built in India the brandsmart Temple was built in the 11th century and also it was only Created in five years now the country might be smaller than most countries But it has the largest road network if you were to take all the roads and combine them together They would equal no less than 1.9 million miles of road if you were to build that out in space You could easily go to the moon as the moon is only 238 Miles, but overall, I just want to list off some of the amazing mathematical accomplishments that India has well done this country was the first ones to invent Pi Trigonometry calculus and even my good old-fashioned favorite which I failed at all the time Algebra hate Algebra last but not least guys you know what I’m just gonna throw an extra one in there [for] you India was also the first country to introduce Well what keeps your hair clean shampoo now the word comes from Hindustan Ease [Shampoo] spell ch ampo. [oh] now this goes all the way back to 1762 this was pretty much a head massage that had stuff like al-Khali And of course natural fragrances of course that’s also throw some natural oils in there as well but eventually shampoo was introduced to britain by Sake Dean mohammed who created small shops which were pretty much steam and seawater baths either way guys My name is Dave waffle. It’s been awesome. Hanging out with you guys Gene you guys about the universe and everything but if you guys have [an] [idea] [for] an FTD facts We want you guys to put it down there down there in the comment section Oh yeah, also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and of [course] you know check out [all] [the] videos as well Because you’re going to learn some stuff. We’ll see you guys in the next video cool beans. Bye you oh

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  1. Those who say about open defecation in India then please check ODF survey of India on Google. The percentage of bathroom is now 94.76

  2. The ritual of going under a cow ๐Ÿ„ is from the magician Samiri from Moses times who fooled people to believe a cow is a god !

  3. For people who say India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ don't have toilet , we now 95% of our population, but in 1947 we created the biggest toilet

    Porkistan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. With the population of more than one billion India has greatly managed its country making from developing country to one of fastest growing economy in the world ,I m proud of my country

  5. "Wouldn't you just love that if you could do that here?" Impose veganism on society by force? Not even communists went that far into totalitarianism while piling up 100 million bodies. The years I spent as a vegan felt good but never did I wish to force anyone else to be one. It seems pretty clear that humans are designed to be primarily vegan and opportunistic carnivore. Our modern meat-overload diets are killing us. For optimum health, my money is on a diet mostly filled with colorful vegetables and fruit, complex carbs and very selective and small portions of meat or fish once or twice a week.

  6. Dear Leroy kenton.. Please do make a video of a state.. Named as Manipur.. That situated at north east India… We have one an only women boxer.. I hope you know her… We know her as Mc marry Kom.. The women who got bronze medal in Olympic pic.. And she is the only woman who got six times goal medalist in world women's boxing championship…& I can Say proudly we got a species.. A kind of deer.. In our local name.. We call as Sangai.. And they lived in a floating national park.. Named as keibul lamjao.. It's the only floating national park in our entire world..

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  9. Unsurprisingly we boast about 0 and aryabhatta a lot. But all that was so much long ago and it cannot justify the fact that us Indians havenโ€™t had a breakthrough in any research in last 50 years (except if youโ€™re talking about ISRO then thatโ€™s a different issue).

  10. If you wants to make a video like this first study about it thoroughly or Just shut up. And don't tell anyone to anything that you don't know properly . keep it on mind.

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  13. Before Independence in indian muslims lived there and still some, some muslim scientists invent things and it is marked as those are invented by indians.

  14. Muslim s invents first these things like shampoo, algebra, trignometry, map, clock, camera. That time west was in dark ages. They do not know anything about science, inventions.

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