20 Stupid Mistakes I ALWAYS MAKE in Minecraft!

Hello, everyone. This is mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and this one We’re going to take a look at twenty stupid mistakes that I often make while playing the game. Now for those of you that don’t know Not really the sharpest tool in the box to be honest with you, even though I make some pretty cool redstone circuits, and I occasionally create some really awesome redstone contraptions for the most part I’m a little bit on the city side for those who watch my hermitcraft series you will definitely know that this is the case Occasionally my brain just doesn’t work particularly well, so today’s video We’re going to take a look at 20 mistakes that I often make while making these videos And I think you should end up finding a quite interesting this first one is something the quite a few of you have noticed When building with stone Cobblestone or stone bricks in creative mode I tend to pick the Monster egg Variant I don’t know how this happens But I seem to be hardwired to go into that menu and pick those into the regular ones now This is a bit of an issue because if we set ourselves into survival mode and break one of these blocks Obviously a silverfish pops out which is a particularly brilliant if we punch this silver fish Then of course all the other silverfish start popping out and not only have you now got a silver fish infestation But also your entire builders just dismantled itself. I mean that’s terrible in it all your hard work Is that I just completely disappeared so frustrating having frost water to and fire aspect to at the same time? Oh, it’s just infuriating your attacker zombie you get set on fire That’s not particularly brilliant you try to put yourself out in the water, and then of course the frost wall He kicks in and you’re able to do it It’s infuriating and I’ve almost died so many times on Hermit Craft because of this there’s a chance It’s just me that does this but I often remember to bring my bow But forget to bring any arrows my bow hermitcraft has infinity All I need to do is remember one arrow, and I can’t seem to be able to do that It’s drives me mad when I’m working really far away from my base I tend to quickly craft up a bed so I can sleep through the night Reset my spawn and get rid of all the mobs then when I wake up in the morning I tend to actually break the bed Which is and never particularly a good thing because that means that now if I die I’m going to spawn right the way back over [the] spawn chunks I’m going to have to travel miles to get back over here Not thinking particularly well not keeping [track] of the durability of my tools I tend to go through a lot [of] pickaxes on the Hammock raft server And I’ve broken a whole bunch of them despite the fact I’ve got on them elytra are also just as bad There’s been a few times on Homiecraft where I’ve been flying through the sky and then suddenly dropped out of it thankfully mending a sort Of held their situation, but it’s still a bit of an issue my leitrim ran out my leitrim Building my most complicated redstone circuits out of Woollen things even if those Redstone circuits Involve Lava Now this took me a while to realize I couldn’t work out Why my unbreakable wallets stop working until? I noticed that the entire bottom half of the circuitry had completely burned up And I hadn’t made a backup of the world which wasn’t a particularly good start to my day In fact not backing up your redstone welds is definitely a stupid mistake that I frequently make I often build my red stain contraptions out To be the slime blocks or Tnt both of which can cause massive issues very quickly And if you don’t have backup to the world you can destroy them for example these giant holes in my redstone testing world These were once redstone contraptions. I have no clue what they are because as you can see they’ve completely disappeared as I’m sure Mr. You remember I found out on the hermit Grav server they if you press space on a ladder with a leecher equipped you sort of drop off the ladder and Head straight towards the floor which can be extremely lethal if you’ve got very long ladders found out the hard way Accidentally placing a piston next to a very fast redstone clock noun only does this make a horrendously loud noise, but also It’s [very] difficult to break the piston due to the fact that it turns invisible As it extends over tracks? Now this also means that you end up breaking the entire environment around it before you actually manage to dismantle the thing I Use cauldrons quite a bit in my redstone circuit [I] also have to shift click on quite a few things to place the next one another And I often end up shift clicking my water into my cauldrons which doesn’t go very well I Mean there are no words to describe just how painful that is Especially in survival mode and especially in a redstone circuit as big as this one now. Don’t get me wrong guys I absolutely adore efficiency 5 hey stewie. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to Minecraft is fantastic The only thing I will say is is that a number of times I’ve tried to break just one block and end up breaking 50 million of them is really quite high I don’t know if I’m just like ham fingered, and I’m just not particularly good at pressing left Click button But I can’t be the only person the [suffer] from this issue. Think it’s myself oh I just need to tuck away a few items and going into one of the nearest chess throwing all of them in and then thinking Gail probably remember that I’ll pick those up some point in the near future Never will I ever see those items again, and I will never remember where they are It’s just a simple fact of life speaking of throwing items into chest the number of times I’ve just cleared out my entire inventory. Just got rid of all of that use this stuff yet We don’t need any of that Chucking all these items in and also checked in my food at then ran away to somewhere very distant is quite high I Generally discover it about halfway through the journey and think to myself Hmm. I don’t unless you know if I’m going to be able to make it back alive here It happens every other day now as you guys probably know homiecraft is a multiplayer server That’s what we’re standing on right now There have been a few occasions where I repressed escape and obviously the game is still playing But I haven’t thought of that. I have walked away and come back to see that my player is dead now Thankfully I’ve got used to this over the years But in the early days when I was first starting out on the server And I hadn’t really done multiplayer before I died a lot through this and I lost a lot of items it was infuriating After hours upon hours of Gathering Villages you have finally managed to get them all into one spot And they’re all in there nice little chamber entirely made of glass than you think to yourself. Oh this look right here It needs to be solid so I can run the mine cart in you break the block and then of course you can’t place in The solid block and there is absolutely nothing you can do to place in that block you’re just gonna have to deal with it I can [relate] to this far too. Well, I’m sure all of you remember happening on the Hammock Grav server Starting a redstone projects wooden inventory that looks like this I Mean you’ve got a bunch of stuff in there that you just really don’t need I don’t even know how you’ve managed to acquire that And you definitely [missing] something you’ve got two stacks of comparators, but no repeats is whatsoever You got no sticky pistons when I meant to be building a piston door. How’s this gonna work? It’s not gonna work because I haven’t prepared anything. I’m an idiot Going afk with all of my items on me now I know this place is meant to be safe, but occasionally things can go wrong And this was reminded to me the other day when a zombie as she managed to get in here Despite the fact that I cleared most of my items away I still had all my armor and all of my most important tools on me and if I died when I lost all of that And I don’t fancy getting those elite right again because I’m with my third time losing them and that doesn’t make me very happy Now look I’ve got a lot of melons okay. I’ve got a six double chance to the stuff. There’s no denying I’ve got a huge quantity of melanin in my storage system and also I’ve got two massive melons arms [they] [seem] [to] work extremely efficient the melons are still awful I mean I’m never going to eat them because They’re just terrible you seem to spend half your time eating and half the time running out of melons you have to go and Gather More of them drives you nuts Beacons are brilliant I mentioned this earlier in the video I love efficiency five haste to one of the best [things] has ever happened to [Minecraft] Only thing is is that beacons need skylight access to work? And I’ve got a gigantic flying base that I often forget. Is there you could probably see where I’m going with this there’s been a lot of times when I place down my beacon I’ve built the entire pyramid Shut the beacon on top the beam hasn’t come up. I’ve sat there scratching my head for a while Then I’ve looked upwards to see this directly under part of my base Circles are pretty difficult shapes to build in Minecraft. Sue me because We’ve only got blocks to play with I mean this is like as far from a circle as you can possibly get so trying to build a circle free hand is Always going to be a recipe for disaster I mean, I’m from my hardest here And it just it’s just not going well is it and for the final mistake or today’s video mistake number 21 it is forgetting how many mistakes All those men to put in this video How many was it? I think I was twenty actually so I I’ve totally got that wrong, but hey ladies and gents I hope that you enjoyed this one of course you guys probably make more mistakes than I do So let me know what those are down in the comments section because I’d love to hear them But I’m fortunate ladies and gents that that is all I’ve got times a day I hope you enjoyed this video if you did visuals at that like ban And if you really [loved] it there make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This is ben mumbo, and I’m

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