2 Name Games: Name and Movement, Princesses and Dragons

2 Name Games: Name and Movement, Princesses and Dragons

Welcome to this video of the Name Games. These methods are a part of the Energizers, Name Games, and Introduction activities category in this video we present two name games Name and Movement and Princesses and Dragons name games is an important part in the beginning of the training or any other educational activity addressing a person by their name is a very natural thing to do not knowing names of some group members may become a barrier in talking to them and may interrupt communication and group learning so one first step in getting to know each other session would be learning each other’s names the first game is called Name and Movement this game is suitable for groups up to 25 participants if the group is bigger it’s best to split up into two smaller groups no materials are needed for this game the game lasts up to 30 minutes depending on the group size here you Yuliya will guide you through the methods for Name and Movement you ask participants to stand in a circle you first present your name and then make some movement and the person on your left hand needs to first present you and your movement and then
to present their name and their movement and the next person needs to present all
people who were before and then say their name and movement so the last
person in the circle needs to tell the names and show the movements of all
people before them I like about this exercise that it is a fast and effective way of learning each other names it’s quite well-known game it really
helps to learn the names from the beginning the second name game is called Princesses and Dragons the group size should be from 12 to 30 participants no materials are needed and it’s important to ensure enough space for running this game lasts for 10 to 12 minutes to make Princesses and Dragons you asked participants to stand in two circles out circle and inner circle make sure that
the person has one person standing straight after them and there should be
one extra person in the outer circle that doesn’t have anyone in front of
them the inner circle are Princesses and the outer circle are Dragons and the
lonely dragon wants to help the Princess too so the lonely Dragon calls the name
of the Princess the Princess runs to lonely Dragon but the Dragon that stand
behind the Princess is catching the Princess if the Princess managed to
escape this Dragon becomes a lonely Dragon and calls another Princess after
a while you can ask participants to swap roles so the Dragon becomes Princesses
and Princesses become Dragons you need to make clear to the Dragons that there should be armed links between them and Princesses and they cannot always hold the Princesses they’d rather need to keep their arms on their hips and they
cannot also move their feet so Name and Movement is a great name game to learn each other names and Princesses and Dragon name game you can use to refresh each other names thank you for watching! on the description box you will find links and support material to implement this method Youtrain is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union for more videos on non-formal education please check out our channel and subscribe

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  1. We hope you enjoy our new video on Name Games! Let us know in the comments below what kind of Name Games you use 😉

  2. When I just started to participate in international activities, I struggled to remember the names of participants… only name games like this helped me

  3. This last training I had I succeeded in something like a miracle: learned all names in 2 days! AMAZING! 😀

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