14 Dangerous Products You Need To Throw Away Right Now

14 Dangerous Products You Need To Throw Away Right Now

[Applause] [Music] 14 objects you need to throw away right now number one pancake mix wait one minute before grabbing these cleaning supplies because it’s time to hit the pantry first get rid of that old pancake mix snopes.com says that pancake mix can produce mold mold can produce not only gross pancakes but can be life-threatening as well mold spores can take hold in the mix and if a person has an allergy to a specific type of mold they can get extremely sick and even potentially die this is because people who have mold allergies can die from anaphylaxis after eating food which has been contaminated by mold if you have pancake mix lying around your house be sure to keep it in a sealed jar and always check the expiration date number two off-brand phone chargers now you’re probably saying I don’t want to pay $30 for an iPhone charger while it may be tempting to buy an off-brand phone charger from the dollar store they actually do more harm than good off-brand chargers sometimes can do awful damage to your expensive smartphone they can impact the battery and take much longer than regular chargers to charge your phone off-brand phone chargers can shorten the life span of your battery and we all know how expensive smartphones or battery replacements can be so get rid of those pesky dollar store chargers and – real thing number three some expired medications while not all medications become toxic the experts at healthy wacom agree that psychiatric drugs should definitely not be kept past their expiration date as well as eye drops as both can become toxic certain medications may experience changes in chemical properties as they get older they also become weaker and potentially unsafe certain types of expired medication might not be able to adequately treat conditions like headaches or colds this could lead to longer sick days lost productivity and increased absences from either school or work number 4 expired skin products and makeup get rid of all your expired skin products and makeup especially sunscreen research from healthy wacom has shown that after a while sunscreen can lose its potency which would be a major bummer after a long day at the beach if you have expired makeup you should consider throwing it out they could be full of bacteria from overuse which could lead to pimples and breakouts that you would much rather avoid number five old toothbrushes you know that sticky old brush you put in your mouth hopefully twice a day turns out you need to change that every three to four months according to the American Dental Association they can Harbor microorganisms that could cause oral or systemic infection and besides who likes using an old toothbrush experts recommend investing in electric toothbrushes which have removable heads and all sorts of unique features which can fight off tartar and bacteria and provide you with a wider cleaner smile do you have any of the products mentioned in this video lying around your home keep watching for some even more surprising objects you should throw away right now number six the kitchen sponge scientists have found that old kitchen sponges can host a bunch of bacteria and when it’s left at room temperature that bacteria will multiply time to ditch that dirty old sponge although most of the bacteria that is found in kitchen sponges aren’t harmful there are certain pathogens that could cause infections kitchen sponges can also cause cross-contamination of both hands and food which can cause foodborne disease outbreaks number seven plastic cutting boards plastic cutting boards can Harbor some pretty gross bacteria according to an article by NC State University bacterial forms in those creases you’re making while cutting kale or any other fashionable diet ditch the plastic and buy some wood number eight plastic containers BPA is the reason you should be ditching those plastic containers of yours or at least the ones that have either a seven or a PC on them what’s BPA u.s. health.com states that BPA is a harmful synthetic compound that can leak into your food BPA stands for bisphenol A and is a type of industrial chemical which is used to make certain plastics BPA is usually found in plastic food containers and water bottles number nine diet soda according to health calm diet soda contains the sweetener saccharin and sucralose which can affect your body negatively and give you in tolerances because diet soda has fake sugar in it it tricks your body into thinking it’s drinking real sugar this makes your body confused on how it should respond physiologically speaking this means that when you drink diet soda your body is not releasing the hormone that is responsible for regulating blood sugar as well as blood pressure and when a person taste something sweet the body does release insulin this lowers blood sugar number 10 dirty or old air filters yes some companies have promised to phase out the harmful fail aids fail aids are harmful to the development of the reproductive system dirty or old air filters are home to all sorts of allergens mold and dust this can reduce the airflow in a home which is why you should always throw out old or dirty air filters number 11 unclean contact lenses optometrists at health comm say that you should buy a new contact lens case every three months as the dirty ones can cause damage to your eyes number 12 old clothing psychiatrists and mental health professionals agree this is more of a mental thing than a life-threatening one but pitch those old clothes either way they’re cluttering your closet and making you feel trapped in your own home consider giving them away to some kind of charity number 13 air fresheners according to experts at health calm air fresheners feature two five dichloro phenol two five DCP am edible it– one for dichlorobenzene which is linked to many health related issues including cancer number fourteen nonstick cookware the US Environmental Protection Agency the EPA states that nonstick cookware likely contains carcinogens switch to glass or ceramic use some Pam instead there are all sorts of different objects that you use on a daily basis that you probably don’t know you shouldn’t have lying around the house while it’s common sense to get rid of things like dead batteries or expired foods there are actually a lot of certain types of products that actually shouldn’t be in your home whether it’s a type of food expired medication or something else you might want to know about some products that you should throw away so what do you think do you have any of these objects in the video lying around in your home if you have any objects in your home that could potentially cause harm to your health or safety it’s better to get rid of them whether it is expired medication or dirty sponges it is always better to be safe rather than sorry some other objects that scientists say may be dangerous to keep in your home include old shoes which can harbor bacteria and old laptops and old cellphones it is always best to use your common sense when it comes to certain products for example if you have expired food or leftover meals in your fridge that have been there longer than they should have been it’s best to get rid of them there are expiration dates on food for a reason it’s best not to risk it and just throw away anything that might be expired the same can be said for dirty sponges dirty sponges are smelly and kind of gross to look at just replace them every week and avoid potentially getting you or one of your family members sick so while you shouldn’t get paranoid and start questioning most of the products in your home it is always best to play it safe and get rid of items that may affect your health or safety because you never know right what other objects do you have lying around your house that you think you should throw out let us know in the comment section below enjoyed this video hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks for 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11 thoughts on “14 Dangerous Products You Need To Throw Away Right Now

  1. Hunny
    I am a pack ratio don't like throwing things away. That means I am getting throwing away again. I just relive that day when I was eight all.over again. I hate it. I do throw some thing away but I form weird attachment s with certain things. Giggles do you know I still have the first water bottle you left here.

  2. What other objects do you have laying around your house that you think you should throw out? Let us know in the comments section below!

  3. Artificial sweeteners are perfectly safe. Aspertame is the trade name for phenylalanine, an essential amino acid that is converted into the neurotransmitter dopamine. Sucrolose is the same molecule as sucrose where 3 hydrogen atoms have been replaced by 3 chlorine atoms making it metabolically inert. The really dangerous sweeteners are refined sugar, molasses, and high fructose corn syrup.

  4. On medications he left out no1 penicillin when old can kill you so this makes me wonder about the rest of this vid

  5. 1. Pancake mix, old cake mixes
    2. Off brand phone chargers
    very toxic
    3. Some expired medications
    4. Expired skin products & makeup
    5. Old tooth brushes
    I change mine out first of every
    6. Old kitchen sponges
    I cut mine in half and throw
    away every Monday
    7. Plastic cutting boards
    Bought bamboo boards
    8. Plastic containers
    Esp a #7 or pc
    9. Diet soda
    remember aluminum cans
    toxic and so are all other foods
    in them beer and all sodas
    10. Dirty or old air filters
    Can't afford new ones then
    at least vacuum regularly or
    air blow them out at a local
    gas station.
    11. Unclean contact lens cases
    12. Old clothes
    I disagree…newer clothes are
    toxic. Sprayed with
    13. Air fresheners
    very toxic ingredients
    14. Non stick cook wear
    Dead batteries

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