11 interesting and best hobbies (பொழுதுபோக்கு) |Tamil | Eng Subs

11 interesting  and best hobbies (பொழுதுபோக்கு) |Tamil | Eng Subs

Mostly we all have free time. Some has less and some have more but every one has their free time. So to pass this time we do few things and it is called as Hobby. All should have some Hobby but most of them are not having. Most of them are confused to choose hobby. In this video we are going to see 12 hobbies that we can have without much investment. 1. Reading Commonest hobby. Great people who reached heights in their life will have a common hobby that is reading a book. Each topic has a separate book. Whatever topic you choose you will definitely have a separate book for that. When you read book you will be gaining more knowledge. Even If you are debating with a person then your points will be very sharp and clear. This doesn’t cost much too. Now a days we are getting books in online and also if you go to a public library you will get a silent place , variety of books to read. It doesn’t cost much also.Only thing you need to do is to take a membership in library. Some people will have a reading room in their home. Successful people like Warren Buffett had a habit of reading 500 pages per day. It’s a good habit. If you choose it properly and follow properly you will also get many ideas and you can be successful in life. 2. Writing Eventhough it is not a common habbit it is a interesting thing. You can write a Story, Poetry, Essay or article. You can write a story with your imagination. Some people write their daily life instance in a dairy that is a common thing. When you write your writing skills will get improved and some time you will feel that you writing is good.. If you feel so you can share it to your friends and when they appreciate you will feel good. You can also create it as a blog and you can generate income. Likewise my friend one day when he was travelling in bus he felt to write something and he has wrote about his family like a article. He shared it with me. it was really good and he created a blog for that. So if you do things like this the hidden skill in you will come out. 3. Body Fitness You no need to go to gym. You can do exercise in home itself. It is a good hobby to divert your mind. You can do jogging running walking in early morning by going to a public park. It is a good hobby because it will keep you fit and will improve your confidence level and body language. 4. People Watching Going to a public place watching people activities and observing what kind of activities are going around us. In our country we are not following it is a hobby but people who come from foreign countries will watch people activities. When you also go to a different place you can observe their culture by sitting in a public area like beach , park and watching people activities. 5. Pets When I was young I have grown a dog and then I have grown birds. It will b a different and good feel. You can grow pets like cat dog birds it will be different bonding.It will feel like a bonding with nature. Only if you go to higher breeds the cost will be more. You can buy dogs, fish birds. Feeding them also will not be of much cost. If you can’t afford it you can go to a zoo or animal shelter. It will also give you a different feel. 6. Games Definitely in childhood we would have played games. We would have concentrated in one or two games in childhood. To escape from studies we would have involved in playing games with more interest. You can choose outdoor games like football cricket and you can pick people with same interest. So that you can make a team and play it weekly once or twice. Indoor games also you can pick like badminton chess carom. For playing chess and all you no need any one . you can play in internet with a single player. It’s a good hobby and will keep your mind refresh. 7. Learning a Art Its a interesting thing. Daily we will be doing routine things. A housewife will be looking after family doing house hold things. So they can learn something like singing it will be a different experience for them. If you have a character of getting angry soon you can take yoga or meditation as hobby because it will reduce your anger and will help in your character building. If you are a music lover you can learn a new instrument or if you like dancing you can learn a new dance style like Zumba or you can learn defense technique like karate swimming. It will be refreshing to your life. 8. Cooking It will be a new experience. It has been proven that while cooking your sense and your brain stimulation will get more active. You can choose doing pastries as your hobby. Now women also working so it’s good that if men also learns cooking. It will b helpful when needed. 9. Learning a new language It will boost your intelligence more. You can learn easily from YouTube , tutorial, online material. If you start watching movies of different languages you will start understanding. If you want to learn easily you can try learning Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu as it is oriented to Tamil. You can also learn Hindi it will be different. It will be useful when you travel North side. Or you can differently try Spanish or French also. 10. Travelling It’s a interesting hobby. You can travel places but will be little costly. If u can afford u can choose this as a hobby. You can see different culture different food and different dressing styles. Now we are in South if we go to North in winter season it will b too cold and it will b a different experience for us. 11. Collections Some people will have antique collections some will have coin collection and some will have currency collection. Art collection is a big thing. We would heard that Picasso painting got sold for bigger amount and recently also there was a news that a painting got sold for some higher amount and it have break the record. We can design the collection based on our level. In my childhood I was also collecting cricket cards, wrestling card and my father was collecting stamps. Like these we can also choose things which we can do. You can also choose a hobby. It will break our daily routine and will give us a new, interesting experience. I wish the hobby you choose will go on interesting. Thank You.

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  1. Bro my age is 24.I am mechanical engineer.I am working in mnc company. I hate my everyday work routine. I wanted to learn music and new language. Is that possible in this age???

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