105-year-old Zoltan plays chess online – Cyber-Seniors Documentary

105-year-old Zoltan plays chess online – Cyber-Seniors Documentary

Did you meet the 105 year old gentleman?
Yeah? Yes, you did. He’s a remarkable gentleman. 105 and
just terrific. I don’t feel like anything special, just another guy. Somebody said on his hundred and fifth birthday, what do you attribute your age to? and he said… I don’t know but if I would know I wouldn’t tell you that I would get that footage we’re just doing it some of Which is cute, eh? Some of these old people are really with it. Computer, yes, I have a computer. And I use it every day reading the news, getting some ebills. Explain to me, before the computers, how you played chess through the mail? Well it’s called correspondence chess. It was established long ago. I got pretty good. I won four times the
Canadian championship. Later, I switched exclusively to international games. And in 1983 I received the International chess master title. How old were you then? I was 77. So that’s when you got the international title? At age 77? Yes. Very impressive. Before I came here, my postal chess games ended. And starting new postal games I didn’t think was possible because they last usually five years or
so and well heaven knows if I can finish them. Then I read in The Star an
article “computers for seniors.” Oh, it’s still possible? So I went to the library
and they had courses but it was so slow and I saw right away then it
would be fifty years. So I bought two books and then bought a computer and
I acquired the chess programs and I could start to play chess
games over the Internet.

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  1. young children and supercentenarians have the same level of cuteness , we were born innocets and we're going to die innocents , life in between those two stages is nothing but a play which has been taken too seriously by us

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