10 Products You Wouldn’t Expect to be Made out of Chocolate!

10 Products You Wouldn’t Expect to be Made out of Chocolate!

ohh yea Are you kidding me? I’m down to clown with the sickness guys today We were looking at a variety of products that are all based around chocolate chocolate ten products. That should not be made out of chocolate Product one I was like, I knew something stunk you do here my bud, but I heard you well I had a pun – you’re gonna get sup because it was a sulfur pun because eggs smell like sulfur and so do your feet Guys, we have something new something special I don’t want to spoil exactly what it is, but we replaced that giant block of Dell computer We hated that computer unless they sponsor us. Yeah if they sponsor us Love it though. Okay now we have a big red button It’s kind of like having a nuclear launch button You know I’m saying this is gonna do something wild it’s only gonna happen if we all agree on the product being a mega dope Isn’t that what that is? Mega, right. Thank you. First product chocolate tools – real and rusty yo, why does this sound like a really weird film? You know I’m saying maybe a little provocative chocolate tools real and rusty get it now for 38 dollars. 38, what kind of movies are you buying. this kind of movie its 38 dollars. oh Ones that aren’t 38 dollars. like thats cheap I always buy at least sixty and up like my like my movies like I like my video games (boo) sixty dollars and up laughter The entire side of the room just was like a (boo) That was the first time, I wanna hit the button just because of- everybody finally Agrees that was a bad Matt joke. Okay. It’s not gonna make it in the video So it looks like they have like chocolate hammers. That’s gotta be- Can I say something you already did and your ruined your opportunity mister video game guy over here I just want to say that the idea of like eating that just looking at that and thinking about putting that in your mouth Gives me a physical pain -why?- metal it looks like metal. Only some of it does rusty Yeah, your I guess you’re right. The chocolate part to do look like rusty metal I’m gonna get milk chocolate because it’s the healthiest dark chocolates a lie ahh, trying not to Engage, all right. buy now all right we got hay. aw bro What kind of tools that this right here is a Wacom Adu? It’s actually pliers I’m actually a handyman like Tim Allen and the hit show. home improvem- handyman. nice try. So I have pliers here We got a wrench. These aren’t very heavy. You want to take a feel Michael take a bite. don’t take a feel No, we all have to bite at the same time. What if mines actually metal? What a play that’d be like if me and michael put a real one in there. and it’s like ahhh got em, no teeth im like got me, hes like. its all for the jokes haha Wait, can we just talk about how she didn’t bother to paint the bottom of it? Who’s gonna look at the bottom? Does anyone look at your bottom doubt it? (laughter) like mom? and hes back Can I choose which one’s mine I like it this one’s mine, I want to eat a bolt I want the hook because I love Captain Hook. I’ve always wanted to eat a rusty bolt fish hook. it actually hurts mm cheesy Tastes like Chocolate that’s dark chocolate. Yeah, I’m nuts about oh, so you got combination You’re really grinding my gears when you throw things at me. All right, what do you think about I dont understand it? They’re all chocolate So we can rate it for tasting good. Can I try this? Do we have anything to like mean wrench? Oh, yeah, wait the foot Oh missed opportunity. She didn’t make it big enough. I’ll say it’s a dope I’m sayin to nope, good chocolate, but my expectation is everything’s chocolate. Yeah, like what are you supposed to do with it? Chocolate poo crappy gift idea that will make everyone laugh. Ahahaha puu that looks pretty real, how would you know Yeah, you ever look at your own poop. That’s gross. I mean I did just have to be poisoning in it Probably didn’t look like that. But yeah, it just fluid ever want to tell someone to eat poop of course you have we all have That’s why have you made this hilarious prank for your friends family or just the old lady who lets her dog poop in your yard that’s not A bad idea. I have some like giving her chocolate laughter wait that’s not a bad idea What are you replacing the real poop I’m gonna pick up her dog’s poop and put chocolate there. She’s like, okay just eats it omnom nom buy now thank you Lis that looks kind of gross dude, okay, just dump it out. Yeah that actually looks bad It kind of looks like a pretzel a poop pretzel. You’re actually taste it. You’re gonna eat it smell it its really chocolate i promise i swear You have a big nose you probably go from here he’s like All right want a piece yeah, what you doing dude wait, why did it get darker all of a sudden Why do I look more attractive now? Hold on a sec? Yeah. Are you ready with the lights on? No, you take a bite first you’re touching it yeah and you got no no, no, no, no, no spit that out Put that out. I want you to do this, right? Of the feces, Michael Now I have video of you eating poop, I mean it’s almost got to do it You can’t catch food poisoning like I’d over there I literally see is bite you’re gonna catch it No, you can’t telling you you have to catch it. You can’t throw it projectile. He’s throwing it Actually tastes like poop that’s not good chocolate I do Paisley How’s there to know I’m sure chocolate dentures Oh yellow white chocolate gift box gag gift joke chocolate over the kill dentistry Buy it now Nailed it Liz my boy No, no, no. No. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that it’s been so hot outside It’s legit been like a hundred six hundred eight I ordered some of them with cold packs But they still came elders are already like to me just like weird me out just a little bit This is like way worse. This is like dentures melted in your mouth. Sounds hot I can’t oh, this is so creepy. Is anyone gonna do some of these or what? You cannot bait me into playing your little games dude No, you do it I’ll see you gonna do it man. Yeah I just already felt like gagging I hate white chocolate – Oh, there’s so much saliva I’m gonna read that one a No Oh a vaca do Kedavra Avada, Kedavra Chocolate gifts last pretend flash fun food flash. Mikado Salad slice vegetable fruit husband boyfriend girlfriend mum Why are they tak spamming that so much it why is it giving me a headache? Oh They fixed it at the end by putting junk This is all one big meme. So yeah, it’s free Shabbat canoe looks like a piece of wood Oh, wait, is it all chocolate? Is it just the ball in the middle the nut? No the whole thing’s chocolate No, it’s a pet let me look this up Look it up seed is an ovule containing an embryo while a pit is the part of the fruit That protects the seed and so whoa Get rekt we know it’s gotta be a seed because here you may don’t have them It’s right there read that while mangoes avocados oranges apples have seeds. I don’t see There is obviously avocado seed in the pit though, so see if it’s a pit before you open the see Hey guys, I can’t be right. So can we all be right? Is that? Okay? That’s gotta be a pit No, the the the seed is in a pit. That’s where it’s that’s what I’m staying and I called that the pit No, I said no. It’s a seat. I’m thinking more like a pit like a like a dug pit. No, but it’s My life is alive Well, Matt looks that up and I look up reasons to keep moving for I’m gonna buy it now Wow beautiful toss lizard That’s actually pretty cool. That looks good. That’s exceptional looking it’s kind of glossy Like what’s like a animal-like metallic animal desert animals like Colossus like a fish fish fish gills Oh, they did the same party foul, she didn’t even bother. Yeah, she painted like They won’t use the inside of that one. Yeah, she gave up on this one’s insides So I want to see really quick because the nut is reversible. Okay. So yeah, this is definitely part of it so far It’s pretty dope. It’s just going though. Oh, yeah, you’re right. Now it looks like I just skinned two fish They’re the same Matt long. I didn’t say They’re the same. It’s it’s literally called a PETA seed or a pit right now I go to the one that was screaming because they were different Yeah, I’m saying I’m wrong because we’re both wrong, but we’re both right then – hey, buddy You want some you want some chocolate avocado? Why? Why’d you finish up the entire epic on your mouth I didn’t like how wet it is dude the bottom tastes weird shiny No pet your mouth is greener No, no. No. Yes, go to the camera. Oh my god It’s all green as disgusting Did you just All right, that one is a no Guys before we get a text Talking I’m sorry guys before we even said next product guys We want to give a big no, Dino Dino de patience quad. Shout out to Diane Mendenhall She says the stator have any pants Whitney’s always ripped or gone like this. Actually, I was curious about the same thing I own one pair actually owned two parents one pair is too small. Now. The second pair is too big look, Maggie I hate baggy jeans, so I don’t want you guys if you want a shout out just like Diane All you got to do is describe hit that note e button and comment down below and you could possibly get a shut up Sound good Tastes good Double chocolate toothpaste clean your teeth with calcium collodial kalokhe glottal colonial colonial silver and Petco cuss out. Okay cow that beggin sow sow beggin beggin is right Bayon Okay, Oh before I’d tweet hahaha. He’s trying to trigger me. Oh wow Rowland alright, so holy God natural toothpaste man Charlotte aloe vera you pretending your mouths on just for your skin. You do whatever you want. Really? Yeah to be fair You can put cyanide in your mountains America America Don’t get me wrong. You actually knew the next one. Oh my god Did you do some illegal deal for the Black market for this. Oh, wow. Why is it so liquidy? Yeah. Look how separated is. All right later. That’s my toothbrush Are you you’re even wetting your toothbrush wet? Words like crazy Yeah, I know you take it this your take is you would dip it in a water and then you win it Wait, not a spit bucket. Really? It’s Even dried Oh salty, it’s really really salty Chocolate, what’s he doing wandering right here? No, it’s brown in vain. That’s horrible. Make sure you wet in your mouth It’s actually better really yeah. Oh oh, oh your saliva is green my toothbrush looks like a bird’s Water, please look away every watch Laurens watching this. Yeah, she watches dope. Hey Lauren, I wouldn’t matter yet So I think she’s fake she is until you mean he is. Do you know what mouth tastes like salty chocolate? Just got really gross men’s chocolate shoe gift. I love myself a shoe gift not two shoes Just one leather Oxford edible gift husband boyfriend. Dad brother grandfather granddad groom laughing at me youth You’re just so many good jokes and one go right no guy kind of like candy and like Toy Story No, they put on the bottom of yeah Just Kind of put them down. Oh, yeah made to order so I can order size 12. Yeah We got going guys she was available with milk her plain chocolate, why is that the weirdest sentence I’ve ever heard It was weird the cart Wow Look at this beautiful box lady pop cakes and chalks a Lindy pop. You want to see my lady pop gigs? Whoa, look at the bottom of it. It’s a chocolate bar. It looks like it’s molding though. No chocolate is a mold Wait valley question. Why does chocolate Gilligan it’s called oxidation. I’m not messing I’ll be stupid. If you want me to I was being a hundred percent genuine. I would be the guest oxidization Roger that These words oxidize I’ll give it just like it’s oxidized with a new sentence pop is genuine, but Oxidation means when something is what’s the word comes in contact and reacts to oxygen? So it’s basically how this is not a perfect seal So it’s just getting old the more, you know with mathias This absolutely looks like it’s been sitting out for a while. See the thing is is like oxidation like that. It’s still edible It’s you can taste a chocolate when it’s like a little bit older. But here’s the thing that discoloration right there That doesn’t look safe. That looks like it’s deeper into the chocolate there I mean, it’s just chocolate famous last words, you know that the milk chocolate right milk goes bad, right but its fake though That’s not what do you mean fake? Milk? OS is fake. No No, that’s real almonds, but it’s big you ever milked it all in before The point of the almond to do this Just juice it’s interesting. I’m not trying to I’m not no tell me I want to know yeah, are you interested I’m Actually soaked almond. Yeah, you soaked almonds and all of the contents come out and then I believe you blend it. It’s the same It’s the same effect that like everything is trying to reach a state of equilibrium Right just like when when a gas is emitted into the room it tries to equalize in this work That’s a bad chocolate that is bad do not eat as bad chocolate unless unless On this episode of playing with Matt’s bank account No one shot the video game controller PlayStation 4 chocolate playstation controller gamer gaming chocolate game 12 plus why do they not give you a definitive price hobby? There’s a shipping. Oh, yeah. It’s about 12 maybe more 12. There’s different packages You can get if you want the cool pack with it or you just want the chocolate. Oh, yeah. Yeah slug gave him control We’re gonna pick with the ice pack and cold wrap and we want to make sure it gets your nice and massaged Oh now it’s definitive $14 Looks like dad’s would did the trick got it. Looks like a ps4 or Playstation one controller Yeah, you’re right PlayStation 1 hi gamers. Am I right? Haha Alright, so if we take a peek here Look like it melted bad. It’s like crap. It looks really good you guys when you leave your ps4 in your car? We try to order chocolate products and it’s 115 degrees outside Looks like it got smashed by a truck. Can you imagine putting that? Looks like the real thing I can’t believe this Well now we can’t use a birth up nail pattern, alright, I’m gonna give my boy some pieces. Yeah, just touch it all Thank you. Yeah, literally No, it’s pretty good that’s actually not bad if it look like the real thing would have been dope California’s fault alright
we’re back out again with Lindy pop chalks and this time we got a Cheeseburger chocolate burger fried chips fast food chocolate boo novelty edible gift our friend has been busy Does anyone else Set when people call fries chips, yeah, cuz it’s such a European thing to do and they’re always wrong Yeah, languish and chips. They really give me fries. It should be a bag of Lay’s we’re doing that Moving trash no blades can be thin and tasty. It’s kinda like me On the ways of the male world mmm tasty but full of air and slamming yellow that patty looks pretty real I’m not gonna lie, but cheese looks like, Texas Look at that I like the box that it comes. It’s pretty legit. Fantastic Why is this one all like cool but the other delicious burgers tasty delicious? What I woudnt by the way im a cool person Wait a solid thing. I thought I can build a burger like bear. Where’s the lettuce? Where’s the stuff? Nobody found burgers? All right, you guys Lindy duped us because this patty not look like the one in the picture double cheese, though That looks like double patty Yeah McDouble why do my hands with the same color as the patty you could break? That’s actually just Looking grilled right now of the hand instead of the line White chocolate it’s like plastic you perfect I hated it, too All right, well, what do you guys rate this already I wish there’s lettuce but I’ll say nope. Yeah, chocolate lip mom blue poppy bath and body blue poppy bath and body What’s a poopy blue poppy bath and body? Yes America Yes chocolate lip balm for the candy bar lover. I use play my gets our color. This lip balm does not leave it in What’s a mica no, mica, mica. Mica, like jar-jar binks Ingredients sweet almond oil avocado Oil shea butter beeswax. Cocoa butter. So where does the avocado oil come from? Does it come from avocado? You mean the pet the seed we gotta crack the pit to get the seed to get the oil? No, just crushing it like doing with this right now A one community chapstick he only buy’s one when there’s three people and he has food poisoning You can catch it the inside of your lips have been touching so much body fluid I can’t I met you who got it from a pit Oh Shoot we check ours Really yeah, actually got some on mine but I want my brown pants today, that’s whatever. All right, here we go. Look at this look It looks bad. Hey, focus up numbnuts Weird statement numb nut bogus up numbnuts run. Are you gonna use it? No use it. I use it right now Oh, it smells like chocolate, you know Amanda is gonna love this. Salty. Let me try it. I I don’t like the flavor it’s too salty. Your salty. Thank You tanner. It’s like in his mustache and stuff on flies It’s like the interlining of he’s lip You know lining. What is the jacket? Yeah. Oh my god. It’s disgusting I need His closer, how are you still missing it? I’m sorry I’d say all my friends and family were watching. Alright, what do you say it is? I’ll help you chocolate cheer. But anyway a Chocolate golf balls for $4.20 Chocolate to your golf balls Martin’s early Martin owns these puppies. We’re gonna be funny you could actually Like give these to someone and have them fooled enough actually tee off yeah just explode he has pieces all right ingredients sugar hazel nuts Cow butter and then whole milk out about it. I don’t know the most fires when it sounds really scary and a multiplier I forget I won’t get into it Please don’t. Yeah, you can stay away. I’d be great I do have an interesting anecdote about cherries if you want to hear it later I rather die take a bite Wait, is this a real golf ball? No, that’s one of the family no No, that’s really not trying to get you broken. Teeth. You already had that year So mad This is supposed to be three golf balls, this is the least satisfying video I have ever seen in my life looks more like the shoe than the shoe did theres three golf balls just melted together Is there any remnant of a golf ball shape whatsoever? Some golf ball texture? Yeah, is there yeah, let’s take a waffle Can I see we got waffle toe? Destroy Kiki, I got carried away. Look at the tit look What are you trying to show right now it’s chocolate in the middle and white chocolate on the outside I thought it’s just gonna be slightly little layers of white. It’s like a wafer. Yeah. No that’s just squished together Would this make anybody uncomfortable if I ate like I like this like Miley Cyrus didn’t that don’t wrecking balls? You’re gonna get a poisoned Yeah, this is a no well that’s again not the fault of the company because of the temperature of California if I was sending something to Florida and it was gonna be a hundred and ten like isn’t my responsibility to check? what I mean wouldn’t Automatically have the option to have a cold pack with it. Probably you should probably you’re selling chocolate you’re selling chocolate Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re right. I’m gonna say Yeah, no, no guys. Thank you for watching Be sure to click one of these two videos and help us out and we appreciate it And we also have a Reddit strangest products go there Peace hold up Kiki

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  1. Chipping a potato is actually a process that is why they are called chips and not fries Also some chips are backed so how can you have backed fries? And finally , we invented the English language so we are always right when it comes to our language. btw I am from the UK if you didn’t guess already.

  2. I couldn't stop laughing. My parents were glaring at me from the other room for being too loud. 15:15

  3. its actually not oxidation. its called fat bloom. it is caused by liquid fat such as cocoa butter migrating through the chocolate and crystalizing on the candy’s surface.

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  5. Looked it up afterwards because I was curious. Tanner and Michael were right. An avocado is botanically a large berry with a single large seed in the middle 🙂 you can grow a tree from it

  6. 14:10 fun fact burning and combustion is a form of oxidation

    And rust only acurrs when iron oxidises. Not all metals rust but all metals oxidize

  7. The white on the chocolate is called bloom which is when the oil starts to separate from the chocolate compounds. It happens when there are major shifts in temperature surrounding the chocolate.

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  12. That white discoloration that sometimes forms on old chocolate turns the stomachs of chocolate lovers everywhere. For years, researchers have known that the harmless change, known as a fat bloom, is caused by liquid fat such as cocoa butter migrating through the chocolate and crystalizing on the candy's surface.

  13. The bar with the shoe on is not bad chocolate and it’s not because of oxidisation because it’s called de-oxidised when something reacts to direct contact with oxygen where as that can’t happen with chocolate! The reason the chocolate is that colour is because of temperature change, going from cold to warm and back to cold the ingredients split with the oils in the chocolate and causes it to go white.

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