10 Annoying PUBG Mobile Players!

10 Annoying PUBG Mobile Players!

Bro, stop looting! Come and help us la! Bro, I’m not looting.. I’m lag- Lag- -ing I’m lagging! Bro! Help me bro! Faster res (resurrect) me! You’re just there! Help me! Faster! Help me! Res me! You very nearby only! Faster help! Yeah yeah yeah! Come! Quick! Faster! Faster! Ey! Hey! Where you going!? Wei! Ey, help me eh! Hacker! Hacker! Walao eh, this one! Cannot hit one! Confirm play cheat! Wui! Hacker! Hacker!! Oi hacker ahhh! Hacker!!! Bro! Bro! Got med kit? First aid kit? Pain killer? Red bull? No more already.. Don’t be scared.. Don’t be scared.. Brother will sing you a song, then it won’t hurt anymore! 客人来 看爸爸 爸爸不在家 我请客人请坐下 倒他一杯茶 客人来 – 看爸爸
– Woi, what you take? -What you doing?
-爸爸不在家 Woi!? 我请客人请坐下 Easy kill la! This noob still using dail up modem la I think.. You know ah.. Actually ah.. For a good looking handsome guy like me.. I wonder why the pro team still haven’t sign me yet? I can do this all day.. What? Got people! How you know? You blind ah? Cannot see meh? I can see eh! What’s he doing? Wah! He got the M249! Got helmet! Got armor! And he’s picking up the bandages! Then how now!? We jialat (doomed) liao.. Then we faster zhao (run) la!?
-Okay! Let me see ah.. Wui! Where did he go?? Walao eh no ammo! Yo! Guys, anyone got ammo? Ammo? You want ammo? I got ammo! Nah! Nah! -Ammo ammo!
-My lady, would you like some ammo? Ammo.. Yes! That’s right! Winner winner chicken dinn- Wui! Wui! Wui hacker! Wui hacker!! Ey report ah faster! You see! Oh my goodness how?? This is not fair! Hey guys! What’s up! Thank you for watching the video.. Hope you enjoyed it! And don’t forget to share it with your friends! A big shoutout to Maxis.. The number one network for mobile gaming for powering this video! Now, let’s take a moment to watch Mary, our intern dance! Mary was our last intern and it was her last day here.. So… That was her farewell dance.. So.. Yup! Don’t forget to stay tuned for next video! Bye!

100 thoughts on “10 Annoying PUBG Mobile Players!

  1. I really hate the hoarder type players. Loot every given chance no matter where he is whether outside zone, during the last circle or looting dead body while fighting another squad. Loot to death. Smh

  2. You wanna bwt this will be on Trending malaysia? Editing on point bro! One of the better videos in this channel. Good job guys

  3. totally unlucky one so that i didnt use sniper smoke stun frag shotgun…..

    but i somehow got chicken dinner using p18? i guess its the name of hand gun 18 kills

  4. hey Dan you forgot 1 thing, a solo player! especially the chicken dinner solo player! i`ve been there several time tho tbh =)
    p/s: 2:37 where he shot? lolololol!!

  5. lmao this justifies my love for teamkilling hoarders, you let them collect your loot like a piggy bank then just pop them open with a grenade

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