🔵 True ‘Old South’ Buttermilk Chess Pie || Glen & Friends Cooking

🔵 True ‘Old South’ Buttermilk Chess Pie || Glen & Friends Cooking

Glen & Friends Cooking Old Fashioned Buttermilk Chess Pie. Glen I could smell this as soon as I
walked in the room it has a wonderful lemony smell to it. So this is a
buttermilk chess pie. Oh a Chess Pie! Okay. On an all butter
pie crust. We’ve made chess pie before? We have. So we made chess pie
probably eight or nine years ago on the on the site. Yes so how is the lemon chess pie different? It’s Hot! Well that really lemony flavour is amazing!
Mm-hmm. Okay so the first time we had this was at Miss Mary
Bobo’s. Oh yeah! In Lynchburg Tennessee. We did a we did a tour of the Jack
Daniel’s factory sorry distillery. mm-hmm And they took us to lunch at Miss Mary
Bobo’s. This as pie was on the menu, absolutely loved it. And so the
version we made in the past probably had some bourbon – might have had a
little bit of bourbon in it? No it would have Tennessee sippin.. Oh
Tennessee whiskey that’s right because it would be Jack Daniels.
So here’s how I made this one: this pie really is just about dumping stuff in a
bowl and mixing it together. So you start it with some sugar, flour, and cornmeal.
And you whisk that together, then you put in six eggs, and you start whisking that
together just a little bit. Add in buttermilk and melted butter don’t forget the pure vanilla extract!
And you whisk that together really well. Then you zest in an entire lemon; and
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Then you squeeze in half of a lemon. Lemon Buttermilk Chess Pie! Once that’s all mixed together you just
put it into a pie shell, and I’m using an all butter pie shell, stick that in the
oven and this is what you end up with. it’s the corn really gives it that great
texture? Texture is amazing. Yeah so the cornmeal really helps that.
The lemon – but the lemon sort of adds something that cuts away
from how sweet this would be. There is a lot of sugar in this pie. So this uses
our all butter pie crust I’ll link to that below. This is really nice pie! Glen & Friends Cooking How to make a Buttermilk Chess Pie.

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  2. I never heard of Chess Pie before, but Buttermilk Pie is one of my favorites. There is a restaurant I use to eat at close to 40 years ago that served the most delicious Buttermilk Pie. They always served it with a slice of lime and to this day I can see it clearly it was so good. Thanks!

  3. Just say, " happy cooking!" It's so on! Never heard of this pie before but….like always – thanks for bringing new and amazing to the table!

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